Xvive U4 Digital Wireless IEM System with ASI 3DME Earphones Bundle

This bundle combines the portability and versatility of Xvive wireless with the impeccable sound of ASI earphones -- a match made in monitoring heaven!

This bundle combines the Xvive U4 digital wireless in-ear monitor system with Audio's 3DME BT G2 in-ear monitor earphones. Together, the Xvive U4 and ASI Audio 3DME create a wireless IEM system that's easy to set up, with miniature microphones on the earpieces so you get the ambient sound that's missing from other in-ear monitors. No more pulling an earpiece out to hear the room!

ASI Audio 3DME BT G2 Active Ambient In-Ear Monitor Earphones:

Clearly hear your mix and the sound of the room! With full-bandwidth MEMS microphones on each side, 3DME Gen 2 in-ears let you hear exactly what you need.

Now musicians can make changes to their performance environments without compromising their connection to bandmates, audiences, or the acoustics of the room. ASI Audio 3DME in-ear monitors amplify hearing wellness for your career into the future with clear, uncompromising sound. Use in full ambient mode with the integrated binaural microphones, or blend in your monitor mix, restoring the intimacy and connection of your performance lost with traditional IEMs.

The rechargeable 3DME BT bodypack mixer/amplifier integrates with any wireless personal monitor system, combining the monitor mix feed with the 3DME IEM ambient mics to add 3D stage sound to the monitor mix. A 12-inch stereo jumper cable is included to connect the 3DME bodypack to a wireless receiver pack. Full adjustment of EQ, ambient balance, and limiter settings is available via the free iOS or Android app over Bluetooth. read more

Xvive U4 Digital Wireless In-Ear Monitor System:

Discover the freedom of wireless -- live, at home, or in the studio -- and roam free with your favorite earbuds, headphones, or in-ear monitors! The Xvive U4 personal wireless monitoring system is comprised of a transmitter unit, which connects to your audio source (typically a mixer or sound interface); and a belt-pack receiver, to which you connect your earphones or headphones.

The internal battery in both the transmitter and the receiver lasts for 5 hours. The battery is easily charged using the included USB cable and any standard 5V USB charger, and charging takes between 1.5 and 2.5 hours depending on the current of the charger being used.

What's in the Box:

Xvive U4:
- Xvive U4T Transmitter
- Xvive U4R Receiver
- 1/4" to XLR Adapter
- USB Cable
- Storage Bag
ASI Audio 3DME:
- 3DME Active Ambient in-ear monitors
- 3DME Bodypack controller w/Lithium ion battery
- 3-pairs foam ear tips
- Stereo jumper cable
- USB-C charging cable
- Carrying case
- Earpiece cleaning tool
- Shirt clip
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