Mackie D4 PRO 4-Channel DJ Mixer with FireWire Interface

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Includes Tracktion 3 Project music production software.

The World's first DJ production console.
At first pass, Mackie’s new D4 Pro 4-Channel DJ Production Console may look like a typical, albeit very handsome, DJ mixer. But that’s pretty much where any similarities between it and other DJ mixers stop. Because by combining unrivaled multi-channel / multi-track FireWire computer connectivity, superior studio-quality sound, Onyx mic preamps, massive routing capability, and Traktor Scratch certification, the D4 Pro distinguishes itself as the first mixer worthy of being called a DJ production console.

Specifically, the D4 Pro brings its professionalism courtesy of premium studio grade VCA-based analog circuitry, two of Mackie’s flagship Onyx mic preamplifiers, audiophile-grade phono preamps, an Infinium contact-free crossfader, sweepable analog filter effects, true wet/dry stereo aux send, and XLR balanced main outputs. So you get studio-quality sound, Mackie’s hallmark “built-like-a-tank” construction, and enough flexibility to place it at the center of any professional performance or serious DJ/remixer studio.

Do it better with Firewire.
The D4 Pro is the first DJ-style console to offer onboard 14x8 FireWire connectivity with 24 bit/96kHz sampling rates. So you can plug directly into your FireWire-ready Mac or PC (Mac OSX 10.3.9 or higher, Windows XP, SP2 or higher), and start spinning all your digital music files from iTunes, Traktor Scratch, Ableton Live and more (see sidebar). The D4 Pro’s FireWire connectivity also read more lets you record your sets and original music productions directly to your computer without any additional hardware. This makes it a complete solution for building mix CDs, recording podcasts, broadcasts, or any one of dozens of other applications.

Production and performance paradise
A small DJ/remix studio typically includes turntables, CD decks, a beat machine, a keyboard, a computer, microphones and sound modules. So Mackie made sure you could connect all this gear into a D4 Pro simultaneously and “tie it all together.” No more separate compact mixer. No more audio interface. No more mess of cables. And no more standalone mic preamps—the D4’s genuine Onyx mic pres even have selectable 48V phantom power for studio mics! But Mackie didn’t sleep on the D4 Pro’s performance features either, so you’ll be equally at home using it in the club.

In addition to its super straightforward layout, the D4 Pro’s performance features include:

- An Infinium optical, no-contact crossfader with adjustable tension
- Mackie-designed turntable and premium Onyx mic preamps for superior detail and maximum "punch"
- Smooth 3-band analog EQ with full kill capabilities
- 2 "vintage" analog filter FX
- A solid 14-gauge all-steel chassis (substantially thicker than our competitors)

Why should you care about these components? Because they contribute to the legendary sound quality and durability which have become Mackie hallmarks.

Scratch your digital music files
The D4 Pro is among a small handful of audio interfaces that’s Certified Traktor Scratch Ready. What’s this mean? By upgrading the D4 Pro with Native Instrument's Traktor Scratch Upgrade software, you can mix and scratch digital music files on your computer using your standard turntables and CDJs with specially coded vinyl and CDs. While other DJ mixers require additional hardware to interface with special 'timecoded' vinyl control records and CDs, the D4 Pro is set up to interpret Traktor’s external timecode directly, allowing you to pull up your entire digital track library, right on your trusty ol’ 1200s.

Tracktion 3
Tracktion 3 software When its time to start making your own beats, the included Tracktion 3 music production software has your back. The production hardware bundle, easy-to-use software gives you unlimited track count*, and it comes loaded with a staggering library of loops, instruments, and stunning effects. Designed around a simple, single-screen interface, Tracktion is the fastest, most powerful way to turn your musical ideas into finished songs.

*Track count is only limited to your computer’s resources

The Infinium crossfader
How could Mackie create such a killer DJ console without paying special attention to the crossfader? They couldn’t. The D4 Pro’s Infinium contact-free crossfader delivers precise, ultra-smooth response for years... no matter how much you scratch. And without the risk of dust and grime deteriorating its audio performance, this crossfader will sound as good in 10 years as the day you bought your mixer. Featuring an adjustable tension control, which can be set using a small screwdriver, the Infinium crossfader’s feel can be customized to be as loose or tight as you desire.

