Wampler Euphoria Natural Transparent Overdrive

Dial in the exact overdrive you need with the Wampler Euphoria pedal's three highly detailed voice modes -- smooth, open and crunch.

The Wampler Euphoria Natural Transparent Overdrive pedal impressively captures the natural and warm breakup that's more akin to amplifier distortion than most overdrive/distortion pedals. This compact companion provides a wide range of distorted tones, from crisp and clear light distortion, to a full and heavy breakup that oozes from your amp's speakers. Tone, volume, bass, and gain controls let you dial in the sonic character you want, and a voicing switch -- featuring smooth, open, and crunch settings -- gives you even more sonic playing room to utilize for your performance. Although this pedal is popular for blues players, its wide dynamic tonal reach makes it an awesome tool for many different styles and genres.

Handmade with Love

This baby was hand-built with choice film capacitors and resistors that allow for a natural breakup and warm output. The circuit found in the Wampler Euphoria was originally designed by Brian Wampler to respond to the physical dynamics of your performance. Wampler's circuit mimics that infamous "Dumble" amp tone -- smooth and consistently creamy when tame yet surprisingly distorted when pushed. A true bypass configuration keeps your signal unaltered when your Wampler Euphoria is disengaged.

Controlling Your Distortion

This little baddie features tone, volume, bass, and gain controls to fine-tune your sound. The bass control, which is configured as a pre-clipping control, brings in the lower frequencies, and your tone control dials in read more the brightness or darkness you want. Your volume control determines how loud your output is, and your gain control fuels your tone with the desired amount of distortion. Just a small tweak of the gain control will show you how dynamic this pedal is -- you can go from a crispy and light distortion to a wall of overdrive in seconds.

The Voicing Switch

Right between your Wampler Euphoria's tone and bass control dials is a three-setting voicing switch. This feature gives you further tonal options to explore at a simple flip of a switch. The Open setting is sort of like the default setting for this baby -- a nice open and somewhat loose character colors your signal. The Smooth setting gives you a slightly tighter and compressed sound, which works well for bluesy licks. When you flip this switch to the Crunch setting, along with compression, you also get a fuzz-like distortion with a hefty amount of bass.

More Control From Your Axe

This pedal cleans up exceptionally well when you bring your guitar's volume down. It's also very sensitive to your picking and strumming style. This allows you more freedom and control just by emphasizing the dynamics of your performance through your axe, resulting in an impressive range of different tones without ever having to step up to your Wampler Euphoria overdrive pedal again once it's engaged. If you leave this baby in the open voice setting and bring your gain down, you can get a nice volume boost with a very slight amount of breakup -- perfect for those times when you want a dB punch without all of the crunch.

Compact and Road-Ready

This baby is compact and tough. You won't be losing much space on your pedalboard if you're the type of guitarist with troves of effects pedals. You can take your Euphoria on the road, assured that it'll hold up to the rough conditions of the regularly gigging musician. Every stomp will give you consistently warm, powerful, and attention-stealing distortion, and even though this pedal is popular with blues musicians, it works well for rock, metal, and many other types of musical styles.

Check out the Euphoria Overdrive in this video by Wampler:


- Overdrive/distortion pedal
- One 1/4" instrument input
- One 1/4" output
- Tone, volume, bass, and gain control dials
- Voicing switch featuring smooth, open, and crunch settings
- Powered via 9 volt battery or external power supply -- sold separately
- Compact pedal board friendly size
- Handmade circuitry
- Superior film capacitors and resistors for natural breakup and warm output
- Convincingly imitates amplifier distortion
- True bypass configuration
- Road-ready durable outer chassis
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.p65Warnings.ca.gov.
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- Hand made in the U.S.A.
- High grade film capacitors and resistors picked for their superior sound and response
- Completely true bypass
- Battery connection and 9v power jack (barrel plug like Boss)
- Power draw: 8mA
- Knobs - Volume/gain/bass/treble
- Switch goes from overdrive setting to distortion setting (top: creamy tone, middle: crunchy tone, bottom, light fuzz tone)
- Advanced Gain Structure, amazing array of sounds.
- 2.5" x 4.5" (63.5mm x 114.3mm)
- Very transparent
- Very dynamic
- Completely original circuitry
Dimensions and Weight in Packaging
Base Item
Shipping Weight: 1 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 7 x 4 x 3 in
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): EUPHORIA OVERDRIVE

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 765-352-8626
Email: help@wamplerpedals.com
Web: https://www.wamplerpedals.com/contact-us/

Wampler Euphoria Natural Overdrive Pedal

When Brian Wampler created the circuit that would eventually become the Euphoria, he was working on creating a pedal that would go from clean tones to distorted tones while adding a bit of warmth. He wanted something for himself that would be dynamic, have a great sounding "gritty" tone to it yet be able to respond to the volume knob like a tube amp. Everything about Brian is in the dynamics of sound and if a pedal can't work with him dynamically, then he just can't use it.

The Wampler Euphoria is his take on that elusive tone and feel made famous by Dumble Amplifiers - smooth creaminess yet crunchy when you need it to be, yet the tonality is much more transparent than other "dumble sounding" pedals. Very responsive tone controls that interact with the pedal - they don't just "color" the sound. The controls actually affect the response and feel of the pedal, just like a great tube amp.

If you love the sound of your clean tone, and just wish you could have more "hair" on the note ... a little bit of grit without any change in tonality, the Euphoria will do that with ease. PLUS it's extremely flexible ... with the toggle switch in the down position you'll get a hint of fuzz along with the overdrive, it's reminiscent of the tones that "Eric Johnson" may use. With the toggle in the up position the tonality is super smooth, creamy yet crunchy when you dig into the strings.

This is reminiscent to the famous "Dumble" tone, though it's really much, much more than that. In the center position, the toggle will give you tons of crunch, or roll the gain back a bit and push the volume up and you have a superior clean boost with a 2 band EQ that's extremely transparent, but variable so you can actually turn it into an awesome treble booster just by cranking up the treble and turning the bass down.

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Submitted March 11, 2013 by Jeff C in Hammond, IN

"Excellent OD Pedal"

Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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I have owned many over drive/distortion and fuzz pedals over the last 30+ years. The 2 finest pedals I own are both Wampler pedals and the Euphoria is one of them. This pedal is as good as it gets when it comes to OD pedals. It is literally 3 pedals in one because of the voicing switch. Very sensitive to playing dynamics and the tone, in all 3 settings is GOLD. I own nothing but tube amps and I play with creme de la creme guitars. This pedal sounds great with single coils, P 90's and Humbuckers. It also plays very nice with other pedals so if you want to tone stack it with another fuzz or distortion pedal go for it! This pedal is by far the best OD pedal I have ever found. It will go from mild over driven sound to all out crunch and anywhere in between and the articulation of individual notes in a chord is never muddy.

Musical Background:

30+ years guitar and bass

Musical Style:

Rock, blues
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