Boss RV-6 Digital Reverb Pedal

Mixing classic reverb tones like room, hall, and spring with out-there modulation, shimmer and delay+reverb settings, the RV-6 is the only reverb you need.


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Boss FRV-1 Fender '63 Reverb Pedal

No longer available at zZounds
Access the celebrated tone of the '63 Fender Spring Reverb in this compact stomp box. It features three classic controls for Dwell, Tone, and Mix.

A classic reborn -- the legendary sound of the 1963 Fender Spring Reverb returns as a modern stompbox. BOSS and Fender USA have collaborated to create the FRV-1, a stunning recreation of the legendary '63 Fender Reverb via COSM technology. The FRV-1 puts that timeless tube-driven reverb sound under your foot in a tough, reliable compact pedal.

A timeless classic -- the Fender(R) Spring Reverb is the sound that launched the surf-music phenomenon, and is a staple of rockabilly, country, and blues. Later, it became commonplace in grunge and other modern genres. Now the same legendary sound can be had in an affordable, rugged compact pedal.

- Recreates the legendary sound of the 1963 Fender(R) Reverb via COSM technology

- Easy operation with three classic controls for Dwell, Tone, and Mix for creating sounds from buttery warmth to sparkling twang

- Cool, retro appearance

- Road-tough BOSS metal construction

Fender(R) Corporation licensed the use of "Fender(R) Bassman(R)" to the BOSS FBM-1, "Fender(R) Deluxe Reverb(R)" to the BOSS FDR-1, and "Fender(R) Reverb" to the BOSS FRV-1. No other pedals carry this official license.

Nominal Input Level: -20 dBu

Input Impedance: 1 MOhm

Nominal Output Level: -20 dBu

Output Impedance: 1 kOhm

Recommended Load Impedance: 10 kOhm or greater

Power Supply:
- DC 9 V: Dry battery 6F22 (9 V) type (carbon)/Dry battery 6LR61 (9 V) type (alkaline), AC Adaptor (PSA series: optional)

Current Draw: 37 mA (DC 9 V)

* Expected battery life under continuous use: Alkaline: 10.5 hours. These figures will vary depending on the actual conditions of use.

- mm: 73 (W) x 129 (D) x 59 (H),
- inches: 2-7/8 (W) x 5-1/8 (D) x 2-3/8 (H) in.

Weight: 420 g / 15 oz (including battery)

Accessories: Owner's Manual, Dry battery/9 V type (6LR61)

Option: AC adaptor (PSA series) * 0 dBu = 0.775 Vrms

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 323-890-3700

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Overall: 4.5 out of 5 stars
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This is a great reverb pedal. I bout an EC VibroChamp amp several months ago(great amp BTW) and felt it needed a touch of reverb. So I went to the source; a spring reverb tank. It was just too big to go with my tiny amp so I found the boss pedal that emulates the sound. Now, it's hard to beat the actual reverb tank that this pedal emulates but, with the COSM technology it handles the sound and the nuances of the tanks springy, dripping wet reverb. All I needed for my amp was a mere hint of reverb but this pedal gives me a lot of unexpected and delightful ranges that I've never used in even my twin reverb amp. Simply it's a great pedal and does just what it says it does. It's a great pedal that has exceptional build quality and the perfect reverb for any amp.
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