Native Instruments Komplete 13 Ultimate Software

Native Instruments Komplete 13 Ultimate Software

Let inspiration strike with 115+ instruments and effects -- including Mysteria, Pharlight, and Stradivari Violin, plus 36 Expansions and over 65,000 sounds!

Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate Software Suite

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"NI does it agian...Ultra big-time!"
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I can't see the day when I will outgrow this, but if/when they release Komplete 9, I'll be ordering my copy. NI products just keep getting better all the time. The only other products I regularly use are Spectrasonics' suite (Omni, Trilian, RMX).

The sounds from the main synths (Absynth 5, FM8, Massive, Kontakt 5 and Reaktor 5.6) are worth the cost of admission. Guitar Rig, Battery and Kontakt are industry-standard for a reason; add Reaktor and you have limitless possibilities for sound design/manipulation. Reaktor's included synths (i.e Razor, Spark) are stunning, and we're talking just the factory presets. Add everything else (Alici'a Keys, Studio Drummer, 70's Drums, Session Strings Pro, etc., etc.), and you have everything you need to make anything you need, from a Top-40 hit to a full-blown film score. Top-notch, Pro sound all the way.

I've read complaints about the hard drive being DOA for some people, but mine worked fine. I suspect the packing methods used in the first run weren't refined like they were by the time I ordered mine, as those with faulty drives said the drive was loose in the box, flopping around during shipping. Anyway, it's very convenient to simply plug it in, choose a folder to install and let it do its thing for the next (approx.) 2 hours. The box also comes with a fairly basic install guide and some 'Komplete 8' stickers. No hard copy manuals read more for the included vst effects or instruments.

Ease of Use
Similar to a full-blown synth/workstation; you may have to spend a little time with each VSTi to figure out the logic (and you'll have to spend the rest of your life realizing Reaktor's potential). Some effects and instruments are fairly straight-forward, while others offer a steep learning curve. I gave this an 8 instead of 10 mainly because I have the attention span of a nat, and want instant gratification when tweaking a new patch. To benefit fully from (mainly) the 'Big 5', you're just going to have to be patient and spend some time with them.

Sound quality of all the instruments is 100% professional. A few of the factory patches in the Kontakt library are a little dull, but there are over 11,000 (yes: 11 THOUSAND) other sounds in K8 Ultimate to choose from. If you can't find enough material in here to make music, you're in the wrong business.

Over $3,000 worth of Industry-standard instruments and Pro effects for $499?!? If you're still thinking about making the upgrade (or are a $999 first-time buyer), you're not thinking correctly. Yes, this IS currently the best value in the music industry.

Manufacturer Support
Support is mainly through the NI forums; I've had fairly good luck with questions getting answered from the user community. My bonus downloads (and e-voucher) were e-mailed within a couple days. NI is about as good as you can expect by today's customer support standards (Spectrasonics being the best).

The Wow Factor
This suite has everything a musician could ever dream of. It will allow you to materialize the music stuck inside, which will land you music jobs, which will generate royalty checks (i.e. money), so you can afford food and a girlfriend (or your wife will stop telling you to get a 'real job' because you're now making more than her). This product has more "sex appeal" than James Bond.

Musical Background:
Professional composer

Musical Style:
Electronic/Multi-media soundtrack
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