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"zZounds is the best, plain and simple. The few times I’ve had any issues with gear they’ve taken care of it right away. Thanks to them I’m able to own the dream gear that I do and I can’t say enough about that. Buy from zZounds!"
October 15, 2022
Schecter Buying Guide

Schecter Buying Guide

Known for their bold designs and even bolder tones, Schecter guitars and basses match the individuality of the players who play them. Originally a parts supplier, Schecter quickly evolved into one of the premier guitar custom shops on the West Coast. By the turn of this century, Schecter's renowned Diamond Series had arrived, cementing their status as go-to instruments in the world of hard rock and metal. Backed by an array of diverse artists, Schecter continues to push the envelope of guitar manufacturing beyond the ordinary.

Whether you prefer time-honored style, or crave boundary-pushing design, Schecter has exactly what you need. Check out our Buying Guide today to find your next guitar or bass!
Schecter Guitars
For no-holds-barred style and aggressive tone to match, Schecter guitars insist on giving players the edge they need to perform at their best. From their popular Diamond Series, to the sonic onslaught brought forth by the Apocalypse Series, these instruments can tackle any stage or studio.