Yamaha N100 Nocturne Grand Digital Piano

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Graded Hammer Effect and 3-level Dynamic Stereo Sampling.
Escape the complicated world
In a complicated world where technology seems to overwhelm what used to be the simplest of tasks, the Nocturne Grand N-100 is an oasis of simplicity and pure piano pleasure. Contemporary and expressive, the Nocturne Grand features gorgeous, richly textured sound and a modern yet classic design that fully evoke the beauty and elegance of a concert grand piano.

The advanced digital technology is invisible, the sophisticated electronics transparent. What you see, hear and play is a piano -- one that is virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. Drawing on our vast experience with both acoustic and electronic instruments, we've captured the true essence of the grand piano, bringing all of the dynamic sounds and performance nuances of an actual 9-foot concert grand into a compact digital piano. The result is a truly classic instrument that becomes a natural extension of both your hands and your musical imagination.

The Actual sounds of a Concert Grand Piano
Yamaha continues its rich tradition of innovation by unveiling the new Nocturne N-100 Digital Piano, which is sure to become a contemporary classic. With speakers conveniently tucked into the rear cabinet and pedal frame, the Nocturne N-100 has a slim look top-to-bottom, despite its considerable depth. The result is a compact footprint that echoes the shape of a streamlined square-grand piano with an attractive black finish, slow-close fall board, and tasteful, soft-glowing, blue-lit control read more surface.

The N-100 wraps high-quality touch and tone into a package that features breakthrough design. The N-100 boasts 88 Graded Hammer Effect, weighted-action keys; 64 notes of polyphony; 10 of Yamaha's best keyboard voices (including Grand Piano, Electronic Piano, Pipe Organ, and Strings); and 50 built-in songs of standard piano repertoire that can play continuously. It also includes a spacious digital reverb that adds depth to its deceptively slim appearance and dual voice mode for the richer sound of two sounds playing together.

Sleek, black cabinet that combines an elegant, modern design with hints of traditional grand piano styling

3-level Dynamic Stereo Sampling Advanced Wave Memory for the most authentic, richly textured grand piano sound

Graded Hammer Effect (GH) keyboard provides authentic piano feel and naturally expressive response

Keys are weighted heavier in the lower octaves and become gradually lighter into the upper just like an acoustic grand piano

Three piano-style foot pedals -- soft, sostenuto, and damper (sustain)

Special half-pedal effect fluidly measures your motion of pedaling for an added sense of acoustic piano realism

Built-in 20W x 20W stereo amplifier and 4-speaker system provide the warmth of tone and volume perfectly suited for the home environment

No external sound system required

Exceptional ease of use and simple operation with backlit touch controls

MIDI in/out ports for communicating with other instruments or computers via MIDI interface
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GH keyboard

Tone Generation
Polyphony: 64

Piano voice: 3-level dynamic stereo sampling

No. of sampling banks: 30

No. of voices: 10

XG: No

GM2/GS: No

Sound System
Amplifiers: 20W x 2

Speakers: (12cm x 6cm) x 2 + (16cm) x 2


Voice switches
Yes (membrane switches)

Design: plastic case

Color: black

Key cover: yes

Music rest: no

Music clips: no

Reverb: yes

Chorus / effect: no

Brilliance: no

Dual: yes

Split: no

Song Memory
No. of tracks: NA

No. of songs: NA

Capacity: no

Flash ROM: no

No. of pedals: 3

Half pedal: yes (sw-sw-vol)

Jacks & Terminals
MIDI: in / out

Headphone: 2 (mini)

Aux in: no

Aux out: yes (fixed)

To host: no

USB to host: no

USB to device: no

AUX pedal: no

SP/HP control: no

Demo Songs
Voice demo: 10

Preset songs: 50

Width: 135.7 cm (53-5/8 in.)

Depth: 42.0 cm (16-5/8 in.)

Height: 81.9 cm (32-3/8 in.)

41 kg (90 lbs. 6 ozs.)
For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 714-522-9011
Web: https://usa.yamaha.com/support
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Submitted October 18, 2008 by a customer from excite.com
"Beautiful Sound in a Reasonably Priced Digital."
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As digitals go, I don't think I'll upgrade the sound is amazing on this little gem. I woundn't purchase this if you live in an apartment and plan on using the headphones a great deal. But if you have a home and can pound away at the keys at will, the sound is just beautiful. I might go acoustic one day but the sound will have to surpass this. The sound of this (with the sub) blows away many of the upright accoustic models.

The piano sound is rich and beautiful when using the external speakers. The upper registers are the best I've heard on a digital, period. I've actually taken the time to write Yamaha and thank them for this product, it sounds so very nice. However, the wattage is a bit low and so the bass tones sound a bit flat compared to the real deal out of the box, but if you add a powered sub to the unit like I did, this thing sounds amazing. I find it sounds best when I have the blinds open and the natural reverb of the instrument echos off the glass. Just amazing. With the blinds closed, and this in the corner along the wall, it still sounds good, just not quite as authentic without the houses natural reverb. On the negative side, the sound through the headphones not good at all. I've tried many different headphone types and no matter what I select it always sounds like an AM Radio when playing with the headphones on. The problem appears to be that the unit produces all of it's bass sound through the bottom speaker read more and when you shut that off (by default) when the stereo headphones go on, there is nothing producing the bass sound in the headphones at all. I've downloaded MIDI files of Liszt,Rachmaninoff, and a Myra Hess arrangement of Bach and the MIDI sounds just as good as if it were being played live.

All of the money on this was spent in the key feel and external sound. Compared to other digitals, the menu here is pretty light. But it does have 64 key polyphony, MIDI , speaker output jacks, 3 levels of attack sampling for each key, 50 demo songs, 10 insturment types, a metronome, all the transpostion modifications, pitch modifications, reverb depth and echo adjustments, amazingly, no recorder... and while most every digital has those options, where the money spent in developing this was clearly invested in the sound, and it sounds amazing.

Ease of Use
The product was designed for people who just want a Grand Piano sound and feel on a digital at a resonable price. I personally think the options are fairly straight forward, however, some may not like the fact that the headphone jacks are underneath the product rather than on the side of the instrument.

Solid fit and product finish but the metal stand and casing give it a bit of an unwelcome touch. The keys on the other hand and great. Heavier on the low registers and lighter on the top, the slow close fall board is a very nice touch.

The price is in the upper range of the low end instruments. This product however, has probably the best sound in an entry level digital. In fact, it sounds as good or better than a lot of the high end instruments when using the external speakers.

Manufacturer Support

The Wow Factor
The sound is sexy, I perfer the design of this digital to the faux wood options out there for many of the others. As digitals go, it looks pretty nice, until you get into the expensive high-gloss wood models. It's still nothing compared to the look of a high-gloss acoustic digital.

Musical Background:
Intermediate Pianist

Musical Style:
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