Zoom RT-223 Rhythm Trak Drum Machine

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Sequence beats on 13 touch-sensitive pads. The RT-223 is packed with 511 patterns, 70 drum kits and 12 bass sounds, with reverb, compression and EQ controls.

Get creative with your drum machine! The Zoom RT-223 Rhythm Trak drum machine comes packed with 511 patterns, 70 drum kits and 12 bass sounds with full reverb, compression and EQ controls in one affordable, portable package. The 13 touch-sensitive pads and on-board controls provide impressive possibilities for manipulating the built-in sounds. Jump-start your sessions in seconds with this low-profile, powerful rhythm sequencer.

70 Built-in Drum Kits: Your Genre Limitations Are Over

The RT-223's 70 built-in drum kits cover almost every genre, whether your needs call for analog or digital sounds. Rock, R&B, funk, jazz, ethnic, techno, hip-hop and human beatbox kits come preloaded to get you started on the beats you need immediately, or fine-tune pitch, level and panning parameters to create your own original kits. In 127 user-programmed kits, you can build your own palette of 13 pads x 3 banks = 39 sounds, making the RT-223 a truly useful tool for both simple and advanced usage. More than just a practice aid, the RT-223 gives you sounds solid enough to use in your finished mix.

Jam with 440 Preset Patterns -- Or Create Your Own

The RhythmTrak boasts 440 built-in rhythm patterns with intro, fill and ending phrase variations for almost any genre's need. More of a "do-it-yourselfer"? Program up to 511 of your own patterns with the touch-sensitive self-lit pads or use the FAST (Formula Assisted Song Translator) method to specify the pattern lineup with mathematical controls read more to store as many as 100 automated backing songs, completely customized to your songwriting. Assign your patterns to the pads to trigger full runs on-the-fly, or add the Zoom FS01 footswitch to control playback with your foot -- ideal for live performances and DJ use.

Not Just a Drum Machine -- It's Got Bass, Too

Got a bass line in mind? Lay it down on the RT-223. Twelve built-in bass sounds (pick, finger, slap, acoustic, synthesized and more) may be accessed as easily as the rhythm tracks, allowing you to play the velocity-sensitive pads with assigned chromatic pitches just like a keyboard. The dedicated mute switch lets you silence the bass sound at the flick of a wrist. A proprietary multi-band compressor, resonance filter and low-fi effect let you customize both rhythm and bass samples, while four reverbs (hall, room, spring and plate) and chorus, filter and delay controls synchronize to the tap tempo you set or the built-in metronome.

User-Friendly Design and Flexible Outputs

The RT-223's prized feature is its simplicity. While powerful and broad, its ease of use is unparalleled. Almost all of the controls on the unit serve a single function, eliminating confusing multi-tiered menus of the past. Synchronize play with your external devices via the MIDI IN connector, and let the RT-223 serve as a drum sound source module in your MIDI-based system setup. Plug in headphones or connect the L and R mono 1/4" outputs to your mixer or recording interface. Power the unit by an AC adaptor (not included) or get portable with four AA batteries -- the RT-223 will operate continuously for eight straight hours on-the-go!


- Drum and bass machine
- 70 preset drum kits
- 400+ preset drum patterns and 500+ custom pattern storage
- 127 user-programmable custom banks
- 12 bass sound sources
- Low-latency illuminated touch-sensitive pads
- Individual EQ and ambient control
- "FAST" method and "Groove play" functions for quick pattern call-ups
- Built-in metronome
- MIDI IN for synchronizing with external devices
- Line input jack lets you connect your guitar, keyboard or other instrument, and hear its output along with the drum machine
- Runs on 4 AA batteries or Zoom AD-0006 9V DC 300 mA power adapter (sold separately)
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Drum Kits : 127 (Factory : 70, Blank : 57)

Drum Sounds : 213

Bass Programs : 12

Rhythm Patterns : 511 (Factory : 440, Blank : 71)

Songs : 100

Maximum Notes : 32,000

Polyphony : 18

Resolution : 96PPQN

Tempo : 40-250BPM

Sampling Frequency : 44.1kHz

D/A Conversion : 24-bit 8X over-sampling

Drum Pads : 13(touch sensitive, self lighted )


Control Input : Foot Switch

Display : 128 segment custom LCD ( with backlight )

Line Input : 1/4" stereo phone jack (Input impedance: 10k ohms, Rated input level : 10dBm)

Line Output (L/MONO, R) : 2 x 1/4" phone jack (Output Impedance : 1k ohms or less, Rated output level : 10dBm)

