Rode NT2-A Variable Pattern Studio Condenser Microphone

With 3 switchable pickup patterns, the super-versatile Rode NT2-A invokes the silky-smooth spirit of the legendary microphones of the '50s and '60s.

The NT2-A microphone is Rode's response to the evolving needs of the modern recording engineer. It was designed with an emphasis on versatility while maintaining a wide, natural sound. With a frequency response extending below 20 Hz and above 20 kHz, this microphone can capture the subtle harmonics of any instrument with an extremely high level of detail. Considering its wide frequency range and three switchable polar patterns, it's easy to see why the NT2-A is an increasingly popular choice in both home and professional studios for recording acoustic instruments like drums, voice and piano. The NT2-A is a perfect solution for the engineer who wants to constantly experiment with new and interesting sounds without sacrificing sonic quality. Because of its flexibility, the NT2-A has been the go-to microphone for a wide range of famous recording artists. From Lil' Wayne's iconic vocals to the distinct guitar tone of Queens of the Stone Age, this mic has been crucial in shaping distinctive sounds.

Control the Polar Pattern, Pad, and Filter

Dial in the sound you need with the three-position switches on the front of the NT2-A's body. Change between cardioid, omni, or figure-8 polar patterns, switch between a flat, 40 Hz and 80 Hz cuts on the high-pass filter, and alter the
pad between 0, -5 dB and -10 dB to record louder sources without as much risk of distorting.

The ability to filter your sound while recording instead of during post gives you a truer idea of your sound, and read more ultimately how everything will fit within the mix. Instead of using your mixer's EQ section, which could add noise to the signal by passing it through unnecessary electronics, capture the sound you want up front with the NT2-A's high-pass filter.

Get an overview of the Rode NT2A Variable Pattern Condenser Microphone in this video demo:

Thanks to the NT2-A's adjustable pickup patterns, all you need is one pair to experiment with a wide range of different stereo miking techniques such as XY, Blumlein, OTRF, and Mid-Side. Typically, that level of creative control would take a locker full of diverse microphones, as well as a lot of complicated setup and teardown time. The NT2-A makes it easy.

Designed Around the HF1 Capsule

The core of the Rode NT2-A is the internally shock-mounted 1-inch HF1 dual diaphragm capsule seated under a strong, steel mesh head. Made popular by the Rode K2 microphone, this capsule has long been well-regarded for its low noise floor, ability to handle high SPL, and wide dynamic range. Rode designed the NT2-A to augment the strengths of the HF1. With transformerless SMT circuitry, the NT2-A mic has an impressive 87 dB signal-to-noise ratio and the ability to handle up to 147 dB of SPL. This means you get an extremely natural and articulate sound that pairs well with most interfaces and preamps.

Studio Solution Pack Included

Wield the full power of the Rode NT2-A right out of the box with the Studio Solution Pack, which includes what you need in order to fully integrate the NT2-A into your mic arsenal. To help you take advantage of the full power of the NT2-A, Rode has included an instructional DVD created by Grammy-nominated producer, John Merchant. See a detailed demonstration of trusted mic positions and stereo techniques in action on a wide range of instruments.

Since handling noise and popping Ps are a common problem on otherwise great tracks, Rode has included a heavy-duty SM6 shockmount with an integrated pop shield. The Studio Solutions Pack even comes with a heavy-gauge 20-foot XLR cable and protective dust pouch for proper storage, which helps ensure a long life for your microphone.

Learn about the NT2-A on drums with this video from Rode


- Australian designed and manufactured
- HF1 1 edge terminated, gold sputtered, dual 5 um diaphragm capsule
- Low-noise, transformerless SMT circuitry
- Wide Frequency Range of 20 Hz - 20 000 Hz
- Internal capsule shock mounting
- 3-position variable polar pattern: Omni, Cardioid and Figure 8
- 3-position variable high-pass filter: Flat, 80 Hz or 40 Hz
- 3-position variable pad: 0 dB,-5 dB or -10 dB
- Satin nickel finish
- High strength heat-treated steel mesh head
- Recording Techniques DVD with John Merchant
- 20-foot XLR Cable
- Microphone Dust Cover
- SM6 shockmount
- 10-year warranty
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
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- The NT2-A is designed to operate from phantom power to the P48 standard.
- The NT2-A will operate between 44V and 52V applied with positive polarity to pin 2 and pin 3 of the output XLR connector.

