QSC GXD 8 Class D Power Amplifier with DSP (800 Watts)

This mighty power amp pushes 4500 watts total peak power! Tune your system with the QSC GXD 8's on-board DSP tools for crossover, EQ, delay, and limiting.

QSC's GXD 8 power amplifier delivers clean, efficient Class D power to drive your passive PA speakers, with peak power up to an impressive 4500 watts! The "D" in GXD stands for digital: These amps come with powerful, easy-to-use DSP built in, so you can set up and tune your PA system without an outboard loudspeaker processor. With high wattage and smart DSP in an affordable package, QSC GXD 8 power amps help you get more out of your PA speakers.

20 Recallable DSP Presets: Set Up Your PA Fast

There's a reason the GXD 8 amplifier says "Processing Amplifier" on the front panel -- this amp packs extensive DSP tools for setting up your PA system. You have high-pass and low-pass filters, 4-band parametric EQ, delay up to 50 ms, and peak limiting -- all controllable from the front LCD screen. As a starting point, QSC gives you 20 presets for typical systems. You can customize, store and recall the presets to serve just about any application.

On-board DSP: Crossover, Parametric EQ, Delay, and Limiting

Crossover: Feed precise frequency bands to your subs, mids and top boxes without a separate speaker processor. The QSC GXD 8 amp includes 4th-order Linkwitz-Riley 24 dB/octave high-pass filters adjustable from 20 Hz to 4 kHz, low-pass filters adjustable from 60 Hz to 4 kHz, and polarity settings.

Parametric EQ: Tune your room (and compensate for problem frequencies) with a built-in 4-band equalizer, with variable frequency, gain, and bandwidth (Q).

Delay: Time-align systems in read more large spaces with up to 50 milliseconds of delay.

Peak Limiting: Select the wattage and impedance for each loudspeaker, select Mild, Medium, or Aggressive protection, and let your GXD 8 amp help get the most out of your system safely. QSC's digital limiter prevents the amp from being driven into clipping, protecting your speakers while delivering maximum usable output.

Large LCD and Rotary Encoders for Simple Setup

Whether you're tuning your system before every show, or you prefer to "set it and forget it," the QSC GXD 8 power amp makes setting up your PA easy with a large LCD front-panel display. No more using a flashlight to toggle DIP switches on the back of the amp! Detented rotary encoders make it easy to control gain and DSP settings. You have front-panel LEDs for power, signal and clipping, while on-screen level meters give you detailed visual feedback so you can see your amp's limiters working.

Parallel XLR and 1/4" TRS Inputs

The GXD 4 amp accommodate your rig with with parallel XLR and 1/4" input jacks on each channel. Want to route the same input signal to a second power amp? Use the GXD's convenient loop-thru capability to send the signal in through one connector and out through the other.

Professional SpeakON and Binding Post Outputs

The GXD 4 amp offers two professional binding post connectors, and two SpeakON NL4 connectors. Plug in a 4-conductor cable with NL4 connector to send both amp channels A and B over a single cable -- a convenient option for bi-amping 2-way speakers. The amplifier's NL4 outputs are also compatible with NL2 connectors, for sending channels A and B over separate cables.


- Wattage and ohm resistance matched to popular loudspeakers
- Class D output power for high efficiency in a lightweight package
- Built-in loudspeaker processing: Crossover, Parametric EQ filters, Delay, Peak Limiting
- Parallel XLR and 1/4" TRS input connectors with loop-thru
- NL4 and Binding Post output connectors, for mono and bi-amp speaker setups
- Detented encoders for precise control over gain and DSP parameters
- Front-panel LEDs for Power, Signal and Clipping
- Large 256 x 128 LCD display: monitor output levels and set up processing on-screen
- Store and recall up to 20 DSP presets customized to your venues and applications
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.p65Warnings.ca.gov.
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Output Wattage into 4 Ohms:
- 2 x 1200W at 4 Ohms (continuous)
- 2 x 2250W at 4 Ohms (dynamic)

Output Wattage into 8 Ohms:
- 2 x 800W at 8 Ohms (continuous)
- 2 x 1500W at 8 Ohms (dynamic)

Max Total Peak Power: 4500 Watts

Weight: 13.2 lbs

Download GXD Firmware updates from the QSC website.
Dimensions and Weight in Packaging
Base Item
Shipping Weight: 17.75 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 24 x 15 x 6 in
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): GXD8

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 800-772-2834
Web: http://qsc.com/support

QSC GXD 8 Class D Power Amplifier

The GXD Series amplifiers from QSC define the standard for portable live sound and professional entertainers who require lightweight amplifiers with unmatched performance and flexibility at an affordable price point. This high performance line consists of two amplifiers, the GXD4 and GXD8, each providing enormous Class-D power in a lightweight and efficient package.

The universal switch mode power supply helps reduce the weight, increase efficiency, and ensures rock-solid continued operation even with poor power conditions. The addition of on-board DSP processing with an easy-to-use interface offers powerful tools like Crossover and EQ filters, Delay, and Power Limiting that allow the user to configure the amplifier and maximize the performance of the connected loudspeakers.

The GXD Series amplifiers are engineered to meet any demanding application and provide excellent power and legendary QSC reliability, in an efficient, lightweight, and flexible package; bottom line, the GXD amplifiers provide outstanding value!


- Power levels matched to the most popular loudspeakers and optimized for the maximum real-world headroom into 4Ohm and 8Ohm loudspeakers
- Class-D output power with a universal switch mode power supply for high performance and efficiency, as well as light weight
- Extensive and powerful loudspeaker processing to maximize loudspeaker performance that includes, Crossover and Parametric EQ filters, Delay, and Power Limiting
- Parallel XLR and 1/4" TRS input connectors for compatibility with any source while providing convenient loop-thru capability
- Professional NL4 and Binding Post output connectors provide mono and bi-amp speaker connectivity
Detented encoders for precise gain and DSP parameter control
- Front panel LEDs monitor, Power, Signal and Clipping
- Large 256 x 128 LCD display with dual rotary encoders for fast simple set-up and on-screen monitoring of the amplifiers' output levels
- Flexibility to create, store and recall up to 20 user presets for any application

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"Will keep buying these amps"

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I have been a sound engineer for over 20 years. I have always ran Peavey amps. However; due to the terrible issues plaguing Peaveys' new IPR series; I have had to look at other brands. CROWN has a good name, but your paying a premium for that name. So that really only leaves QSC. I have ran a few RMX's in the past and never had a problem with them. Though being skeptical about the new digital architecture, i decide to give the GXD a try. It was the right choice, These amps produce a ton of clean wattage and draw very little in return. Overall the sound quality is not on par with the A/B amps, but only an audiophile would hear the difference at higher volume levels. I have one of these powering a set of CVI-218's and another powering a set of DJS-4's. They will get loud and stay there. As always zZounds has been great to work with and I will continue to buy my gear from them/

Musical Background:

20+ year as a professional sound engineer

Musical Style:

All genres
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