Sennheiser HD 400 PRO Open-Back Over-Ear Headphones

Made for pro mixing, editing, and mastering, these Sennheiser open-back headphones deliver transparent, neutral sound in a comfortable, lightweight design.

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Sennheiser HD 600 Full-Sized Circumaural Headphones

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Trust these accurate, natural-sounding open-back headphones for monitoring and critical listening. HD 600s feature a detachable cable and adjustable headband.

A pair of accurate, natural-sounding headphones is of the utmost importance for any recording engineer. You don't want hyped bass or a lack of clarity when you're working on a mix or checking mic placement for a live recording. If you want a pair of headphones you can bet your reputation on, choose the top-of-the-line Sennheiser HD600.

This is an audiophile-quality, open dynamic, professional stereo headphone. Every design element has been engineered with aural transparency in mind, from the high-quality open metal mesh earpiece covers to the advanced diaphragm design, which eliminates standing waves in the diaphragm material. The HD600's computer-optimized, Neodymium ferrous magnet systems minimize harmonic and inter-modulation distortion and ensure optimum sensitivity and an excellent dynamic response. The purity of sound and dynamic response are such that Sennheiser confidently calls this the ideal choice for the professional engineer recording classical music. No matter what the application, you'll quickly come to rely on the accuracy of the HD600.


- High-quality open metal mesh grilles deliver extremely transparent sound
- Computer-optimized magnet systems minimize harmonic and intermodulation distortion
- Extremely lightweight aluminum voice coils ensure excellent transient response
- Neodymium ferrous magnet systems ensure optimum sensitivity and an excellent dynamic response
- Exceptionally natural, spatial and accurate sound
- Detachable, OFC copper read more cable
- Built-tough with a 2 YEAR warranty

What's in the box?

- 1 HD 600
- 1/4" (6.3 mm) headphone adapter plug

Includes detachable OFC copper cable, Kevlar reinforced, with very low handling noise.
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- Frequency response: 12 Hz - 39 kHz
- Transducer principle: dynamic, open
- Frequency characteristic: diffuse field equalised
- Nominal impedance: 300 ohms
- Characteristic SPL at 1 kHz -97 dB - Load rating: -0.2 mW
- THD: < 0.1%
- Ear coupling: circumaural
- Weight (without cable): -260 g
- Connector: 3.5 mm stereo mini jack plug with adaptor to 1/4" (6.3 mm) stereo jack plug
- Connection cable: 3 m, detachable dual-sided OFC copper cable

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 877-736-6434

Reviewers gave this product an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. (73 ratings)
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"Yeah, These Are great Headphones."

Overall: 4.5 out of 5 stars
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I'm still looking for headphones that perfectly meet the requirements mentioned above for recording. Nevertheless, these are excellent headphones for listening, and even for my purposes to a large degree. In this price range, the HD600s are the best I'm aware of.

Very good stereo imaging for headphones. Great frequency and dynamic range, not harsh or fatiguing, probably because they start to roll off a little somewhere around 8kHz. They're great for listening to commercial recordings and, to some extent, mixes in progress. But, unless mine are defective, you need to be aware that there may be more ultra high-end energy present in the source than can be heard with the HD600s. I do find them great for tracking instruments on a DI in the control room.

Straight cable, nicely padded all round, and the 1/4" adapter pulls off (to access the 1/8" plug) instead of unscrewing, which has saved me from damaging the cable by stepping on it about fifty times. They cup the ears pretty snugly, which is necessary for good bass response. Still, they're comfortable for me.


I haven't heard any other headphones as good, but I've compared only one other make in this price range. What do I know about value? They were worth every penny to me.

Manufacturer Support
No experience. I've had mine for a couple read more of years without any problems, despite pretty heavy and careless usage. I roll my chair over the cable all the time.

The Wow Factor
As impressive as the HD600s are, I still prefer, and mostly use, monitors. I simply needed a good pair of reference headphones for checking details in mixes and when I'm recording in the same space as the musicians.

Musical Style:
Everything except
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