Samson SX2400 Stereo Power Amplifier

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Upgrade your full-range or sub system with this stereo power amp. Its advanced rail-switching design allows for 750 Watt of power output per side.

The SX-2400 utilizes a high output, Class H, rail-switching amplifier design allowing 750 Watts per side. This kind of power is perfect for large multi-format full-range and subwoofer systems. With locking XLR inputs and Speakon speaker outputs your connections are secure, solid, and worry free.

Professional High Power, Class H, Rail-switching Amplifier

550 Watts per side @ 8 Ohms

750 Watts per side @ 4 Ohms

Dual Variable-speed Fan Cooling System

Signal, Peak, and Protection Circuit Indicators

5-way Binding Post and Speakon Speaker Outputs

XLR and TRS Input Connections

Dual Rack Space Design

WARNING: Bridge mode is to be used only when the SX Series is connected to an 8 or 16 ohm speaker load. Use of Bridge mode with speaker loads of less than 8 ohms can result in severe damage to the unit due to excessive heat and current limiting and will void your warranty!

All Samson SX Series amps are designed to operate on 15 amp circuits and do not require special plugs or wiring. It is advisable to put each amp on a separate circuit to avoid popping a standard 15-20 amp breaker.

Output at 8 ohms stereo: 550 watts per channel

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 516-870-7200

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Submitted April 7, 2008 by a customer from
"I may be just a dumb, old, fat, no account, Gospel singer. But, I know a good amp....this is it."
Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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How long before I start looking for something else? Baby, I never stopped. I want my performances to be the best. Still haven't found any thing yet, unless its the sx2800 or sx3200. I dont have them because the 2400 suits my speaker combinations better for more locations.

I gave it a 9 on sound simply because I haven't heard every amp out there. There might be better sound....but I haven't heard it. It pulls the mid range really well, top end is clean, bottom end it seems to do well but then I use powered subs (samson by the way) and I can't really say about the absolute bottom because of that. over all, Im as happy as a duck and wouldn't hesitate to buy more.

is there any more than you need from a power amp than what you get here? Maybe there is and I just haven't seen that cute little button that does something I've never heard of. Hey guys, it works, its easy, it's functional.

Ease of Use
plug it in, line in, line out, turn it on, turn up the knobs....just not too much, you wont need it

Some body else wrote about a unit that didn't work....I have never bought any samson that didn't work.... FOR YEARS. These things just don't break. Yes its heavier than those new qsc light weight rigs, but when I'm hauling mine down the road in a trailer with lots of other gear I want to know the chasis is solid....nuff said yall

Compare read more all you want its a great product for a very reasonable price. Nothing is a value at any price if it breaks down during a performance. Know what I mean.

Manufacturer Support
who tell me....what support is needed....see above details

The Wow Factor
I will be getting more of these as I increase my rigs capabilities. Right now I can sound 3000 seat venues. Need more speakers first. Sex appeal...get real! I'm over 50 fat and sing Gospel music...don't ask me about sex appeal. Thats like asking the skinny kid what its like to bench press 400 pounds.

Musical Background:
vocalist, group owner, recording engineer, promoter, sound engineer

Musical Style:
Southern "Fried" Gospel
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