iZotope RX 11 Standard Software

Fix audio problems including clipping, hums and buzzes, noise, and other unwanted artifacts with iZotope RX 11, the industry standard for audio repair.

iZotope RX 11 Standard is the industry trailblazer for intelligent audio repair and enhancement. Powered by machine learning technology, RX's comprehensive suite of tools tackles everything from common audio problems to the trickiest of sonic rescues, for both music and audio post production. The result? Clean, clear, and compelling sound. Time and time again, RX has introduced groundbreaking features that solve the unsolvable earning major awards that include two Engineering Emmy Awards and a Scientific and Engineering Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The quick and reliable "magic" of RX is trusted by audio professionals working across film, TV, music, podcasts, video games, and content of all types. RX is available as a standalone audio editing application that includes a suite of software plugins for use with digital audio workstations (DAWs).

What does RX do?
RX combines the power of visual-based spectral editing with purpose-built tools for fixing, enhancing, and polishing your audio. With RX's Spectrogram, you can visually target and replace unwanted sounds like dog barks, string squeaks, and sirens. Tackle specific issues like clicks, clips, hum, rustles, and background noise with bespoke repair modules, and get even more surgical with tools that can re-shape the intonation of dialogue, remove reverb, match ambiences and EQ profiles, and much more. Plus, if you're looking for a helping hand to get great results fast, RX's Repair Assistant read more intelligently recognizes and proposes fixes for specific problems that you can tweak to your liking with easy-to-use dials.

What's new in RX 11?
With RX 11, iZotope is introducing new state-of-the-art neural networks that supercharge iZotope's machine learning algorithms, enabling real-time, low latency processing for Dialogue Isolate, the highest quality stem separation for Music Rebalance, and improved intelligence and speed for Repair Assistant. iZotope has also added an industry-first Loudness Optimize tool alongside the new Streaming Preview so you can release tracks in confidence, major upgrades to iZotope's Audio Random Access (ARA) processing for a seamless workflow, and additional ARA host support (coming soon!).

Who is it for?
RX is ideal for audio post production professionals, audio engineers, music producers, podcasters, archivists, videographers, content creators, and anyone working with audio that needs quick or surgical fixes. RX for Post When working in audio post production, RX speeds up your dialogue editing workflow, salvages poor quality recordings that were once unfixable, and delivers reliably clear sound quality.

RX for Music
RX addresses age-old recording and restoration problems like clipping, hums, sibilance, and crackle while introducing groundbreaking features like Loudness Optimize so you can release music with confidence.

RX for Content Creation
Whether you're editing a podcast, narrating an audiobook, or working on the next viral video, RX enables you to captivate your audience by bringing out the best in recorded audio.

Dialogue Isolate
iZotope has overhauled Dialogue Isolate, adding in Dialogue De-reverb and state-of-the art machine learning that enables lightning-fast (real time) processing. Now you can de-noise dialogue or vocals and control reverb in one easy-to-use module, also available as part of RX 11 Standard for the first time. The Advanced version includes a brand new highest-quality offline processing mode and multi-band processing.

Streaming Preview
There's no worse feeling than putting heaps of time into a track only to be disappointed with how it sounds on streaming services. That's where the new Streaming Preview comes in. Now you can hear your tracks the way the rest of the world will hear them and release with confidence. [Included in Standard and Advanced]

Loudness Optimize
Have you ever released a song on a streaming platform and felt like it didn't sound as loud as your favorite songs? Get the most out of your masters with Loudness Optimize, an unprecedented approach for controlling the LUFS algorithm to maximize your music's perceived loudness after normalization. Just press Learn, and let RX 11 optimize your master. No room for improvement? Sit back, relax, and release your track.

Music Rebalance
Drums too loud? Vocals not loud enough? Bass too muddy? Easily reanimate an existing mix, prep for a remix, or create instrumentals and vocal stems with Music Rebalance, available in Standard and Advanced. Shape your sound with laser focus thanks to Music Rebalance's improved stem separation, featuring upgraded machine learning based on the most modern neural network available.

Spectral Editor ARA
Remove background noise, clicks, and hum from dialogue or tracks without shuttling between RX and your DAW or NLE with Spectral Editor, thanks to new digital signal processing and essential tools like Gain, De-click, and De-hum. Currently available for Apple Logic Pro (in Rosetta mode). Additional host support is coming in a free update this summer for Avid Pro Tools and PreSonus Studio One.

Mid/Side Mode
Explore a new level of control over your sound with RX 11's new Mid/Side mode. When Mid/Side mode is engaged, you can visualize and manipulate the center and side components of your audio separately, all in RX's main window. This opens up greater flexibility for repair tasks, making it possible to address issues only present in the mid channel or just the sides individually, so you're not processing a part of the audio that doesn't need work.


- Dialogue Isolate [IMPROVED]
- Streaming Preview [NEW]
- Music Rebalance [IMPROVED]
- Spectral Editor ARA [IMPROVED]
- Repair Assistant [IMPROVED]
- Mid/Side mode [NEW]
- Loudness Optimize [NEW]
- Mixing
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Operating Systems:
Mac: macOS Monterey (12.7.4), macOS Ventura (13.6.6), macOS Sonoma (14.4.1)*
Windows: Windows 10 Windows 11
*Supported on Intel Macs and Apple silicon M-series Macs (in native & Rosetta).
Plug-in Formats:
RX Elements Plugin Formats
AU, AAX, AAX Audiosuite, VST3.
All plugin formats are 64-bit only.
RX 11 plugins are not available in VST2 format.
Repair Assistant plugin formats: AAX Audiosuite, AU, VST3.
RX Standard & Advanced Plugin Formats: AU, AAX, AAX Audiosuite, VST3, AU ARA.
Spectral Editor & Music Rebalance AU ARA requirements: Logic Pro 10.7+ on Intel or Apple silicon Macs (Rosetta only).
Ambience Match & De-rustle plugin formats: AAX Audiosuite only.
Logic Pro 10.7, Pro Tools 2024, Ableton Live 11-12, Cubase 13, Nuendo 13, Studio One 6, Reaper 7, FL Studio 21, Adobe Audition 2024, Adobe Premiere Pro 2024, DaVinci Resolve 19
RX Audio Editor Notes:
RX 11 Elements does not include the RX Audio Editor application. It is included with RX 11 Standard and Advanced only.
Plug-in Hosting:
Supported plugin formats within the RX 11 Audio Editor:
Windows: VST3, VST2.
Intel Macs & Rosetta on Apple silicon Macs: AU, VST3, VST2.
Native on Apple silicon Macs: AU, VST3.
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Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): 1143-1658

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 617-577-7799

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