Output Impedance
- The NT2-A will operate satisfactorily into a load impedance as low as 1K. If a load below this is used, the output signal level will be reduced.
- The NT2-A output is balanced between pin 2 (hot) and pin 3 (cold). Pin 1 is ground.

- Acoustic principle: Externally polarized 25 mm (1 in.) dual diaphragm.
- Directional pattern: Multi-pattern
- Frequency range: 20 Hz - 20 000 Hz
- Output impedance: 200
- Signal/Noise ratio DIN/IEC 651: 87 dB (1 kHz rel 1 Paper IEC651, IEC268-15)
- Equivalent noise: 7 dBA SPL (per IEC651, IEC268-15)
- Maximum SPL: 147 dB (@1%THD into 1k) 157 dB (@1%THD into 1k) - pad at maximum
- Sensitivity at 1 kHz into 1k: -36 dB re 1 Volt/Pascal (16 mV @94 dB SPL) +/- 2 dB
- Maximum output voltage: +16 dBu (@1%THD into 1k)
- Dynamic range of the mic amplifier: DIN/IEC 651 140 dB (per IEC651, IEC268-15)
- Power (Supply voltage): 48 Volts (P48)
- Output Connection: 3 pin XLR,balanced output between pin 2 (+) and pin 3 (-). Pin 1 ground
- Weight approx.: 860 grm (4.23 oz)
Dimensions and Weight in Packaging
Complete Vocal Recording Solution Package
Shipping Weight: 5.5 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 11 x 8 x 7 in
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): NT2A Anniversary

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 562-364-7400

Rode NT2-A Variable Pattern Microphone

The NT2-A is a professional large-capsule (1 in.) condenser studio microphone with variable pickup pattern, variable high pass filter and variable pad. These features provide greater creative control and versatility.

Three 3-position switches located on the mic body provide the freedom to step from Figure 8, Cardioid or Omni polar pickup patterns; from a flat response to either 80 Hz or 40 Hz high-pass filter and a Pad adjustment of 0 dB, -5 dB or -10 dB attenuation.

The heart of the NT2-A is the Australian designed and manufactured TYPE HF1 dual diaphragm capsule. The frequency and transient response of this transducer has been voiced to complement today's modern recording techniques, and yet still evoke the silky-smooth character of the legendary microphones of the '50s and '60s. The NT2-A includes a soft pouch and clip.


- The Australian designed and manufactured HF1 1 edge terminated, gold sputtered, dual 5 um diaphragm capsule.
- 3-position variable polar pattern: Omni, Cardioid &Figure 8; all controlled on the mic.
- 3-position variable high-pass filter: Flat, 80 Hz or 40 Hz.
- 3-position variable pad: 0 dB,-5 dB or -10 dB.
- Ultra-low noise, transformerless SMT circuitry.
- Wide dynamic range.
- High strength heat-treated steel mesh head.
- Durable satin nickel finish.
- Internal capsule shock mounting.
- Supplied complete with soft pouch and clip.

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Will definitely keep this guy around. It is definitley a nice addition to any mic collection. Can't beat it for the price.
I use this product primarily for vocals and I like the way it sounds.
This product came with a shockmount and a pre-mounted pop filter. The mic itself has cutoffs and is multi-directio0nal which I'm sure serves its purposes as an all-around microphone.
Ease of Use
Plug and play. Pretty simple. Comes with a DVD with some insights into useage.
This thing is solid, has weight to it. Not a flimsy microphone. Good quality. Well built. It is cosmetically appealing as well.
Go get this mic, you will not be dissappointed.
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Not sure, haven't had the need to use them.
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