Spectrasonics Trilian Bass Module Software (Mac and Windows)

Spectrasonics Trilian Bass Module Software (Mac and Windows)

Round out your low end with the complete solution for bass sounds. This software includes an incredible acoustic bass and 60+ electric models.

Spectrasonics Trilogy Total Bass (Mac and Windows)

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iLok compatible
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Submitted March 20, 2007
"The best virtual Bass synth ever!!!!!!!!!!!"
I really love this virtual bass module. the best of the lot imo, and i have no idea what the reviewer below is talkin about. Trilogi has the best collection of basses in any software available, try the SE1 Synth bass - perfect hip hop / r&b bass. Many ways to change preset patches, take a plain sine and combine with a growly sawtooth sound and you get instant grit and phatness. I have built hundreds of my own basses from dark taurus basses to smooth sub bass tones, too many options. it shipped a single dvd disc with the latest version for osx, and took all of 5 mins to install on my G5.

Just like the other Spectra synths, the GUI is amazingly simple and very inviting to use. the dual layering is brilliant, and the filter types are perfect tone shapers. the adsr is great for blending basses from the two layers. the a/b tune is handy for creating different bass tones. syncable lfos is superb imo.

Ease of Use
Very easy!

Best 3GB's ever, acoustic and synth basses are just mind blowing, and very realistic sounding. the synth basses are very warm and creamy, so deep that they shake my paintings off the wall. The best set of basses, and sit very well in my mixes. the filters really help to craft the each sound to sit and just fit in to the mix.

for the price of a rip off sample cd, this has to be read more pure value ofr money. Its a real instrument with the best GUI and first rate sound library.

Manufacturer Support
always email back, never a let down. the installation is very fast and hassle free.

Musical Style:
R&B, Rap, Soul, Jazz, Pop
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