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November 10, 2022
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As the foundation for countless hip-hop, electronica and pop tracks, drum machines hold iconic status among music producers. Want to go back to the '80s or '90s? Classic drum machines can evoke the sound of an era. Whether you're going for a head-snapping groove, or just the right kind of cheesy, there's nothing quite like an 808 -- except maybe a 909.

As a songwriting tool, drum machines are as useful as they've always been. Push play on a rhythm machine from Roland, Alesis, Korg, or Akai and sing, rap, or jam along. Drum machines give you step-sequencing tools for building your own beats, and filters to shape each hit and handclap -- or mangle them beyond recognition.

Of course, drum machine beats don't have to be retro -- they're all over modern EDM and industrial rock. Sure, you could make beats on a computer, but when you want the feel of an organic instrument, a standalone drum machine beats a mouse every time. Call our Gear Experts now for help with your purchase: 800-460-8089.