Xvive V21 Echoman Analog Delay Pedal

Made as a tiny mono version of one of the best-regarded analog delays of all time, the Xvive V21 Echoman can create chorus, vibrato, or reverb-like textures.
The Xvive V21 Echoman, designed by guitar effects guru Howard Davis, is a simplified monaural version of the Memory Analog Delay. It is a state-of-the-art design based on Davis's highly successful Deluxe Memory Man, acknowledged as among the best if not THE best analog delay pedal.

Up to 600 msec of delay time with no aliasing distortion. Buffered bypass with a 900K input impedance guarantees no tone sucking (loss of highs) due to pickup loading. Wide bandwidth - good high frequency response even at long delay settings. Feedback control allows self-oscillation if desired. Blend control allows adjusting the output from dry signal only to delayed signal only. High-tech filtering and noise reduction circuitry guarantee an excellent signal to noise ratio, even at long delay settings.


Set BLEND for equal levels of dry and delayed signal, DELAY very short,MODULATION DEPTH high. FEEDBACK can be added to enhance the effect.


The delayed signal only is modulated. Set controls for the sound desired.


Set DELAY short, MODULATION DEPTH all the way down or low, and BLEND for equal dry and delayed signal levels. Set the FEEDBACK high for multiple repeats that slowly die out. Feedback settings just before self-oscillation occurs will produce a "bathtub reverb" effect that can be varied with the delay and modulation settings.
Dimensions and Weight in Packaging
Shipping Weight: 0.75 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 6 x 3 x 3 in
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): V21 ECHOMAN
If you have additional warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer at info@xviveaudio.com
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Submitted January 6, 2020 by Drew S in Buford, GA
"It legitimately accomplishes what it set out to do..."
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The man behind this pedal’s design is the Deluxe Memory Man’s original designer... you can tell and it’s a sneaky enough size to fit just about anywhere.
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