TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb Pedal

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Add a touch of tasteful reverb to your sound, or go all out with the Hall of Fame. With 10 reverb types to choose from, you're set for any musical situation.

Looking for that perfect reverb sound? TC has worked with world-famous guitarists to capture their sonic fingerprints -- so you can download their settings straight to your TC Electronic Hall of Fame reverb pedal. Aside from that, this baby features 10 different reverb settings along with decay, tone, and level controls to dial in the ambience you want. Your signal works its way through top-notch digital and analog components housed in a secure all-metal outer chassis built for the road. Stereo connectivity leaves the door open for intriguing stereo applications, and this pedal's compact size won't eat up space on your pedalboard. The Hall of Fame unlocks access to the "greatest hits" of reverb!

Explore all the inovation inside the Hall of Fame Reverb in this video from TC Electronic:

10 Different Reverb Settings

This compact little pedal features 10 different reverb modes, all accessible from a single control dial, including room, hall, spring, plate, church, and more. Each setting flushes your signal with an alluring wash of reverberation that flows invitingly from your amp to fill the room around you. With options from a small-room slapback to a full-blown cathedral, you'll never be short on atmospheric decay to bring some ambiance to your performance.

Shaping Your Reverb Sound

To shape your output, your Hall of Fame reverb pedal features decay, tone, and level control knobs. Each control provides a wide array of dynamic playing room to adjust each sonic dimension. read more The decay control determines how long each setting decays, and the tone control dials in the degree darkness or brightness you're looking for. Your level control determines how much of the "effected" signal mixes in with your output.

Small Size Built for the Road

This pedal is built using true bypass configuration, so your signal won't lose any of its integrity when your pedal is disengaged. Its inner components are housed in a secure and rugged all-metal chassis that keeps unwanted elements out and stands up well stomp after stomp. Plus, the Hall of Fame Reverb is compact and won't eat up too much space from your pedalboard.

Downloadable TonePrint Settings

What makes the TC Hall of Fame stand out from other reverb pedals is its awesome TonePrint technology. You'll find TonePrint mode all the way to the right on your reverb control knob. This feature lets you download different artists' pedal tunings from TC's website via USB connection or via a smartphone app for iPhone or Android users. Toneprint allows you to have a whole world of different settings at your fingertips that can be accessed on the go. Featured artists include John Petrucci (Dream Theater), Paul Gilbert (Mr. Big), Steve Morse (Deep Purple), Ron Bumblefoot Thal (Guns N' Roses), Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake), Orianthi (Michael Jackson), and Guthrie Govan (The Aristocrats).

Check out our overview of the TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb Pedal:


- Stereo reverb pedal
- Decay, tone, and level controls
- Setting knob features 10 different reverb settings
- Download different artists' toneprint settings via USB connectivity or smartphone app for iPhone and Android users
- Dual 1/4" inputs
- Dual 1/4" outputs
- Powered via 9-volt battery or Standard 9 V DC external power supply -- sold separately
- Simple single screw battery access
- Small compact size won't take up pedal board space
- Built with top-notch analogue and digital components
- True bypass design
- Protective all-metal outer chassis
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- TonePrint - instant access to custom pedal tweaks made by your guitar idols
- 10 reverb types
- Stereo in & out
- True Bypass - zero loss of tone
- Analog-Dry-Through - maximum tonal integrity and clarity
- Decay, Tone and Level controls
- Easy battery access
- Small footprint - save precious pedal board space
- High-quality components
- Road-ready design
- Bypass mode: True Bypass (Buffered Bypass optional)
- Signal circuitry: Analog dry-through
- Dimensions (width x depth x height): 72 x 122 x 50 mm - 2.8 x 4.8 x 2.0"
- Input connector: 2 Standard 1/4" jacks - mono/TS with automatic mono/stereo sensing
- Output connector: 2 Standard 1/4" jacks - mono/TS with automatic mono/stereo sensing
- Power input: Standard 9 V DC, centre negative >100 mA (power supply not included)
- Battery option: Standard 9 V (battery not included)
- USB port: Mini USB connector for uploading and editing custom TonePrints and for software updates

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:

TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb Pedal

The TC Electronic Hall Of Fame Reverb is a collection of the ultimate reverbs, packed tightly in one cool pedal. With Hall of Fame Reverb, you are set for any situation that calls for a touch (or handfuls) of rich reverberation.

The TC Electronic Hall Of Fame Reverb gives you 10 reverb types and a custom TonePrint for a world of inspiration. The reverbs comprise Spring, Hall, Plate, Room, Church and Ambience; from a subtle reverb to a full blown cathedral. Hall Of Fame Reverb features Decay, Color and Level controls, which makes dialing in sounds quick and easy. Hall Of Fame Reverb also has true bypass design, which ensures zero loss of tone when switched off, and features analog-dry-through which guarantees total tonal integrity of your dry sound, even with the pedal active. A small footprint, easy-access battery hatch, stereo in- and out and the highest-grade components complete this awesome reverb pedal.

