Orange CR60C Crush Guitar Combo Amplifier (1x12")

- Output Power: 60 Watts
- Speakers: 1 x 12-inch, 60 Watt, 16 Ohm Voice of the World
Dimensions and Weight in Packaging
Base Item
Shipping Weight: 50 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 25 x 20 x 15 in
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): CR60C
If you have additional warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer at 404-303-8196
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Submitted May 6, 2019 by Mike H
"A Very Good Amp!"
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I recently started looking for a solid state amp that I could use as a secondary amp. I gig a small tube combo a few times in month in a cover band, and this amp could easily be my number one. This is my second orange Crush series (the first having been a CR-120 head that I owned a few years ago). With age I have decided to start downsizing my rig, and the 120 with a 4x12 cabinet just started to be too much to haul around. I replaced it with a small tube combo, but I purchased the CR-60 because I wanted a solid state backup. The difference between the CR-120 and the CR-60 are negligible. Both are modeled to sound similar to the Orange Rocker series tube amps, and both are very high quality, good sounding amps. If you are looking for the signature Orange sound, this will give it to you in spades. This is a two channel amp. The dirty channel has pre-amp, bass, mid, treble, and volume controls. The clean channel has bass, treble, and a volume channel. In addition, the amp has a master volume. Coupled with the master volume you can go into slightly broken up territory on the clean channel by cranking the volume. The clean channel can have lots of overhead if you set it up as such (volume down, master up). The dirty channel is very orange sounding. The preamp can go from mild grit to very distorted (however anything past 1 o’clock sounds a bit mushy and compressed). However, (much like the Rocker tube series) front this thing with a good OD, and you will find yourself read more instantly in sonic heaven. Orange recommends the Fulltone OCD overdrive, and I can see why. You can get very good hard rock tones with the CR-60 pre-amp set to about noon, fronted with a Fulltone OCD with the gain set to about 11 o’clock. I also tried fronting the amp with a tube screamer (both with some dirt dialed in, as well as with no dirt and the tube screamer volume wide open) and wasn’t nearly as impressed with the tube screamer fronting the amp. The secret sauce here is the power amp. It responds very much like the Orange Rocker series tube power section. I’m not sure how Orange achieves this, suffice to say we are getting very close to solid state technology being sonically as good as tube amps. The CR-60 reverb has three (digital) settings, Plate, Hall, and Spring) and all sound very good. The amp sports a buffered effects loops that sounds great, as well as foot-switch jacks for both reverb and channel. The send, return, channel, and reverb jacks are all located on the bottom of the amp’s head (as opposed to the back of the amp). I have mixed feelings on this. It’s definitely harder to plug into them when they are located underneath, but it also works much better for placing the amp on a tilt back stand.I love that while this amp is solid state, its build quality is every bit as good as any tube amp I’ve owned (many over 20 years of playing). The Orange Voice of the World speaker does good at gig volumes, although I might try to throw a V30 into it, just to see how it does. Overall I’m very pleased with this amp. If you are considering this or the CR-120 I can tell you (from experience) they pretty much sound identical. In a rock band setting I have found that I didn’t need the 120 Head or 2x12 combo for the extra volume……however the 2x12 or head with 4x12 cabinet will obviously push more air. If you mic the amp you will do fine with the CR-60. BTW, I initially purchased a Boss Katana based on all of the hype, but returned it for the Orange CR-60. The CR-60 is far better sounding, and much easier to use in a live format. Great amp. You won’t be disappointed.

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