M-Audio AIR 192|6 USB Audio Interface

With two mic preamp/line/instrument inputs, plus MIDI I/O, plus bundled software, the M-Audio AIR 192|6 is a killer value on a sleek desktop audio interface.


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M-Audio Fast Track MKII USB 2.0 Audio Interface

No longer available at zZounds
Be your own engineer with this portable interface, featuring a convenient plug-and-play USB connection and Pro Tools SE software.

With M-Audio's Fast Track MKII audio interface and Pro Tools SE software, recording your own music on your computer is simpler and more affordable than ever. This USB-powered, 2-channel interface gives you the I/O you need to capture vocals or instruments: a phantom-powered XLR mic preamp, a 1/4" Hi-Z instrument input for your guitar or bass, a stereo headphone jack, and a pair of RCA outputs for your monitor speakers. Part of M-Audio's hugely popular Fast Track series of interfaces, the MKII is compatible with a wide range of digital audio workstation (DAW) software applications -- and it even comes bundled with Pro Tools SE. So if you're looking to get started in the world of Pro Tools, the USB-powered, 2-channel Fast Track MKII is simply one of the most cost-effective audio interfaces on the market.

One XLR Mic Input + One 1/4" Instrument Input

When it comes to interfaces, bigger isn't always better. For example, if you're a singer/songwriter or solo artist, or you want to track some quick vocals over a beat you produced, you don't need lots of channels. That's why a 2-channel interface like the Fast Track MKII is so cost-effective: you get one +48V phantom-powered microphone preamplifier to plug in a microphone, plus a high-impedance instrument input that's designed for the direct 1/4" input from your guitar or bass.You can even plug in a keyboard. Connect the included USB cable to capture both inputs to your computer at up to 48 kHz/24-bit resolution.

Direct Monitoring Button: Zero-Latency Recording

read more When an audio signal is recorded into software, your computer takes time to process and convert the audio. This process can introduce a slight delay, or latency, to the audio before it reaches the outputs -- which can be distracting to an artist listening in the headphones. That's why M-Audio has included a zero-latency Direct Monitoring feature on the Fast Track MKII interface. Press the "Direct Monitor" button to send a mix of the microphone and instrument inputs directly to the outputs, and you'll hear your performance "live" in the headphones. Direct Monitoring doesn't affect what your audio software records -- it just helps you record your own performance with no latency.

Included Pro Tools SE DAW Software

Get in on the ground floor of Pro Tools with this simplified edition of the industry-leading music production software. Pro Tools SE comes with built-in tutorials to help you get started recording, editing, and mixing with a suite of bundled virtual instruments, 20 effects plug-ins, and a 3 GB sound library. Record up to two simultaneous tracks, mix up to 16 simultaneous playback tracks, and edit with Pro Tools' famous Elastic Time and Elastic Pitch tools. PT SE gives you a ton of functionality for a very musician-friendly price tag -- and with the M-Audio Fast Track MKII interface, it may just be the easiest, most affordable way to record a guitar-and-vocal track with pro-sounding results.


- 2-in/2-out USB audio interface
- Record two channels at up to 48 kHz/24-bit resolution
- XLR microphone preamp with +48V phantom power and dedicated gain knob
- 1/4" Hi-Z instrument input for guitar/bass with its own gain control
- 1/4" stereo headphone jack
- Stereo RCA outputs for your monitor speakers
- Output level knob adjusts volume of monitors and headphones
- Direct Monitor button for zero-latency monitoring
- USB bus-powered: no power adapter needed
- Pro Tools SE software included, plus compatible with many more DAWs
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- 2-input, 2-output audio interface
- Compatible with most popular recording software including Pro Tools M-Powered 8* and GarageBand
- 24-bit/48kHz professional sound quality
- Plug-and-play USB connection (USB 2.0 compatible)
- XLR microphone input with gain control and 48V phantom power
- 1/4 in. instrument input with gain control
- 1/4 in. stereo headphone output
- RCA stereo speaker outputs
- Output level knob for adjusting volume of headphones and speaker outputs
- Direct monitoring button
- Powered by USB--no power adapter required

Includes easy-to-use Pro Tools SE software:
- Studio-standard recording, editing and mixing features
- Features powerful effects like reverb, delay and more to polish your mixes
- Includes Structure(R) Essential virtual instrument
- Comprehensive loop library -- perfect for quickly constructing song ideas

Minimum System Requirements (PC)
- Windows XP (SP3)* or Windows Vista 32/64
- Pentium 4 2.0GHz
- One native USB port

* Home and Professional Edition only. Windows Media Center Edition is not supported.

Minimum System Requirements (Mac)
- OS X 10.4.11
- G4 processor**
- One native USB port

** G4 accelerator cards not supported.

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 401-658-5765

M-Audio Fast Track MKII Audio Interface

Turn your computer into a powerful music production studio with the M-Audio(R) Fast Track MKII -- the second generation of M-Audio's hugely popular Fast Track audio interfaces. Featuring a simple "plug-and-play" USB connection, Fast Track is the easiest way to record guitar, vocals and more with your PC or Mac. Simply plug in your instruments and you're ready to rock. Fast Track even offers phantom power so you can use professional-quality studio condenser microphones like the M-Audio Nova.

Pro Tools SE Included

Pro Tools SE music recording and creation software delivers many of the same powerful features that studio professionals use to create Grammy(R) award-winning albums, Emmy(R) award-winning television shows, and Academy Award(R)-winning films. This easy-to-use software lets you create pro-sounding music with up to 24 audio and virtual instrument tracks. It also includes over 100 virtual instruments to build out your mixes, plus EQ, reverb, and other effects to make your music sound professionally produced.


- Includes Pro Tools SE software
- Works with most popular recording software
- 1/4-inch instrument input: Record guitar, bass and keyboards
- Phantom powered XLR mic input: Use dynamic and studio-grade condenser microphones
- Stereo RCA outputs: Easily connects to your stereo system or powered monitors

Fast Track is compatible with most popular music recording applications from GarageBand to studio-standard Pro Tools M-Powered, and includes easy-to-use Pro Tools SE recording and effects software so you can start making music immediately.

Reviewers gave this product an overall rating of 4 out of 5 stars. (37 ratings)
Submitted January 6, 2010 by a customer from

"For around $100 you can't go wrong."

Overall: 4 out of 5 stars
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I'll keep this around until I upgrade. Maybe even longer than that. Can't say there's anything I don't like about it that I didn't already know before purchasing it. Also can't say that anything in particular sticks out to me though.
It sounds great! Much better than the sound I was getting out of my Fostex 8-track recorder.
It has limited I/O, but I knew that going into the purchase. It also comes with Pro-tools M-powered Essentials, which my computer won't run. It does work great with Reaper though.
Ease of Use
You really can't get much easier with an audio interface. ASIO drivers make this thing easy to talk to whatever sequencer/DAW you may be using.
I'm not planning on taking this thing on "the road", so I don't know how it'll stand up in that situation. I also tend to baby my electronics, so I can imagine this thing lasting until I have enough money to upgrade.
For what they are charging, this is probably the best in its class.
Manufacturer Support
The best kind of service is that which you don't need. In other words, haven't needed them.
The Wow Factor
I guess the LEDs look cool, but otherwise, this just looks like your typical plastic interface.

Musical Background:

Hobbyist and active musician

Musical Style:

Mostly the metals. And good ol' Rock n' Roll.
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