M-Audio Drum and Bass Rig Software Synth (Macintosh and Windows)

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Four software instruments in one package.

Building a music system around a computer typically means researching, buying and integrating numerous hardware and/or software products -- each with its own price tag and learning curve. Now M-Audio has put everything you need for the average session or gig into lethal virtual racks costing a mere pittance comparatively. Use them at home or in the studio with your favorite host software -- or play them in stand-alone mode to gig with just a laptop and controller.

M-Audio's Drum & Bass Rig delivers a wide variety of bass and drum sounds in a single virtual rack. Compatible with most Mac and PC environments, Drum & Bass Rig incorporates 4 great-sounding modules that can be used in stand-alone or plug-in mode. The RD-5 Real Drums module serves up tons of sampled drum kits and percussion. The EB-6 Electric Bass delivers authentic bass fingering, picking, slapping and more. The LC-7 Loop Creator allows easy and flexible creation and playback of sampled loops. And the BL-8 Bassline is ideal for creating electronic music bass lines. The master MIDI/mixer section lets you route, split, layer and mix these 4 powerful modules in whatever way best suits your performance and recording needs. A master effects section even allows for adding a common effect in addition to the individual effect section included with each instrument.

4 top-quality virtual sound modules:
-- RD-5 Real Drums

-- EB-6 Electric Bass

-- LC-7 Loop Creator

-- BL-8 Bassline

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Variable velocity and controller settings, optimized for M-Audio keyboards

Independent MIDI channels

Integral mixer

Split and layer modules for performance combinations

Dual effects processor for each module

Master effects section in addition to individual module effects

Compatible with most popular software including Logic, ProTools, Ableton Live and Cubase

Beat it -- The RD-5 Real Drums module features a comprehensive library of drum kits and individual drums in all styles, with control over tuning, tone, decay, panorama and level. Each kit also has adjustable overheads, room ambience and effects. All kits are GM-compatible and contain an additional standard percussion set.

Put your finger on great bass -- The EB-6 Electric Bass module produces the sounds of authentically-played electric bass guitars. This extensive collection includes a large selection of finger, pick, slap and fretless sounds featuring slides, dead notes and harmonics. The EB-6 also includes a built-in bass amp emulation with drive and tone controls, as well as an effects section for creative options. This electric bass collection is even topped off by a virtual analog synth bass model.

Get loopy -- The LC-7 Loop Creator is one of the most efficient and creative tools available for working with loops. Its pool of 250 source loops can be freely combined and flexibly manipulated by options such as slice-reordering, slice muting or group muting of ranges of slices. The LC-7 Loop Creator is designed for people who want their own loops but find it hard to create them from scratch. It also offers a vast range of real-time controls for dynamic playing/arranging.

Keep 'em steppin' -- The BL-8 Bassline module is a monophonic bass synthesizer combined with a powerful arpeggiator/step sequencer. Synth controls are straightforward and immediately accessible. An onscreen keyboard provides a familiar step-entry interface pioneered on vintage gear in this genre.

Multiple effects -- These virtual instrument modules each feature their own dual effects processors for delay, chorus, phaser and more. There's also a master effects section that further processes the combined output of all modules.

Flexible mixing and assignment -- You get an internal mixer and assignment controls that allow you configure independent MIDI channels for each module. But that's not all--you can easily create splits and layers for things like left-hand bass with right-hand drums and other performance configurations.

Use it your way -- M-Audio's virtual racks let you use them as stand-alone instruments or with most host sequencers. Lots of people, for example, are just taking their keyboard and laptop to live performances. Compatibility with AU, VST and RTAS on also means that you can use it as sound sources for your tracks in Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, Ableton Live, and, well, pretty much any popular music software.
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Compatibility: Win/Mac, AU Mac, VST Win/Mac, RTAS Win/Mac

iLok compatible

Minimum system requirements PC:
-- Pentium III 500 MHz or AMD7 (P4 / Athlon 1 GHz or faster recommended)

-- 256 MB RAM

-- 600 MB free hard disk space

-- Windows XP

-- VST 2.0 compatible host software

-- MIDI Interface

-- CD-ROM drive for installation

-- Internet connection (on any computer) for software activation

Minimum system requirements Mac:
-- G3 500 MHz (G4 or faster recommended)

-- 256 MB RAM

-- 600 MB free hard disk space

-- OS X 10.3 or higher

-- VST 2.0, AU or RTAS compatible host software

-- MIDI Interface

-- CD-ROM drive for installation

-- Internet connection (on any computer) for software certification

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 401-658-5765

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