Denon DJ SC5000 Prime Professional Media Player

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Up your DJ game with an 8" metal jog and 7" multi-touch screen. Import iTunes or Serato crates, then mix 2 decks on just one SC5000 with dual-layer playback.

Denon DJ SC5000 Prime DJ media player with a high definition, multi-touch display that enables gestures and swiping for the ultimate DJ expression and immediacy of interaction. The SC5000 analyzes music files on the fly, it has dual-layer decks with dedicated outputs, a multi-touch screen with easy and fast navigation, and an 8" rugged jogwheel with central display that shows current playing track or custom artwork.

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This is the first media player to fully analyze both beatgrid and musical key onboard the unit, delivering an unprecedented level of immediately-actionable information to the DJ. Plus, the SC5000 is the first media player in the world to use the Engine Prime software. Engine Prime is an innovative music librarian and analysis system that lets the DJ organize, categorize and import music, either directly from iTunes and Serato DJ or via drag 'n drop from existing music folders.

Using the SC5000's on-screen, alpha-numeric search facility, DJs can quickly find, load and play what they want on the fly, without distraction or hesitation. A LAN output makes it simple to link up to four players at once, offering music file, digital networking and communication capability for the most high-end of events. The SC5000 Prime media player also has hard features and engineering innovations that give it unmatched capability and performance. The unit's highly responsive, 7" capacitive touch and multi-gesture display enables read more quick access to searching, filtering and sorting music, as well providing real-time song information and ultra-smooth moving waveforms. Very significantly, it also has a secondary 'performance layer' with its own separate output feed to the mixer. Never seen before on such a Pro performance DJ media player, the SC5000 has eight multi-function trigger pads for cues, loops, slices and rolls.

Illuminating and personalizing the DJ's performance, the lighting around the platter is customizable to various RGB colors, and the wheel is topped in aluminum for a cool, stylish appearance. The audio outputs themselves are 24--bit/96kHz for the very highest sound quality. The SC5000 Prime plays all uncompressed audio formats, including FLAC, ALAC and WAV plus all popular compressed music file formats.


- 7-inch HD display with multi-touch gestures
- 24-bit/96kHz digital audio outputs
- Dual-layer playback with individual audio outputs
- Plays uncompressed audio formats (FLAC, ALAC, WAV)
- 8 multifunction trigger pads for Cues, Loops, Slices and Rolls
- 8" rugged metal jog wheel with HD central display
- Customizable RGB color around the jog wheel
- (3) USB and (1) SD input for music playback
- LAN output to link to up to four players
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For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 201-762-6665

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Submitted September 5, 2019 by Justin J in Long Beach, CA

"Great Hardware, Crippled by Terrible Software"

Overall: 3 out of 5 stars
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These have the potential to be pioneer killers, but they're just not there yet. The decks themselves... beautiful and strong build quality. Screen has high refresh rate and resolution so its clear and smooth to look at. Very user customizable. The bad: phase meters do not work unless you have auto sync on [whats the point if you're using sync?], when browsing tracks i feel like the resolution is wasted by not displaying enough information. The software... complete and utter garbage. Their built in conversion utilities on both the software and hardware are a complete mess. It was unable to convert ANY of my rekordbox playlists, essentially rendering the decks useless to me. I was not gonna spend hours upon hours making playlists all over again alone with cue points. And sure there is software you can purchase to help with that process... but if you're gonna have a selling point of being easy to change your rider.. you better live up to it and not have to use 3rd party software to get there.If you are starting fresh and not having to worry about moving a large library i think these decks would be perfect for you. I for one was also not too big a fan of capacitive touch jog wheels... the mechanical jog wheels of pioneers much better suit me [this is merely preference though]. The forums and reddit are also useless, lots of people asking for fixes and none of which seem to be addressed with anything other than they've told the technicians and you wait forever and ever for an update read more that may never come.

Musical Background:
10 Years DJing

Musical Style:
House, Drum and Bass, UK Hardcore, Moombahton
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