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What's an Affiliate Program?

You get paid when you link your website to zZounds Music and visitors to your site click through and make a purchase at our site. You can get paid a lot: with zZounds your commission will be 6 percent of the purchase total - the highest commission percentage in the industry.

If a customer buys a keyboard workstation, one of our most popular products, then you could earn a commission of $125-300 on that one sale alone. It can add up pretty quickly at that rate!

In addition to the regular referral fee rate, you can earn significant bonuses:

Affiliates not exclusive to zZounds:

  • Generate Monthly Net Sales > $5,000, earn a 25% bonus
  • Generate Monthly Net Sales > $10,000, earn a 50% bonus
Affiliates exclusive to zZounds: (For the entire month, zZounds must be the only musical instrument affiliate featured on Your site.)
  • Generate Monthly Net Sales > $1,000, earn a 20% bonus
  • Generate Monthly Net Sales > $5,000, earn a 40% bonus
  • Generate Monthly Net Sales > $10,000, earn a 80% bonus
We do the hard work of converting potential customers into sales, collecting the money, and fulfilling the order. We handle all customer service and all reporting. All you've got to do is let your visitors know that zZounds is a great place to buy music instruments on the web, and the money should begin to flow your way.

Why zZounds?

Leading musician websites look into their options carefully - and the leading world-class musician portals have overwhelmingly chosen zZounds Music as their ecommerce partner. We're making it easy for you to do the same thing on your website! Don't get left behind.

No risk or cost to you... none...

The only cost you have is the few minutes you will spending adding links to zZounds from your website. You can leave the program at any time if you are not perfectly satisfied with the results. Why not try it?

zZounds makes their customers happy.

Customers are more likely to place their order with a reseller they trust. That's zZounds. zZounds consistently outscored its most frequently shopped competitors on the BizRate.com "Overall" consumer rating - based on unbiased, independent customer surveys (as measured for recent periods). The survey says: "our customers love us." Why drive your valued web visitors to a place they won't trust or where they won't be happy. (What will they think of you then?)

It's easy to place an order at zZounds.com.

Placing an order on the zZounds website requires no JavaScript or Java applets. It does not require a password or a PhD in physics. It shows which products are in stock and what shipping costs will be. And it's quick: it takes only one or two minutes if you know what you are looking for. With other resellers you'd lose commissions due to the difficulty customers face placing orders online.

zZounds has killer prices and super low shipping costs.

Look for yourself and decide where you would shop. Our prices can be several hundred dollars lower than some of our competitors. So when you drive a visitor to zZounds, they are more likely to complete the purchase because they'll know they're getting a great deal. Some websites don't even state prices on their website: how many orders are they going to get for you? Other websites have high shipping charges, but hide them until the last moment. It's your commission at stake, and we want to convert visitors to buyers for you. Price is an important part of that.

zZounds has a huge selection of name-brand products for sale with posted prices - IN STOCK.

zZounds sells what your visitors want. You should be able to build your own musical instrument "store" around our product database and distribution capacity no matter what your interest. The more products zZounds has, the more likely they have what your web visitors are looking for - and the more likely you will get paid. zZounds has it all.

We give you powerful tools for success.

You can link directly to any of the thousands of individual products to increase the conversion rate dramatically. You will benefit from our affiliate program simply by including links to zZounds throughout your website. However, the best results are likely to come through sales efforts on your part that lead directly to specific products on our website. We provide you with the code to link directly to individual products. So you get paid!

Aside from the in-house GearLink affiliate program, we welcome Commission Junction affiliates to join our program. If you're already a CJ affiliate, you can get up and running with zZounds in no time. To join our Commission Junction program, visit our CJ merchant page here.

What you are reading is a marketing document that has been artfully constructed to arouse your interest in the GearLink affiliate program. It does not state the legal rights and responsibilities of the parties to our affiliate agreement. The actual, real deal is set forth in the affiliate legal agreement itself. Nothing stated here should be construed to extend, constrain, alter or affect the interpretation of that legal agreement, which states the rights and responsibilities of the parties to the affiliate agreement. As that agreement makes clear, terms of the affiliate program can be unilaterally changed by us. We anticipate that from time-to-time we will make changes in the way the program is structured.

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