Headphone Output : 1/8" stereo phone jack, 50mW into 32-ohm load

Power Requirements : AA size(LR6) battery x 4 or AC adaptor DC9V/300mA / Center minus type

Battery Life : Approx. 8 hours (with alkaline batteries)

Dimensions (W x D x H): 217.9 x 182.6 x 35.5 mm

Weight : 680g (without batteries)

Optional Accessories : AD-0006 (AC adaptor), FS01 (Foot switch) , AA size battery

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 631-542-5270
Email: info@zoom-na.com
Web: https://zoomcorp.com/en/us/contact/

Zoom RT-223 Rhythm Trak Drum Machine

The RT-223 is a drum and bass machine for any musical style. Small in size and light in weight, this low-profile unit will go with you anywhere. You can get a session going with your very own rhythm section in a flash, even on your desktop.

Seventy Drum Kits From Rock Drums to Voice Percussion

The range of drum kits built into the RT-223 is simply amazing. A total of 70 drum kits are built-in, with acoustic drum sounds for rock, R&B, funk, and jazz. Add an analog rhythm machine great for Techno and Hip Hop. Ethnic percussion sounds are also available. There are also five Human Voice "Beat Box" Percussion kits that are currently all the rage in Hip Hop. Create advanced rhythm tracks where kick, snare, scratch and other instrument sounds are expressed as human voices.

Custom User Drumkits

A drum kit consists of 13 pads x 3 banks = 39 sounds. Sound sources can be freely selected and assigned to the pads. Fine-tune parameters such as pitch, level, and panning to create your own original drum kits. The RT-223 lets you store up to 127 user-programmed kits.

Twelve Built-In Bass Sound Sources

Choose from electric bass styles such as 'Pick', 'Finger', and 'Slap'. Or select 'Acoustic Bass', 'Synthesizer Bass', or one of the other bass sources, 12 in total. To create a bass line, you can play the pads with assigned chromatic pitches just like a keyboard. A dedicated switch quickly lets you mute the bass sound at any time.

Tone and Ambience Control

The overall EQ and tonal quality of a drum kit can be adjusted with the Comp EQ effect. The Reverb effects can be used simultaneously. These effects can also be applied to bass sounds. Up to 40 settings for each effect can be stored as patches.

Comp EQ effect
The RT-223 incorporates a multi-band compressor with independent settings for each frequency band. By applying the effect to just the right frequency range, you can tighten up the kick drum, give snares and tom-tom more body, or perform other mastering tricks to spruce up the sound of a drum kit. A resonance filter and Low-Fi effect great for dance music are also built-in.

Reverb effect
Four different kinds of reverb (hall, room, spring,plate) and chorus, flanger, and delay are included. The effect send level can be set for each sound source individually. For example, you could apply gate reverb to the snare sound only, or place the entire drum kit in a hall. Flanger and delay can be synchronized to the tempo in measure or beat units. Create a flanger with 4-measure modulation or a dotted eighth note Delay. Make your club music explode with novel sounds.


- 70 Preset Drum Kits
- Up to 127 User-Programmable Custom Kits
- 12 Bass Sound Sources
- Individual EQ and Ambient Control
- 400 Preset Drum Patterns
- Dynamic and Responsive Touch-Sensitive Pads
- 'FAST' Method For Fast Sequencing
- Groove Play
- Built-In Metronome
- MIDI IN / Line Input Jack
- Battery or AC Adapter Powered (AC Adapter Not Included)

440 Preset Patterns

From Rock, Jazz, and Funk to Club and House, the RT-223 comes with 440 playing patterns that can be used straight away. A large number of phrase variations including intro, fill-in, and ending patterns are also provided. By simply combining these, you can whip up a backing rhythm that delivers the goods.

Touch-Sensitive Pads Let You Build Original Patterns

Programming your own patterns is a snap, thanks to the touch-sensitive drum pads. The RT-223 records not only your timing, but also the dynamics of your finger work. You can create and store up to 511 patterns. The process is made even easier through visual cues provided by the self-lit pads.

Quickly Create Original Songs with FAST Method

You can combine any number of drum patterns in any order to create a song. In addition to step input where you select patterns one by one, the RT-223 also offers the innovative FAST (Formula Assisted Song Translator) method. With FAST, you use simple mathematical symbols such as (+, -) to specify the pattern lineup. This is especially useful for songs with repeated patterns. To play pattern number 12 eight times and then pattern 25 sixteen times, you simply enter "12 x 8 + 25 x 16". By enclosing this in brackets and adding a multiplication factor such as "( ) x 4", the entire sequence can be repeated. The RT-223 lets you store as many as 100 songs for automated backing.

