Vestax PMC07PRO 2-Channel Hip Hop/Scratch Mixer

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3-band EQ with +6 to -24dB range. Session input.

The PMC-07PRO has been designed with the new ideas from ISP (Invisibl Skratch Piklz). It is the flagship model among the Vestax range of performance mixers.

The Vestax invention, cross fader reverse switch and curve control knob are provided not only on the cross fader but also on the input faders.

This feature allows DJs to play in different new styles. All of the faders are "photo coupler controlled" which gives them a much longer life and quicker responsiveness.

The world's first program reverse switch reverses the whole of program 1 and 2. This feature is provided for a battle situation, preventing connection changes for different mixing styles.

3-band EQ with +6 to -24dB range is provide on each program. this powerful EQ enables DJs to create not only equalization but also band elimination.

Master/cue select switch is provided on monitor section. The switch enable selection of the monitor source form cue signal and master output signal.

Session input is provided for connection when DJs perform in group session.

1/4 in. phone jack (TRS balanced) is equipped on master output. The connection is more durable and accurate.

Phono inputs: Stereo (RIAA 42dBv; RCA) x 2

Line inputs: Stereo (-10dBv; RCA) x 2

Microphone, inputs: -50dBv; 1/4 in. Jack x 2

Session inputs: Stereo (-10dBv; RCA)

Master out 1: Stereo (0dBv; 1/4 in. Jack TRS balanced)

Master out 2: Stereo (-4dBv; RCA)

Monitor head phone out: Stereo (130mW; Jack 1/4 in.)

Channel: 2/4Channels; (2 stereo, 2 mono)

Input switch (multi position transformer switch) phono/line

Input gain control

Program reverse switch x 1 for Ch 1&2

3-band equalizer fader with center click: Low +6/-24dB, mid +6/-24dB, high +6/-24dB

Balance fader with center click

Signal input level LED bar display

Input fader (User replaceable)

Input fader reverse switch

Input fader curve control

Channel 3+ 4 (Microphone)

Volume (each)

2-band equalizer fader with center click; low +/- 12dB, high +/- 12dB


Control fader with center click

Master: Output level fader

Session Mix: Volume control

Monitor: Selector switch; Master-cue; Monitor level fader

Cue fader: Ch1-Ch2

Cross-fader: Channel 1-2; Cross-fader reverse switch; Cross-fader curve adjustment

Frequency Response: 25-20000 Hz +/-0.5dB

S/N Ratio: >80 dB

Dimension (W x H x D): 262 x 105 x 363 mm

Weight: 3.6Kg

Power Supply: Vestax AC-12A

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Submitted December 10, 2004 by a customer from

"Good features, but quality is crap! ask anyone who has owned one for a while)"

Overall: 0.5 out of 5 stars
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Ive had my mixer for about 2 years... and im running to buy a Rane mixer. I loved my vestax pmc-07 when I first got it, but the longer i have it... the more problems it gives me. (Most of my friends with vestax mixers run into the same problems)
sounds good, but not much different from any other mixer
reversal of the upfaders, Program reversal, individual upfader and crossfader curve control
Quality is crap. All my friends that own vestax mixers are missing the rca connectors because they fall right off the mixer when you disconnect a new or tight rca wire. Ive had the mixer less than 2 years and have already had to replace the fader. (Rane mixers can go a lifetime without replacement)I turned the power on and blew out my mixer. QUALITY IS CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!(mine was made in Japan!!!)
not worth the money.... Vestax does have great features, but if your gonna spend this much for a mixer, might as well go for a Rane mixer that will last you, instead of dumping more money into expensive replacement parts
The Wow Factor
plain and simple... ISP made vestax. Without the scratch piklz endorsement i dont think i would care so much.

Musical Background:

mobile dj

Musical Style:

hip hop
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