Zoom G1u Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal

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With over 60 built-in effects and a built-in tuner, this mulit-effects pedal is the perfect stage companion for the gigging guitarist.

The sound modeling technology developed for Zoom's ZFX Plug-in came in handy when redesigning drive sounds for the G1u. Parameters such as gain setting range and harmonics component characteristics were fine-tuned to convincingly recreate 20 types of guitar amps and stomp boxes. And there are 10 original drive types settings as well, producing quality sound and dynamic presence.

Simply hooking up the G1u to a computer with a USB cable turns it into an audio interface. Zoom's direct monitoring design eliminates any latency problems, allowing the real amp sound to carry through into the recording. Now you can get your own tone no matter where you are. Whether you're practicing, performing or recording, the G1u has endless tone possibilities for any style of playing.

67 Stage-ready Effects
Eight modules offer a collection of 67 different effects that can be put to use straight away. There's even a Harmonized Pitch Shifter in key and long delay with settings of up to five seconds. The G1u surpasses your expectations for flexibility and control.

Dozens of tube amps at your feet
Our authentic sounding models of classic tube amplifiers are made possible by Zoom's high-resolution signal processing with 24-bit A/D/A conversion and 96 kHz sampling. This technology captures ultra-high range harmonics that dramatically impact the authenticity of the model.

Advanced ZFX-3 audio engine
The G1u's 32-bit ZFX-3 engine delivers highly sophisticated audio processing power for outstanding read more performance. Every nuance of fingering and touch is captured through detailed and smooth signal processing, ensuring that your performance is accurate and uncompromised.

Modern to legendary straight out of the box
From the legendary sounds of the sixties and seventies to the latest modern metal sounds and famous artist styles, the G1u gives you a tremendous range of tones with 100 patches ready to play. Program your own sounds and save up to 100 more.

Looping function records 5-second phrases
Record/playback/overdub guitar phrases with the looping function that can be controlled with the foot switches. This "sound-on-sound" feature lets you lay down phrases in real time, and during a live performance, you can use the looping sound as a backing track.

Integrated drum machine with PCM sound sources
Choose from 40 different rhythm patterns including 8-beat and 16-beat as well as 4-beat, shuffle and many other variations. The tap key makes it easy to directly input the tempo. Start a jam session anytime, anywhere.

Optional remote operation accessories
Connect the foot switch (FS01) to quickly change banks or specify the tempo for the drum machine by tapping your foot. Alternatively, you can use the expression pedal (FP02)and vary parameters such as wah, pitch shift, and volume with your foot.

Runs on batteries, AC adaptor, or USB bus power
The G1u supports three different power sources: AC adaptor, batteries, and USB bus power. Four AA alkaline batteries are good for 10 hours of continuous use. Whether inthe studio or on stage, the G1u has all the power options you need.

Good to go where you go.
While offering performance and functions far beyond its class, the compact G1u easily fits into the pocket of a guitar case or gig bag. The reinforced plastic case is sturdy yet lightweight, so you can carry the unit anywhere.

Ultra-low noise design with 110db SNR and -98dBm noise floor
Specifications such as a signal-to-noise ratio of 110dB and noise floor of -98dBm demonstrate a level of performance that's not usually seen in units of this class. Background noise is a thing of the past, resulting in superbly transparent sound. Zoom's original noise reduction (ZNR) removes noise in playing pauses while maintaining a natural release even on the tail of sustained notes.

Built-in auto-chromatic tuner for guitar
The guitar tuner can be called up at any time during a performance. LED indicators also make the note readout easy to see, even on a dark stage. And the ability for mute tuning without sound output offers further convenience.

Included ZFX Tools Software

- Simple and intuitive recorder function even supports multi-track operation.

- Free-word search lets you find patches and rhythm patterns from a list by word association.

- Radar chart gives a visual representation of the sound character of preset patches.

- Editor/librarian makes intuitive use of the mouse for changing amp and effect settings.

- Get the latest content from the web to expand your ZFX Tools sound collection by downloading patches and rhythm patterns.

- Chromatic tuner also allows non-standard tunings including half step and full step down.

- Drum & bass machine with 382 versatile rhythm patterns. There are 60 preprogrammed backing patterns for all major genres, and 20 demo songs with model guitar playing can also be accessed.

Included Ableton Live Lite 7
Use Ableton Live Lite 7's Session View designed for real-time operation or select Arrange View when you want a more conventional interface. Recording, editing, mixing -- you can do it all with this intuitive and capable DAW application.


- Guitar Pedal and USB interface with desktop patch editing software
- Includes ZFX Tools software with computer phrase recording, drum and bass machine, and amazing amp and effects modeling for great tones
- 100 Pre-programmed Patches / 100 User Programmable Patches
- 67 Stage-ready effects
- 30 types of authentic drive tones
- Advanced ZFX-3 processing engine
- 5-second looping function
- Built-in auto-chromatic tuner
- Integrated Drum Machine with PCM samples
- Bundled with Sonicware ZFX Tools and Ableton live lite 7 (Windows and OS X)
- Runs on four AA batteries, AD0006D adapter or USB bus power
- Use with optional FS01 Footswitch or FP02 expression pedal.
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For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 631-542-5270
Email: info@zoom-na.com
Web: https://zoomcorp.com/en/us/contact/

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Submitted October 14, 2013 by Richard M in Waycross, GA
"Zoom G1U"
Overall: 4.5 out of 5 stars
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It works great thus far, this is my second Zoom product. The first was a Zoom 505 II and I used it for years before the jack plugs became loose. I took it to my electronics class and had it soldered and it still works like new, but the G1U is a great product for the beginner and the hobbyist like myself. One more thing; ZZOUNDS is a great place to shop.
Musical Background:
Guitar and Piano for about 20 years
Musical Style:
Rock, Blues, Christian, and Soul
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