Radial Tonebone PZPRE Acoustic Instrument Preamp

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Circuit type: Proprietary active circuit

Standard input impedance: 16.8k Ohm at input jack ('PZB' switch out)

Piezo input impedance: 10meg Ohm at input jack ('PZB' switch in)

Output impendence: 1k Ohm

PZB Booster level: 10dB

Low cut roll-off:
Position 1: 75Hz
Position 2:220Hz

Notch Freq. range: 56Hz to 330Hz

Notch Q: Setting 1: -8dB

Setting 2: -15dB

LOW: +/- 12dB @75Hz
MID: +/- 12dB @82Hz to 5.6kHz
HIGH: +/- 12dB @ 7.5kHz

Boost level: 12dB

Effects send & receive: -10dB

FX loop impedance:
Send: 1k Ohm
Receive: 15k Ohm

Polarity: 180 degree switch (absolute phase reversal)

Input-1: 1/4" unbalanced
Input-2: 1/4" unbalanced
Insert Send/Receive: 1/4" unbalanced
Amp output: 1/4" unbalanced, Hi-Z, 1k Ohm
Tuner output: 1/4" unbalanced, Hi-Z, 6.8k Ohm
Pre-EQ output: XLR balanced mic level 600 Ohms
Post-EQ output: XLR balanced mic level 600 Ohms

Three: Mute, Boost, Toggle 1-2
Heavy-duty high-cycle switches

LED indicators: Large 3mm OD ultra-bright LED indicators for:
mute, boost, Ch-1 & Ch-2 toggle status

Switching: Opto-coupler assisted, 5msec Rise time

Construction: 14 gauge steel, baked enamel finish

Size (W x D x H): 8 x 4 1/4 x 2" (205 x 110 x 51mm)

Weight: 2.7lbs (1.2kg)

Warranty: Radial 3-year limited warranty
If you have additional warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer at 604-942-1001
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Submitted August 18, 2011 by a customer from tele2.se
"The one to have"
I would definitely get this again if I had to. In fact, if and when we install a pickup in my wife's OM23 we may well get a passive pickup and connect it via another pz-pre.
Very open sound, the pre eq signal to the mixer gets very positive responses from sound engineers. I use the filters to tame the excess mid on my Taylor. I now have it to the point where I am no longer in a hurry to do the ES upgrade.
The combination of excellent DI options plus eq filters is great. I have recently started exploiting the boost function more as I tend to play a lot of acoustic solos in the different bands I play in. The one gripe I have is that the eq applies to both channels, which means one has to tweak a little if different instruments have different needs, but to be honest this is a minor gripe.
Ease of Use
Well I'm a sound engineer in my day job so knobs and switches aren't a problem for me, I pretty much know what it going on without reading the manual, but the manual is very easy to follow, simple without being patronising!
This thing is built to military specs, and it feels like it would still work if you dropped it from the roof! I use it on the road and so far it has suffered no ill effects.
Manufacturer Support
To be fair, we deal with the swedish agent for Radial, but they're great!
The Wow Factor
Can only write 10 on the "I want it" option as that was what happened!
Musical Background:
sound engineer/semi pro musician
Musical Style:
folk, country, rock
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