Jet City The Flood Analog Delay Pedal

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- 1/4 in. Input
- 1/4 in. Output
- Time Knob - Adjusts the time between delay repetitions
- Repeats Knob - Adjusts the amount of delay repetitions that occur
- Level Knob - Adjusts the amount of delay effect applied to the original signal
- On/Off Switch - Engages/Bypasses the pedal
- On/Off LED - For high visibility on the darkest stage
- Aluminum and Steel Housing - Strength and durability for the gigging pro
- 9V Adapter or Battery Powered
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Submitted July 29, 2012 by john k in pine grove, PA
"Steer clear of this."
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Purchased this online because I got the Jet city combo amp and it's great. The amp is well made and sounds awesome, as long as you're not looking for alot of clean headroom. This pedal, however, is a different story. Within hours it started making loud humming noises and then high pitched squeals. Now, this doesn't happen all of the time, just sometimes. Well, something bad happening "just sometimes" isn't something you want to be taking to gigs. I think the problem is in the actual switch itself, maybe a friend can fix it up. If not, I guess I'll try and see what Jet City will do about it. Bottom line, cheap price = cheap pedal.
Musical Background:
40 years
Musical Style:
Classic rock, rock, southern rock, metal, country rock.
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No longer available at zZounds

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