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For gigs and events that are too small to warrant a full-blown PA system -- yet still require more volume than unamplified acoustic sound -- a good acoustic guitar amplifier can be a lifesaver. Also useful for amplifying your acoustic-electric guitar in a live band setting, acoustic guitar amps can reproduce a full-bandwidth frequency range, reinforcing the deep lows and crisp treble that make up acoustic guitar tone.

Anyone who has tried plugging their acoustic-electric guitar into an electric guitar amp has learned that for most purposes, this isn't going to cut it (unless you're aiming for a very jangly, overdriven sound with a high possibility of uncontrollable feedback). Many acoustic amps also include a separate XLR input for a microphone, too -- allowing you to amplify vocals and guitar through one compact system, reducing setup time and saving space.

So, why should you use an acoustic amp rather than a powered PA speaker or keyboard amp? One reason is that acoustic amps come in a range of sizes that are more convenient for small shows and 1-2 person setups than most PA speakers. An even better reason is tone: acoustic amps are made specifically for the complex tonality of acoustic guitars, and they take into account unique challenges posed by acoustics, such as thin, harsh-sounding piezo pickups, feedback-sensitivity, and more.

Acoustic amp manufacturers such as Fishman and Roland offer features like "Acoustic Resonance" and stereo chorus that beef up the naturally thin sound produced by acoustic pickups, and a lot of acoustic amps also have delay and reverb options for further tonal and spacial depth. Some acoustic amps allow for separate amplification of the different pickups in the guitar, simultaneously. Electric guitar amp titans Fender and Marshall offer acoustic amps with their own virtues as well, including a few models that can double as an electric amp with the turn of a dial.

With all those benefits to consider, it's worth taking the time to look through our wide selection of acoustic guitar amps for the one that ticks all your boxes.