Crown XLS 2000 Power Amplifier (2100 Watts)

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Weighing only 11 pounds, the Crown XLS 2000 power amplifier puts out 2100 watts -- and with this amp's built-in line conditioner, dirty AC is no problem.

Give your PA system the support it deserves with the extremely lightweight Crown XLS 2000, a 2100-watt power amplifier that's as reliable and powerful as it is efficient. Ultra-portable and versatile, the XLS 2000 weighs about 11 pounds without sacrificing any of the features that you'd find in a comparable amp weighing over 40. It provides unrivaled performance and flexibility for anything from DJ sets to church events, major concerts, or home theaters, in a sharp, space-saving 2U rack space design. With integrated DriveCore Technology, a PureBand Crossover System, Peakx limiters, a switch-mode power supply, and more onboard, this 2100-watt power amp has the headroom you need to drive more passive speakers without distortion.

DriveCore Technology Drives This Class D Amp

With DriveCore Technology, there's no way that faulty power sources can affect your performance. Developed by Crown in collaboration with Texas Instruments, DriveCore Technology -- a proprietary hybrid analog-digital integrated circuit (IC) -- drives the front end of the Class D output stage, allowing the XLS 2000 to overcome any setbacks caused by sagging or "dirty" AC lines such as those that may be simultaneously powering other equipment. DriveCore Technology means that even if you plug the XLS 2000 into an unreliable wall outlet or if there's simply too much going on at the same time, you won't hear any difference in sound quality.

Complete Crossover Control

Using the XLS 2000's PureBand read more Crossover System, you can vary the crossover frequency at any point between 50 Hz and 3 kHz on 1/12 octave centers, which means you get dedicated control over what frequencies you're sending to each channel. Four crossover modes -- Crossover, LowPass, HighPass, and Bridge -- let you engage either a low-pass filter or high-pass filter at your chosen frequency. Using the LCD interface on the front panel, it's easy to configure all PureBand Crossover System settings.

Protect Your Precious PA from Possible Blowouts

Crown's XLS 2000 looks out for your other gear, too. Thanks to Peakx limiters, the power amp is able to achieve higher sound pressure levels (SPL) with fewer unwanted artifacts, providing the greatest amount of safe power to your speakers with very little distortion and fewer shutdowns. You can conveniently turn Peakx limiters on or off from the XLS 2000's front panel.

A Switched-Mode Power Supply for Lightweight Portability

Gladly take your show on the road with this lightweight power amplifier. The XLS 2000 stays slim due to its advanced switched-mode power supply, which is optimized for max power transfer from the AC line through the Class D output stage to the loudspeakers. When you've got a van full of gear to transport and set up at your next gig, having an 11-pound power amp like the Crown XLS 2000 can make things so much easier.


- Lightweight, 2100-watt Class D power amplifier
- Weighs just 11 pounds, making transport and set up easy
- Integrated PureBand Crossover System for better performance and control
- Peakx limiters provide maximum output while protecting your speakers
- XLR, 1/4", RCA inputs provide flexibility
- Efficient forced-air fans keep the unit cool even in demanding situations
- Electronically balanced XLR inputs and touchproof binding post and Speakon outputs provide versatile connectivity
- Precision detented level controls, power switch, power LED, and 6 LEDs indicate signal, clip, and fault for each channel
- Backed by Crown's 3-year warranty
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- Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): < 0.5%
- Intermodulation Distortion (IMD): (60Hz and 7kHz at 4:1), From full rated output to -30dB: <0.3%
- Damping Factor (8 ohm): 10 Hz to 400 Hz: > 200
- Crosstalk (below rated 8 Ohm power): At 1kHz: > 85dB, At 20kHz: >55dB
- Input Impedance (nominal): 20 kOhm balanced, 10 kOhm unbalanced
- Load Impedance: 2 to 8 Ohm per channel in Stereo, 4 to 8 Ohm in Bridge Mono
- AC Line Voltage and Frequency Configurations Available (+/- 10%): 120 VAC 60 Hz, 100 VAC 50/60 Hz, 220 and 240 VAC 50 Hz
- Ventilation: Flow-through ventilation from front to back
- Cooling: Internal heat sinks with forced-air cooling for rapid, uniform heat dissipation
- Air Volume Requirements (per minute per unit): 80.15 ft

Minimum Guaranteed Power (per channel, both channels driven)
- Stereo, 2 ohms: 1050W
- Stereo, 4 ohms: 650W
- Stereo, 8 ohms: 375W
- Bridged mono, 4 ohms: 2100W
- Bridged mono, 8 ohms: 1300W

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 800-342-6939

Crown XLS 2000 Power Amp (2100 Watts)

At a maximum 2100 watts, the Crown XLS 2000 Power Amp features integrated crossovers, plus switch-mode power supply produce superior sound, and Peakx limiters protect your speakers. Crown's XLS Series amplifiers define the standard for portable PA systems with unmatched performance, technology and affordability. Its advantageous flexibility includes multiple inputs so you can plug in anything and play anywhere, along with several system setup configurations. Weighing less than 11 pounds, compared to 40 pounds for its competitors, it's much easier to set up and move from show to show. Simply put, the XLS is most reliable, versatile, efficient amp available today.


