Xvive U4T9 Digital Wireless In-Ear Monitor System with T9 Earphones

Go wireless easily with this complete digital in-ear monitoring package from Xvive. Includes transmitter, receiver, and Xvive's own T9 earphones.

This U4T9 edition of the Xvive U4 personal wireless monitoring system adds a set of T9 earphones, giving you a complete system in one package. The system is comprised of a transmitter unit, which connects to your audio source (typically a mixer or audio interface); and a belt-pack receiver, to which you connect the T9 earphones.

Loud and Clear

The U4 system features high-resolution, 24-bit/48 kHz audio, with a very wide and smooth frequency response between 20 Hz and 20 kHz, a signal-to-noise ratio of 107 decibels, and more volume than you'll ever need. The sound is better than CD quality, and much, much better than MP3 quality!

Long-Lasting Battery, Easy to Charge

The internal battery in both the transmitter and the receiver lasts for 5 hours. The battery is easily charged using the included USB cable and any standard 5V USB charger, and charging takes between 1.5 and 2.5 hours depending on the current of the charger being used.

Band on the Run

With Xvive U4, you can run 6 simultaneous systems with 6 separate monitor mixes, if you like. Your whole band -- up to six musicians -- can use the system together! There can be one monitor mix per transmitter, so if you have multiple U4 sets, you can customize monitor mixes for each band member. This is an easy, great-sounding and cost-effective monitoring solution for studio recording, rehearsals or live gigs. In rehearsal, this also means that there's no need for PA speakers -- so a band can practice in an apartment, or read more late at night.


The basic application is to run a monitor mix from a soundboard, wirelessly, to one set of headphones or in-ear monitors -- live, at home, or in the studio. But there's a lot more you can do with the U4 System:
- Direct Communication: If you have more than one U4 receiver, you can broadcast a signal to a whole group of people. This can be useful in situations where one person needs to communicate clearly and directly to a group -- either in noisy environments or in situations where you don't want to disturb others. This makes it an excellent option for things like group demos, presentations or tours.
- Free and Easy Recording: For recording musicians, whether in a home or professional studio, going wireless makes the whole process so much freer and easier -- especially if you're playing or singing AND engineering at the same time!
- Discreet Practice: If you want to practice guitar or bass privately -- for example, late at night -- you can run your signal through a multi-effect unit or modeling amp, send the XLR or 1/4" output to your headphones or earphones, and move freely around your home!


- High-quality, ultra-compact wireless system for in-ear monitors
- Send audio wirelessly to performers onstage from an XLR or 1/4" line-level source (such as a mixer's output)
- Audiophile 24-bit / 48 kHz sound with less than 5 ms of latency
- Up to 107 dB signal-to-noise ratio for clear, detailed audio at any volume
- Industry standard 2.4 GHz wireless technology
- Reliable, solid RF connection over a range of 90 feet
- Can also wirelessly broadcast to an audio recorder or mixer
- Plug-and-Play, so you can focus on the performance
- Slim, lightweight metal bodypack receiver attaches easily to a belt or guitar strap
- 5 hours of battery life and easily charged via USB
- Includes Xvive T9 earphones -- or add your own earphones with a 1/8" plug
- Run up to 6 systems simultaneously with 6 separate RF channels

What's in the Box:

- Xvive T9 Earphones
- Xvive U4T Transmitter
- Xvive U4R Receiver
- 1/4" to XLR Adapter
- USB Cable
- Storage Bag
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-Wireless Type: 2.4 Ghz Ism Worldwide Open Band
-Bit Depth/Sample Rate: 24-Bit / 48 kHz
-Switchable Channels: 6
-Simultaneous Channels: 6
-Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz (-3Db)
-Dynamic Range: 107 Db (-3 Db)
-Signal-To-Noise Ratio: 107 Db
-Stereo/Mono: Mono
-Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.2%
-Latency: 5 Ms
-Operating Range: 27.5 M / 90 Ft (Line-Of-Sight)
Dimensions and Weight in Packaging
Base Item
Shipping Weight: 1.8 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 3 in
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): U4T9

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Email: info@xviveaudio.com
Web: https://xvive.com/audio/contact/


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