In the music industry, TC Electronic is synonymous with the best reverbs out there - reverbs that you know from countless songs and classic albums. Hall Of Fame Reverb's sounds dive straight into the sweet centre of those reverbs and can take you from a subtle little echo to an overwhelming and beautiful reverberating awesomeness that has you wondering if there's a canyon hiding inside your pedal.

But there is more to Hall Of Fame Reverb than meets the eye. We call it TonePrint, and it will rock your world. Via a simple USB-connection, TonePrint allows you to download custom tunings made by your favorite guitarists straight into your pedal, easy, free and fast. A vast and ever-expanding roster of the finest guitarists alive are working with us to give you their custom TonePrint settings, so forget emulation, let's talk collaboration!


- TonePrint - instant access to custom pedal tweaks made by your idols
- 10 reverb types - a wide range of reverbs for a world of inspiration
- Stereo in & out - added flexibility to fit any set-up
- True Bypass - zero loss of tone
- Analog-Dry-Through - maximum tonal integrity and clarity
- Decay, Tone and Level controls - intuitive yet deep tonal options
- Easy battery access
- Small footprint - save precious pedal board space
- High-quality components - only the best will do when it comes to tone
- Road-ready design - ready to follow you wherever your playing takes you

TonePrint App for iPhone and Android

TC Electronics launched the groundbreaking TonePrint concept earlier this year. Now, a truly mind-blowing technology adds fuel to the fire of creativity and flexibility.

The smartphone app compiles all TonePrints for their TonePrint enabled guitar pedals in one place and allows you to beam TonePrints to your pedals in a matter of seconds. The idea behind the technology is as simple as it is ingenious: Each TonePrint has been converted to a unique-sounding magnetic impulse that you can beam via your smartphone's internal speaker, through the pickup of your guitar and directly to your TonePrint pedal. The sound does not carry any data so it doesn't matter if you are in a raucous arena or a library no other sounds will interfere with the data being sent from your smartphone.

How It Works

The app contains all TonePrints which means that you dont need an internet connection to beam TonePrints. Simply place the smartphones speaker close to a magnetic guitar pickup when beaming, and it literally only takes seconds for the app to perform its magic. Best of all, the TonePrint app is completely free of charge.

TonePrint App Main Features

- Beam any TonePrint in Seconds.
- Fast. Flexible. Intuitive.
- Completely Free of Charge Not Based on inApp Purchases.
- Cached files No Internet Access Required.
- Browse TonePrints by Pedal, Artist or Featured.
- Collect Favorite TonePrints for Super-fast Access.
- Constantly Updated with Amazing TonePrints.

Why an App?

When TC Electronic launched the TonePrint concept, they knew that they eventually had to come up with a solution that made swapping TonePrints easier. Most guitarists have their pedal board in a rehearsal space and their computer at home. Some may have brought a laptop, but the process still needed to be made faster and more intuitive to really take advantage of the great potential that this artist-driven concept has to offer. They are extremely proud to present a super-flexible solution that allows all guitarists with TonePrint pedals and a smartphone to truly explore the ever-expanding list of great and unique TonePrints created by some of the best guitar players in the world. Now great tones and tons of musical inspiration can be beamed and enjoyed on-the-spot as well as on-the-fly.

The TonePrint Concept

TC Electronic offers five TonePrint enabled guitar pedals that allow you to upload custom tones created by some of the best guitarists alive. These artists had access to any effect parameter imaginable not just the ones represented by physical knobs. Therefore, TonePrints sound just the way each artist wanted the pedal of his or her dream to sound like.

TonePrint Artists

- John Petrucci (Dream Theater)
- Paul Gilbert (Mr. Big)
- Steve Morse (Deep Purple)
- Ron Bumblefoot Thal (Guns n Roses)
- Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake)
- Orianthi (Michael Jackson)
- Guthrie Govan (The Aristocrats)
- Plus many others

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"TC Hall of Fame aptly named product"

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I'll be using this for a long while I suspect.
I A/B'd this with my Boss RV-5 and the Boss can't compare to the sheer quality of sound that the TC unit produces.
I like the Toneprint feature that allows you to download artist-created patches from the TC site; makes this a 'signature' pedal of sorts that helps you attain the sound of your favorite artist.
Built like a tank.
Great price for a great pedal.
Manufacturer Support
I haven't had the need to deal with support yet.
The Wow Factor
These units have a very pleasing aesthetic appeal; looks great on a pedal board, sexy.

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