- XLS High Performance, Lightweight Class D amp weighs less than 11 lbs.
- Integrated PureBand Crossover System for better performance and control
- Peakx Limiters provide maximum output while protecting your speakers
- XLR, 1/4-inch, RCA inputs provide outstanding flexibility
- Efficient forced-air fans prevent excessive thermal buildup
- Electronically balanced XLR inputs; touchproof binding post and Speakon outputs
- Precision detented level controls, power switch, power LED, and six LEDs which indicate signal, clip and fault for each channel
- Three-Year, No-Fault, Fully Transferable Warranty completely protects your investment and guarantees its specifications

Integrated DriveCore Technology

The XLS 2000 power amplifier from Crown defines the standard for live sound systems with unmatched performance, technology, and affordability.

The XLS 2000 amplifier provides enormous power and flexibility thanks to the integrated DriveCore Technology, PureBand Crossover System and Peakx limiters. And weighing in at only 11 lbs, it also provides the ultimate in lightweight portability.

Generating chest-thumping lows and crystal clear highs, the four models in the series - the XLS 1000, XLS 1500, XLS 2000, and XLS 2500 - are engineered to meet any demanding audio requirements - reliably and within budget.

Every XLS 2000 is backed by Crown's unequaled three-year, no-fault, fully transferable warranty that covers everything.

With over five decades of experience designing and building rock-solid products, Crown is the standard in amplifier technology. So check out the Crown XLS 2000. It's a powerful argument for performance, flexibility, and value!

Feature Details:

Integrated DriveCore Technology
Class D amplifiers are notable for extraordinarily high efficiency and being well suited for driving difficult reactive loads such as subwoofers. However, their performance can suffer impaired performance on marginal and unstable AC line supplies.

To overcome this obstacle, Crown engineers developed DriveCore technology - a proprietary hybrid analog-digital integrated circuit (IC) developed with Texas Instruments that drives the front end of the Class D output stage. Over 60 years of Crown's design knowledge and experience went into the development of this technology resulting in truly remarkable benefits.

Advanced Switched-Mode Power Supply
This advanced power supply is highly efficient and optimized for maximum power transfer from the AC line through the Class D output stage to the loudspeakers. A benefit to this is substantial weight reduction when compared to older 60Hz transformer-based power supplies. All four models in the line weigh 10 pounds or less with no compromise in performance. This makes the XLS 2000 the benchmark for high performance lightweight portability.

PureBand Crossover System
The PureBand Crossover System in the Crown XLS 2000 adds an enormous amount of flexibility and performance to any system. With this system, the crossover frequency is completely variable allowing the choice of any crossover point between 50Hz and 3kHz on 1/12 octave centers. The use of 4th order Linkwitz-Riley filters provides steep slopes for a seamless transition between high and low drivers. And with four crossover modes to choose from providing the ultimate in flexibility, all of your system needs are covered.

Peakx Limiters
Peakx limiters provide the ultimate in performance and protection for your entire system. This advanced algorithm was specifically developed and tuned to work with this amplifier and power-supply to achieve higher SPL will less audible artifacts. This means less distortion, less shutdowns, and maximum safe power delivered to your speakers. The Peakx limiters can be easily turned on or off by channel right from the front panel eliminating the need to be digging around in the back of the dark rack.

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I've been an audiophile since I first listened to my Dad's Fisher tube amplifier and Bozak speaker (about the size of the Altec Lancing voice of the theater). In short the early 60's. I still go to High End appointment only stores and audition ridiculously expensive equipment amps etc. You get the idea. All I can say is, I have never ever heard any amp that sounds this good, certainly not for very conservatively ten times the price or more. The sound difference is just profound. I'm running two CROWN XLS 2000'S right now in bridged mode yielding about 1650 watts RMS @ 6 OHMS EACH into Newform Research R-45s along with a HSU subwoofer which plays 16 HZ effortlessly. I may add some TEKTON speakers some day. This ain't your Dad's Class AB amp, Class A amp, or Tube Amp. This is better. I discovered this Crown Drivecore series amp from the managing editor of home theater review. They have now become his reference amps for good reason. He has a blog on a forum I don't think they will let me link here, called the Crown XLS Drivecore the official thread. He also has under his name Andrew Robinson a review of it. So aside from the "Blow your mind" sound what else is so good about this Crown XLS 2000? Here's what... It has it's own built in line conditioner, yes that's right this bad boy is designed from the ground up to handle bad and variable quality electrical power. It has its own DIGITAL crossover built in should you choose to use it if you can bi-amp your speakers. It runs as a read more

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i own two for bi-amping with electronic crossover.
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