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August 12, 2023

Buying Guide: Mesa/Boogie Triple Crown Series Amplifiers

Three Channels of Modern Mesa Attitude

Mesa's Triple Crown Series of amplifiers present a grand tour through rock's greatest sounds from the '70s to the present. Factory-loaded with EL34 power tubes, all Triple Crown amps also accept 6L6 for a fatter sound, and even 6V6 tubes that'll set the amp up in a "half-power" mode for lower headroom tones. Each Triple Crown model also features two voices per channel, offering players a plethora of sounds that are pure Mesa:

Clean (Channel 1) = Normal (Clean) or Drive
Lo (Channel 2) = Normal (Modern Crunch) or Tight
Hi (Channel 3) = Normal (High-Gain) or Tight

All Triple Crown amps boast independently variable reverb settings per channel along with an effects loop. You can even practice or record silently with the addition of headphone and DI line outputs with Cab Clone technology.

Read on below to learn the differences between each model, and choose which Triple Crown model is the one for you!
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Triple Crown TC-100

Triple Crown TC-100
For those who crave no-nonsense controls, tons of versatility, and more than enough power on tap for any scenario, the TC-100 just might be the amp of your dreams. Love high headroom on your cleans, but also have a craving for power tube saturation when you kick things into overdrive? Thanks to Mesa's Multi-Soak Attenuator, you can assign different power output settings on each of the amp's three channels. Select between the full 100 watts or go incrementally down to 50, 20, 7, or 3 watts for full control over your sound.

Available in head and rackmount head formats.

Triple Crown TC-50

Triple Crown TC-50
Despite using half the wattage of the TC-100, the 50-watt TC-50 delivers 100% of the Triple Crown tone. This amp captures the essence of of rough-around-the-edges rock 'n' roll, making it the perfect choice for those who prefer to simply crank an amp and get loud.

Available in head, rackmount head, and 1x12" combo formats.