Peavey Vypyr X3 Modeling Guitar Combo Amplifier (100 Watts, 1x12")

Unleash your inspiration with the super-versatile Vypyr X3! Choose from 36 amp models and 26 different effects to experiment and create killer guitar tones.
Once again Peavey Electronics redefines the modeling amp category with the introduction of the VYPYR X, the ultimate modeling machine.

Peavey Electronics introduced the original VYPYR guitar amplifier in 2008. This game changing amplifier launched many industry firsts, such as first guitar amplifier to have on-board USB, stompbox presets, looper, 5 effect simultaneous operation, and TransTube/digital hybrid technology. In 2012 Peavey raised the bar again with the VYPYR VIP, the world's first Variable Instrument Performance amp. For the first time one amplifier could be used for electric, bass, and acoustic guitar. In addition, for the first time ever we introduced instrument models to an already feature-packed amplifier.

Now continuing the tradition of innovation and excellence, Peavey launches the VYPYR X modeling amplifier. This latest evolution of the groundbreaking VYPYR series features updated styling, superior cabinet design and acoustic performance, and improved TransTube technology. The VYPYR X2 and X3 models also feature Bluetooth remote control and audio streaming in. Now users can stream backing tracks into the amplifier and control all settings via iOS remote app control.

All VYPYRs feature:

Analog distortion
Each VYPYR X is equipped with Peavey's exclusive TransTube technology. This true analog distortion not only sounds better, it leaves the amplifier's processing power dedicated to the effects, allowing the VYPYR X to run up to 5 read more effects simultaneously. When playing live nothing "cuts through the mix" like a VYPYR. Many modeling amps simply can't be heard in a live setting because of their poor digital distortion and practice amp EQ. TransTube technology is designed analog to emulate real tubes, and sits perfectly in the mix in a live environment.

Variable Instrument Input
Thanks to our revolutionary cabinet design and world class processing, users can switch from electric guitar to bass or acoustic on the same amplifier. One amp for all of your performance needs.

Instrument models
Make your electric sound like an acoustic or bass guitar, or on the VYPYR X2 and X3 up to 10 different instrument models.

Bluetooth VYPYR X control
Control your VYPYR X2 or X3 remotely with on-board Bluetooth wireless remote control via Peavey's exclusive VYPYR control app for iOS devices. Now change and store all your favorite presets remotely. Stream audio in, play to your favorite backing tracks, or just sit back and enjoy streaming your favorite music.

Amp Accessible Operation
Many competitors claim their amps have multiple effects and models, but most of them are not fully functional without the use of external software. With the VYPYR X you can access ANY of the features of the amp, right from the front of the amp itself or with the use of a footswitch in the case of the looper. This is a key advantage found on all VYPYR X amplifiers. No hooking up a computer in order to edit your favorite preset or swap out an effect, you can do it right from the amplifier itself.

Packed with amplifiers & effects so you don't need to buy them one at a time. Purchased individually the amps and effects in the VYPYR amp could cost well over $50,000. Our VYPYR series is an unbelievable value. We use the same technology found in stompbox pedals that cost almost as much as a VYPYR for a single effect. For the same amount of money we give you 26 effects in addition to 10 instrument models and 36 amplifier models.

WYSIWYG Interface
Another Peavey original, the WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) interface allows users to identify the position of the knobs by looking at the amplifier. When a modeling amp changes presets the settings on the knobs change with it; however, on most amps the position of the knob no longer corresponds with the actual setting. This can cause confusion and mistakes that result in unwanted outcomes. With the VYPYR, the LEDs around the knob


- 40 Watts RMS
- Variable instrument input
- Lightweight and portable
- 10 instrument models
- Universal delay and reverb
- Headphone jack
- Analog TransTube distortion
- 12" custom-voiced heavy-duty speaker
- 16 user assignable presets
- iOS app available
- 12 amp accessible stompbox effects with dual parameter control
- On-board looper with optional Sanpera footswitch
- Optional Sanpera footswitch
- Custom cabinet design for enhanced low-end response
- Semi-open back design for enhanced volume and tone
- 3.5mm aux in for connecting external audio sources
- 36 on-board amp models including 6 acoustic and 6 bass amp models
- 26 total on-board amp accessible effects
- Bluetooth wireless remote control and audio streaming in
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
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Dimensions and Weight in Packaging
Base Item
Shipping Weight: 37 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 22 x 20 x 11 in
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): PEV VYPYRX3
For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 877-732-8391