Eventide Rose Modulated Delay Pedal

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No thorns here -- just sweet modulated delay. Tweak the digital-analog-hybrid Eventide Rose to your heart's content and enjoy up to 50 seconds of delay.

The Eventide Rose is a compact modulated digital delay pedal featuring a unique design Eventide calls Bit Bucket Brigade. Instead of the traditional approach using a DSP chip, this design borrows from bucket brigade techniques but is free of its inherent limitations. Surrounded with analog circuitry for a warm thick sound, this approach facilitates extreme modulation of the clock, yielding reverse delay and wild swings of delay by modulating the delay multiplier – the results are a completely unique sound. Rose features five modulation sources, aux switch/expression pedal/MIDI input, tap tempo, up to fifty seconds of delay and can store up to five presets.

Insert coin and see what the Eventide Rose can do in this zZounds exclusive video:


- 6 tactile knobs (mix, feedback, depth, delay, filter, rate)
- Invert phase and reverse delay
- Delay Multiplier
- Assignable Hot switch: (tap tempo, delay repeat, mod hold, mod reset, A/B)
- 5 Factory Presets
- Modulation (sine, square, random)
- Analog Low Pass Filter
- Expression / Auxiliary / Midi TRS input
- Three different bypass types: Buffered, Relay, Kill Input
- Accepts Line or Instrument Levels

Five modulation sources
- AUX switch/expression pedal/MIDI input
- Tap tempo
- Up to fifty seconds of delay and can store up to five presets.

Additional Specs
- Power supply: 9v/500 ma
- Input impedance: 500k (mono)
- Output impedance: 470 ohms
- Recommended load impedance: 10k ohms or greater

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 201-641-1200

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Submitted July 10, 2020 by Joshua P in Southbridge, MA


Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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This is an amazing pedal, and exceptionally low noise. Make sure you're powering it properly, if you use an inadequate 3rd party supply, you might have issues. I'm using it with a Cioks DC10, and it works perfectly.

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