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February 20, 2023
Mesa/Boogie Buying Guide

Mesa/Boogie Buying Guide

You know them. You love them. And now it's finally time to own your very own piece of Mesa/Boogie gear. With beginnings in the late '60s and heavy development throughout the '70s, Mesa/Boogie had firmly established themselves as a premier amp brand by the 1980s. Today, the brand is stronger than ever, producing a host of amps, speaker cabinets, pedals, and more that'll satisfy even the choosiest of guitarists.

From the vintage-voiced California Tweed series, to the ubiquitous modern rock sound of the Mark and Rectifier series, Mesa/Boogie guitar amps cover a ton of sonic ground. And since most models are available as heads and combos, you can easily tailor your rig to personal taste. For bassists, the Subway series offers a range of options that'll satisfy every player from the weekend warrior to the touring professional.
Guitar Amplifier Heads and Combos
Oozing with ridiculously sweet, tube-saturated tone, Mesa/Boogie guitar amps are your sure-fire ticket to pro sound and dependability. Whether you require crystal-cleans or the heaviest chugs, there's a Mesa/Boogie amp for you:

∙ Mark Series: The series that started it all. Originally crafted as heavily modified Fender Princeton amps, the Mark Series shows off what you can do when you push an amp past its limits. Today's Mark V amps are the result of decades of constant fine tuning.

∙ Rectifier Series: THE sound of modern guitar for over 30 years. These versatile amps offer players every option they need to dial in the sound that's bouncing around in their head. From the classic Dual Rec to the more recent Badlander, the Rectifier Series still sets the standard for contemporary guitar tone.

∙ California Tweed Series: When you need a distinctively vintage voice. Inspired by the classic tweed amps of the '50s, the California Tweed's sun-soaked pedigree will have you rethinking what a modern amp can do. Don't let the amp's single channel fool you -- the versatile Multi-Watt dial physically changes both wattage and power tube configuration simultaneously to unlock complex sonic changes.

∙ Fillmore Series: Unleash the experimental sounds of the earliest Mark revisions. Named for the famed venues once found on both coasts of the US, the Fillmore Series takes vintage tweed tones and hot-rods them for a decidedly Mesa sound. Two identical, footswitchable channels allow you to sculpt your own sonic Jekyll & Hyde.

Triple Crown Series: Built for those who believe there's no such thing as too much gain, the Triple Crown Series takes the already gnarly gain structure of the Rectifer and pushes it even further. Loaded with three independent, footswitchable channels, these amps can get clean, but really shine when fully saturated.

Squeeze the best performance out of your Mesa/Boogie amp with these accessories. Looking to recapture the stock sound of an old amp or reinvigorate a new one? Get your hands on some premium Mesa vacuum tubes. Featuring preamp, power, and of course, rectifier tubes, Mesa valves have been tested to ensure players get the most out of their amps.