Roland JD-XA Analog/Digital Crossover Synthesizer

Roland JD-XA Analog/Digital Crossover Synthesizer

Get 2 independent synths in one board: a 4-part, 8-oscillator analog monster complete with fat filters, and a digital engine with Roland SuperNATURAL sounds.

Roland V-Synth GT Synthesizer

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Dimensions (WxDxH): 42.64 x 16.44 x 5.00 in.
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"If you can scrape together the cash, GET IT! You will be thrilled!"
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I chose this one because it was so different than the other workstations that I own. It does stuff that they cant do. I expect to keep it around for a very long time!

The sounds are pretty good, bearing in mind that this synth wasn't designed to be the best imitator of acoustic instruments.Not real practical if you are looking for things like pianos and organs...get the Fantom for that. This was designed to create never-before-heard sounds, and that is exactly what it does. I like the unusual, synthy sounds. And the vocal designer.....omg, what can I say....heaven, I'm in heaven.....

There were no accessories included other than just the manual. The controls on this thing are amazing. I still think a built in sequencer would have been nice, considering the price, or the option to have 76 keys instead of just 61. More polyphony would have been good too. I think the factory sound banks could have been bigger though.....I do like to start with a factory sound and then tweak it, rather than start from scratch.

Ease of Use
I think this synth in pretty intuitive. I haven't had a chance to dig real deep into it yet, but I think navigating it is very easy, I found my way around on it in no time.

I must say, she is a beauty.....I just have to sit and stare at it sometimes. Impressive, when you are looking at all the bells and whistles. I think it is pretty read more solid, I dont see any weaknesses in it as of yet.

I think the price is steep, but this is a one-of-a-kind synth, a must have if you are as obsessed with keyboards as I am.

Manufacturer Support
Haven't needed to contact them .

The Wow Factor
Of course I wanted it....I own it, duh. It's a beautiful instrument. And yes, I get all twitterpated when I am around it. :)

Musical Background:
Active musician

Musical Style:
Contemporary Christian , Pop, Rock
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