Marshall AS50D Acoustic Guitar Amplifier (50 Watts, 2x8")

Bring Marshall power to your acoustic gig! This 50-watt 2x8" amp offers instrument and phantom-powered mic channels, plus digital chorus and reverb effects.
Believe it or not, the Marshall design team does not consist solely of metal heads, rockers, and blues lovers. Their critically-acclaimed, award-winning acoustic combos, the AS100D and the AS50D, are further proof of the diversity of expertise within the Marshall design team.

Built upon the award-winning AS50R, this superb amplifier features a tweeter, a phantom-powered microphone channel, digital chorus and reverb. The AS50D allows you to express your emotions with passion.

This compact and highly portable combo features two channels, each of which has its own independent volume and tone controls. A variety of inputs give the AS50D the ability to handle all-comers: the high-impedance input on Channel 1 is perfect for piezo or magnetic pickups. Channel 2 boasts RCA phono inputs plus a balanced phantom-powered XLR-type input in addition to its jack input, making it the perfect host for voice, instrument, or even backing track. The AS50D also contains a high-quality digital effects section featuring an adjustable Chorus which can be assigned to either or both channels, also a reverb. It also has a parallel Effects Loop that can be balanced between the two channels.

One of the most difficult aspects of amplifying certain acoustic instruments is feedback. Therefore, anti-feedback controls include a Phase switch and a frequency-controllable Notch Filter. Another useful AS50D feature is an internal Limiter which allows you to drive the maximum level from the 50-watt power stage, yet remain distortion free. Neat read more and affordable, flexible and portable, the AS50D is ideal for the acoustic musician who wants an amp which is perfectly suited to intimate gigs.
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
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- Output (RMS): 50 watts
- Channels: 2
- Volume control (1 per channel): yes
- Independent tone network per channel: yes
- Microphone input: yes
- Phase switch: yes
- Phantom power: yes
- Phono inputs: yes
- Anti-feedback notch filter: yes
- Channel-assignable chorus: yes
- Digital reverb: yes
- Master volume: yes
- FX level and mix control: no
- FX loop: yes
- DI outputs: yes
- Line out: yes
- Speakers: 2 x 8"
- Polydome tweeter: yes
- Dimensions (mm): 542 x 416 x 261
- Weight (kg): 16
Dimensions and Weight in Packaging
Base Item
Shipping Weight: 36.25 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 25 x 18 x 13 in
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): MAR AS50D
For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 800-877-6863
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Submitted January 3, 2014 by Chris Richardson in Hagerstown, MD
"Excellent Amp for your Accoustic Guitar"
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I decided to get an acoustic amp to go with a new Takemine I bought. The guitar already sounded good through my Bugera v22 Vintage amp but it is night and day compared to this amp. The true character of the acoustic guitar sound really shines through on a well made amp such as this and its bigger brother, the AS100D. Don't get me wrong, I love my Bugera v22, but there is no way I can get the clean ringing notes from my acoustic like I can from this Marshall. I would highly recommend any acoustic player check out these well made and really good sounding Marshall amps.

I do not play professionally, I play at home, so I thought I would not need any more oomph than the AS50D, and I was right because this thing packs a punch! It is more than plenty loud to gig with and if you need more power, then the AS100D is available. This amp nails it so spot on for me that I leave my guitar and the amps EQ's dead flat, no gain or loss on anything, and I find the crystal clear sound from each note to be bright and right where I want it. I am free to add Bass, Mids and Highs however I need them later if I choose, but I am happy where its at. Excellent job a reproducing the acoustic sound.

Pretty much has all you need for an acoustic amp. The acoustic sound is the star of course, and to compliment that there is a Chorus effect and Reverb that you can add. There is an aux second channel that you can add a mic into and it has phantom read more power. You can also add chorus and reverb to the second channel. This amp also features some good anti feedback options to help you eliminate those frequencies that just can't seem to control themselves!

Ease of Use
Very easy to use, as intuitive as any amp but made specifically for acoustic sound.

Its a well made Marshall amp, the quality is very good. I don't gig so I don't carry it around with me, but I would imagine it would hold up about as well as other Marshalls out there.

If you like the rich sound of a plugged in acoustic guitar, then you will not regret this amp. If you don't mind the muddier/warmer sound of a regular amp for your acoustic then stick with that, it just depends on how much more true acoustic tone you want out of your amp.

Manufacturer Support
Never needed it so far...

The Wow Factor
The wow factor is the sound. This is a great amp. The quality of the build adds to that and the brown/gold look adds an old school look to it too.

Musical Background:
Been jammin at home for a number of years...

Musical Style:
Blues, rock
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