An analog VCA design
VCA Design For the tech-heads out there, Mackie figured you’d want to know a bit about the the D4 Pro’s analog circuitry. Specifically, the D4 Pro uses an all-analog Voltage-Controlled Amplifier (VCA) design with ultra high-performance components, tuned to provide the maximum headroom and lowest noise of any mixer in its class. Thanks to this VCA design, the D4 is immune to the deterioration in sound quality that often plagues traditional DJ mixers. Dust particles and the general crud of life wrecks old-school faders — but VCA faders power right through these obstacles night after night, year after year, to deliver rock-solid performance with zero audio degradation. VCAs also let you fine-tune the curves of the faders to perfectly suit your style, and even reverse them via conveniently positioned controls.

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Premium 4-channel DJ Production Console with analog VCA circuitry

Built-in 14x8 FireWire connectivity for multitrack recording and playback on Mac or PC

45mm Infinium “contact-free” optical crossfader for years of use

2 Onyx premium mic preamplifiers

Mackie-designed turntable preamps for ultra-low noise and maximum punch

4 stereo program channels with CD, Phono/Line, and FireWire input select

3-band EQ per channel w/ complete kill filters and blue backlit knobs

2 “vintage” analog filter FX for on the fly transitions

4 position routing switch per channel for maximum flexibility

Additional zone and booth outputs

"Planet Earth" Power Supply—no need for power converters anywhere

XLR main outs with mic/line switch for easy stage integration

Crossfader features Resistance and Curve controls

Advanced cueing section with split cue function

Separate mono/stereo booth out

Individual program meters plus main out meters

Traktor Scratch certified for live scratching of digital music files on Mac or PC

Includes Tracktion 3 Project music production software

Compatible with any Windows XP (SP2 or higher) ASIO/WDM host, or Mac OS X Core Audio (version 10.3.9 or higher)

Ideal mixer for turntablists, remixers and digital DJs alike
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D2 Pro Compatible Software:

For Recording

- Tracktion 3
- Sonar
- Cubase
- Nuendo
- Logic
- Digital Performer

For Performing

- Tracktor Scratch Upgrade
- Traktor DJ studio 3
- Ableton Live
- MixVibes

And many more...

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: (800) 898-3211

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"Orca Sound spouts praise for the d.4pro!"
Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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While no mixer is perfect, the Mackie d.4pro measures up very well to the competition, and is priced aggressively to match. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it and after having used it for a few months, it's hard to imagine going back to another mixer.

C'mon... it's a Mackie! Of course it sounds good! Blows any Pioneer DJ mixer out of the water and is on par with the Allen and Heath Xone 92, in my mind the only other mixer in its class. Sounds great on a Mackie Fusion sound system, and also sounds great with my lower-end Mackie system (four SWA1801s, two SA1232s and a pair of SRM450s).

Lacks a 4-band EQ, which would make this mixer the best in class. With its 3-band EQ, the Xone 92 gives slightly more control to DJs looking for it. Otherwise, the d.4pro offers all of the features you'd expect from a top-end DJ mixer, along with FireWire inputs for computer DJs and digital recording.

Ease of Use
As a DJ mixer, this is very easy to use. The contactless crossfader is smooth as butter, and the controls are very easy to navigate (particularly the nicely placed filters). However, the FireWire features are new, and this technology still has rough edges.

It's a Mackie - as always, it's built like a battle tank and I'm confident this mixer will last for many years.

Very good value for the money - the only read more mixer even close to the same quality in this price range is the Rane Empath. And the Mackie d.4pro has more features. You really can't go wrong.

Manufacturer Support
They take forever to reply to email and still haven't shipped a replacement for the defective FireWire cable I requested over 2 months ago.

The Wow Factor
Lots of blue LEDs, looks great on a DJ table!

Musical Background:
Sound Engineer

Musical Style:
Electronic music
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