Foxgear Echosex Baby Delay Pedal

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Classic echo tone in a modern package! The Foxgear Echosex Baby is a compact echo pedal with a class A FET preamp that faithfully reproduces tube nuances.

The Echosex Baby, the smaller protege of the original award-winning Gurus' Echosex, produces enchanting echoes with a distinctive, ethereal, almost primordial sound, all without hauling around an original, vintage Binson Ecorec unit. The Echosex Baby has all the same controls and features that bring to life expansive lush tones of its predecessor, all without the tube of the larger Echosex.

The preamp section is designed with a Class A FET to faithfully reproduce nuances of tube behavior. You'll not be going out on a limb with an experimental piece of gear either. The Echosex Baby has already found a home in the pedalboards of stars like Steve Lukather of Toto, and Guy Pratt of Pink Floyd and David Gilmour. Enjoy the Echosex Baby for its space-saving size and downright enchanting tones.

Hear the creamy textures and analog repeats of the Echosex Baby in our zZounds exclusive demo:


- Tone: sets the age of damage, adding a nice kind of modulation till noon, and a slight, random pitch shifting at highest values
- Age: sets the age of damage, adding a nice kind of modulation till noon, and a slight, random pitch shifting at highest values
- Level: set the volume of repeats on the clean signal
- Repeats: set the quantity of repeats, from 1 to infinite and self-oscillating
- Time: Set the delay time, from 60 to around 780ms

Power In: 9 to 12VDC (negative TIP)
Consumption at 9V: <100mA
Input Impedance: <=1M Ohm
Output Impedance: <=10K Ohm
S/N ration: <90db
Distortion: max 2% THD
Width: 60mm. (2.3")
Length: 120mm. (4.7")
Height: 30mm. (1.1")
Weight: 0.2Kg. (0.4lbs)

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"Excellent value for this price!"

Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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When I went to attach the rubber feet to the bottom of it, I could hear the plastic top "creeking" like an old wooden floor, also when the pedal is plugged in there is a backlight that stays lit this is enough to keep me awake at night... This was the reason for 4.5 stars on quality and 3 stars on the "wow factor" With that aside, the knobs are nice and firm with smooth motion it's very responsive to how light or hard I hit the strings. I love the pedal and I don't forsee the molded case being an issue as it seems to be a good quality material. If you haven't heard this pedal yet, Pete Thorn has a good demo of it on that popular "tube" website.
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