Zoom G2.1Nu Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal

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Put a plethora of sounds at your fingertips with the Zoom G2.1Nu. The G2.1Nu features 30 types of redesigned drive sounds and 20 presets built by Steve Vai.

You don't need to break the bank to get a powerful, great-sounding multi-effects pedal. Zoom's G2.1Nu effects unit offers plenty of power, plenty of flexibility, and plenty of functions with just two footswitches and an expression pedal.

Plenty of Flexibility

With Zoom's G2.1Nu, you have access to 20 legendary amp and pedal models, for every sound from a Plexi crunch to an AC-style chime. The pedal also includes 10 models specially designed by Zoom to cover a wide range of great-sounding tones. These 30 drive sounds are joined by 83 effect types, and are accessible via 100 presets and 100 user patches. As a bonus to aspiring shredders, 20 of the patches are designed by legendary axeman Steve Vai.

Great for Home Tracking

If you're looking to work on your sound, there's no better way than by recording yourself to get an outside view of how you sound. The G2.1Nu makes this easy as pie with an onboard USB Interface, so you can plug right into your computer and start tracking into your favorite DAW. This multi-effects unit boasts 96kHz sampling and 24-bit A/D/A conversion so you don't have to worry about degraded tone. The G2.1Nu also features a 1.9 inch LCD display and a revamped, more intuitive interface to ease along your recording process.

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Zoom G2.1Nu Guitar Multi-FX Pedal

Zoom's completely redesigned drive sounds use the most technologically advanced spectral analysis, impulse response and frequency response data, making all the settings offered on the G2Nu/G2.1Nu the most realistic models they've ever created. There are 20 models of legendary guitar amps and stomp boxes, with accurately fine-tuned sonic aspects like gain setting, range and harmonics character. In addition, you can choose from 10 original sounds created by Zoom, designed for excellent clarity and presence, capturing your dynamic range adjustments and picking nuances that give you that truly expressive tone that you crave.

USB Audio Interface

The G2Nu/G2.1Nu operate as an audio interface, letting you record directly to a computer connected via USB cable. All your sound settings used during rehearsal or a live performance can be recorded onto your DAW software. Its direct monitoring capability eliminates any latency problems, assuring realistic studio conditions and hassle-free operation.
- Quantization : 16-bit
- Sampling frequencies : 32/44.1/48 kHz
- Supported OS : Windows XP/Vista/7, Mac OS X v10.4/10.5/10.6

Edit & Share

The Edit & Share software is available through a free download and allows you to use your computer to intuitively create, edit and save your own, personalized amp and effect settings. Use the radar charts to show a visual representation of the tone characteristics of each preset patch. And amp/effect type sorting helps you quickly find the tone you are after. Using drag and drop to rearrange patches makes editing easy and fun, and you can even download patches online. You can even share your patches with others or download a cool patch someone else created.

Direct Mode

All 30 drive sounds have a special modeling algorithm designed specifically for line recording. Simply turn on the Direct key on the top panel and enjoy dynamic amp sounds that recreate the ideal speaker cabinet characteristics over a flat response audio system or headphones. Of course, this mode works perfectly for direct recording to a DAW application via the USB audio interface.

20 Amazing Patches Created By Steve Vai

The G2Nu/G2.1Nu features 20 highly creative and versatile patches produced under the supervision of master guitarist Steve Vai. Also included are dozens of presets that authentically recreate the vintage rock sounds of the sixties and seventies, plus the styles of many famous artists.
They supply 100 patches right out of the box and you can create your own and save up to 100 more right on the pedal.

Smooth Tube Distortion Models

To recreate the rich blend of harmonics in the upper frequency ranges that are unique to tube amplifiers, you need a powerful, fast processor. Thanks to its high-resolution signal processing using 96 kHz sampling and 24-bit A/D/A conversion, the advanced ZFX-3 sound engine implements complex digital modeling technology to convincingly recreate those subtle tube amp characteristics.

Large LCD Panel Supports Intuitive Operation

One of the most important and useful additions to the G2Nu/G2.1Nu is its large 1.9 inch display. This screen makes creating your own sounds a breeze. But they also have simplified the interface with three large control knobs to make changing your tone similar to a stomp box, making the overall operation easy and intuitive.

A "Collectors Edition" of 83 Different Effect Types

Ranging from standard to advanced, nine modules with 83 high-quality effects provide unsurpassed flexibility and tonal variation. Choose effects like the MXR Dynacomp, famed for its peculiar compression, Vox Crybaby and other renowned wah pedals, four types of chorus with great depth and ambience and six types of reverb providing transparent clarity. Or let your tonal imagination run free with dynamic flangers, tremolo with selectable modulation waveform, harmonized pitch shifter, multi-tap delay, reverse delay and many more.

Studio Quality 6-band Graphic Equalizer On Board

The frequency bands of the built-in 6-band graphic equalizer were designed specifically for electric guitar. In the crucial midrange, which determines a great deal about tonal quality (400 Hz, 800 Hz, 3.2 kHz, 6.4 kHz), peaking type characteristics are used. The low end (160 Hz) and high end (12 kHz) are adjusted with shelving type curves. This gives you the complete tone control capability normally found on high-end studio gear.

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Submitted August 8, 2011 by a customer from aol.com
"Excellent quality effects at a very affordable price."
Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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I'm very satisfied with this product. If stolen or lost, I would replace it with the same product. The things I like most about it are: 1) the excellent sound quality of all of the effects; 2) the great variety of effects that the unit has available; 3) the ability to combine the effects to get recording studio quality effects live on stage; 4) it's a great practice amplifier to use with headphones.

I have played with the previous version of this pedal, the G2.1u, for three years and I've loved it. I just upgraded to the G2.1Nu, because I had read write-ups saying that the amplifier models have been improved on the new one. I use the amplifier models a lot and I agree that the new ones are better. I especially like the addition of models for the 1959 Fender Bassman and the 1959 Marshall Solo 100. The sound quality of all of the effects is excellent, which I think results from the 32-bit computer processor with 96 kHz sampling. I use it to play live through the effects loop of my Fender Hot Rod Deville.

The product has more features than I actually use. I don't use the Cubase functions. I use it to play live through an amplifier and as a practice amp playing direct through headphones.

Ease of Use
The new G2.1Nu is much easier to use than the previous model, the G2.1u. The controls and displays are much more intuitive. I don't use the preset sounds--I custom program read more and EQ the settings to draw out the best tones from my guitar and amp. It takes some time to experiment with the settings and get the guitar tones to sing the way I want them to, but the resulting sounds are great and well worth the effort.

The quality and ruggedness of the unit appear to be excellent. It's made of heavy duty metal components instead of plastic. It seems very road-worthy and reliable.

The value of the product is great. If you compare how much it would cost to buy all of the multi-effects separately, or compare the cost and quality of this product versus competitive multi-effects units from other manufacturers, I think this one comes out as a great value.

Manufacturer Support
I haven't needed any repairs or service.

The Wow Factor
I don't think any guitar effects units are sexy. It makes great sounds and that's all I care about.

Musical Background:
Active Pro Musician

Musical Style:
Blues, R&B and Rock
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