Line 6 POD Go Guitar Effects Processor Pedalboard

Dimensions (W x H x D): 9.05 x 3.46 x 14.13 inches
Weight: 5.18 lbs
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Shipping Weight: 7 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 20 x 13 x 6 in
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): 99-060-2505
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Submitted May 15, 2020 by Jacob W in Redding, CA
"Helix Jr."
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So I have just got done with a four hour sit down as of posting, and all I can say is; holy crap line 6 this is amazing.

The sound on the Pod Go is pretty much whatever you need it to be. It uses Amp, and cabinet models that the helix series uses as well as a wide variety of effects. The presets mind you for the most part are not a representation at all of what this unit can do. For the most of your preset tones you are going to do some adjusting to the gain, and the frequencies. I found most factory presetss to be lacking in mids, too much bass, or just a bit too much grit. Again with some minor tweaks it is solved in a few clicks. The biggest plus on sound is that in the preset menu there are two sets of sounds factory, and user. I am happy to say the User blocks are completely empty with 4 blocks within each. The only parameters you can not remove from your sound chain are the cab, amp, volume, and wah however I do not mind this as you can bypass any of these when forging a tone. Keep in mind you will be technically limited to choosing 4 pedals maximum. The Cab models are very well done, and with the huge variety as well as IR loader you can always get the amp sound you have in your head. When this unit is dialed in it is just right. Did I mention it is easy to dial in?

This unit has everything you need for re-amping guitars, recording and playing gigs. It does not have classic read more midi connections, and instead utilizes USB over midi if you are looking for that. It has everything a guitarist could use, but with the stereo outputs I could see keyboard players using it as well. My one gripe is the location as well as style of power switch. It is located in the back panel of the unit along the routing path for I/O's. I am being rather picky on that though however I feel that it should have been on the top left corner of the chassis to allow it to be turned on with the tip of the foot. Other then my own nitpick it has everything. Third Part IR loading, 4 blocks or "snapshots of your parameters, tap tempo/tuner, amp out,balanced/unbalanced l and r outputs, USB over midi for firmware updates as well as editing and daw integration. The expression pedal is a volume pedal with gain control, pan control, and stereo width. The wah pedal is just a wah and so far as I can tell there is no whammy effect on this.The expression also has a short throw, and is firm out of box, but an Allen wrench is provided to adjust it.Lots and lots of features, but these are what I really liked. This is definitely a stripped down helix thru and thru.

Ease of Use
This is where you must be the judge. I spent about ten minutes total to figure out how to use this unit. The manual is well written (PDF only) and there is a cheat sheet provided in the box. While I found it to be intuitive to use I do not think beginners will have such a fair go. You have to have knowledge of routing the right cables, you would need to learn what re-amping is ( explained in manual, but may cause further confusion for the laymen) and you would need to understand what all the parameters and modes do as well. If your looking to learn that stuff however do not let it intimidate you. Again the manual is extremely well written , and does provide tips as well as breaking down what the different functions entail I.E Decay does X, a Yes cable is this. Good for the studious chap, a disaster for the timid beginner.

This product is very solid. The first thing I noticed is the heft. It is very portable, but I feel Pod Go is definitely the wrong name. It's got a plastic/metal mixed housing that feels solid as a rock; (Definitely do not give your significant other a reason to throw it at you). The expression pedal is adjustable which is nice because it came a bit tight for me. The toggles are extremely firm having the most satisfying click I have ever heard on a board. I can see this lasting me twenty years easy.

The Pod Go is an absolute steal at this point in time. It costs less then a wide array of other multiunits out there, and has more versatility then some of the other units in it's ballpark. I bought this with intentions to use it for five years, but the initial first impression and gut reaction tells me this will be a lifetime investment. If you have the money get the Helix, but if your thrifty buy this it is a brick house.

Manufacturer Support
Have not needed help, but there site is very active with a huge community thanks to the abundance of Helix and Hd series users. I am sure the Pod Go community will explode as well as this unit is basically A baby Helix.

The Wow Factor
I am absolutely blown away. I had a falling out with the line 6 name after purchasing the Spider 4 150 he or whatever, but I am very happy I took a chance on line 6. Yamaha seems to be doing an excellent job as the owner of line 6.

Musical Background:
13 years of guitar and percussion, and five years of home production

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