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March 18, 2024
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Looking for the perfect guitar amp rig? Using a separate head and cabinet gives you more versatility than a typical all-in-one combo amp, and at zZounds, we celebrate that versatility by offering an array of amp head choices -- from super-portable mini heads, to digital modeling and all-tube analog tone monsters! Having so many choices works in your favor, yet can make it a bit difficult to narrow down the selection and find the amplifier you need, so read on for an overview of what's out there -- or give our amp-savvy Gear Experts a call at 800-460-8089.

What Type of Tone?
For thick, overdriven sound, some of the most popular options are Orange, EVH, Marshall, and Randall amp heads. A head from any of these brands will be able to deliver scorching distortion, or dial back to a clean or slightly crunchy tone with ease. While wattage is obviously an important spec when looking at tube amplifiers, details such as tube type (pentode, triode, etc.), number of channels, and the frequencies of the EQ controls can affect your tone in big ways as well. Looking into the equipment artists played on your favorite tracks and live performances can sometimes lead you to your dream amp. If flexibility is what you require, a more tonally versatile amp (such as a Hughes & Kettner switchable-tube model) gives you control over tube and wattage selection, and more.

Stacks of the Future
For the tonal trailblazer, modern amp heads offer a lot more than simply a recreation of '60s or '70s tube tone. Line 6's Spider head provides the everyday guitarist with a wealth of amp sounds and effects built in, and includes stereo speakers for practice and tone tweaking. The popular Kemper Profiler models offer pro-quality digital modeling sound with all the benefits and customization available with digital technology, and some models from Egnater and Laney offers modern features like MIDI capability, or a built-in digital audio interface. And with more and more manufacturers including speaker-emulating outputs on their amp heads, using a separate head with the cabinet of your choosing is starting to make more and more sense.