Groove Play Mode Lets You Play Patterns Like a DJ

Assigning patterns to pads allows you to trigger patterns simply by tapping the pads. This is great for live performances and for DJ use.

User-Friendly Design for Simple Operation

The RT-223 is a dedicated rhythm machine designed to make rhythm programming truly easy. You can take the shortest possible route from idea to finished song. No need to boot up a PC and start DAW software, or laboriously read sound source data into a sampler. Most controls on the top panel of the RT-223 have only a single function, and there are no complicated multi-level menus. The backlit LCD shows all important information at a glance.

Foot Switch Sequencing

Intro, pattern 1, fill-in, pattern 2, ... ending. Imagine controlling such a sequence just with a foot switch. With a Zoom FS01 Foot Switch (sold separately) you can rock out live, triggering patterns with your foot. You can also use the switch to start or stop a pattern, perform tap input to specify the tempo, trigger the bass drum sounds, switch between hi-hat open/close, and much more.

Built-In Metronome

The built-in metronome with its dedicated key is handy for simple repeat practice. In addition to the standard 2 - 8 beat, you can also use 6/8 beat, 7/8 beat, 2+3 beat, 3+4 beat and other mixed beat settings.

MIDI IN Connector and External Line Input

The MIDI IN connector allows synchronized play with an external device. By receiving note messages, the RT-223 can serve as drum sound source module in a MIDI-based system. The line input accepts the signal from a CD player or other line-level source, or from a guitar or bass via an effect. Seamlessly integrate the RT-223 into any session.

2-Way Power From Size AA Batteries or AC Adaptor

The unit will operate continuously for eight hours on a set of four IEC R6 (size AA) batteries. Whether on stage or during rehearsals in the studio, the RT-223 is always ready. For extended studio work, an AC adaptor can also be used.

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Submitted June 3, 2011 by a customer from comcast.net
"Great little bargain with lots of great sounds just around the learning curve."
Overall: 4.5 out of 5 stars
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I had pretty much exhausted the percussion options in my studio, and now I feel like I have the flexibility I'll need for quite a while. I don't anticipate needing an upgrade any time soon.

I was looking for some new, realistic drum sounds for tasteful use on a mostly-acoustic recording project. This unit includes a number of kits that give me exactly what I wanted. Most of the preset patterns are a bit too cluttered, but once I learned how to copy them and remove the excessive clicks and clacks I was happy. Programming from scratch felt a bit convoluted at first (I'm used to an entry-level Alesis machine), but after a few hours I was able to quickly create plenty of my own tasteful, simple patterns.

My first set of batteries seem to be lasting a long time, but I can't help but think it's pretty sneaky, cheap and environmentally-unfriendly of the manufacturer to not include an AC adapter with this product. The features of the machine itself are great, now that I'm learing to find them and use them. I like having the standard L/R outputs for recording, and a headphone output for programming anywhere at any time. (My old drum machine didn't have a headphone output.) I don't use the bass line option, so it's a feature about which I know nothing (I turn it off). I'm a fan of the "song mode" on this thing; it's pretty easy to load a bunch of patterns and go button-to-button while recording in real read more time--exactly what I wanted. (I'd give the features a 9 or 10 if an adapter were included. $20 extra for a made-in-China adapter that probably costs them $2 seems excessive to me.)

Ease of Use
The manual is one of those "let me stare at this page for a while and maybe it will make sense" manuals. The information is presented in a reasonably sensible manner, but some important info isn't in logical places and an "I hate reading instructions"-type person like me could experience a little initial frustration. Once I got around the learning curve, I realized that this machine is pretty flexible and can do more than I expected. A few days in, it was taking me very little time to get exactly what I wanted. I'm keeping my percussion tracks way back in the mix on the current project, and these are sounding great with just a little reverb.

Considering the cheap price, this unit seems pretty solid. I'm expecting it to hold up well in the studio.

My percussion needs are pretty modest, but I can say that I got everything I expected and everything I needed and then some from this inexpensive item. I didn't want to spend much, and I'm delighted to have found just the right product at this price point.

Manufacturer Support
I haven't had any reason to get in touch with the manufacturer.

The Wow Factor
The physical appearance of this machine is not impressive. But I tend to keep my fake percussion hidden in a corner when I'm not using it, and I didn't buy it to impress anyone.

Musical Background:

Musical Style:
Pop/Adult Pop/Modern Country
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