Korg Pandora PX5D Guitar and Bass Multi-Effects Processor

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Pull this effects processor out of your pocket when you're ready to jam. It's designed to be easily used for recording to a computer.
The Korg Pandora series is famous for packing dozens of realistic modeling effects and a multitude of versatile functions into a pocket-sized unit. Korg is proud to announce the Pandora PX5D, optimized to work with your computer as a powerful recording tool. This multi-effect processor for guitar and bass is the first in the Pandora series to provide a USB/audio interface for direct connection to your desktop or laptop computer. The PX5D can be plugged into a computer and used in conjunction with your audio sequencer software (or the included "Ableton Live Lite 6 Korg Edition" recording software) to easily make CD-quality recordings.


A compact processor for guitar and bass

USB Interface capability

Famous Korg "REMS" modeling technology. 180 variations of classic and cutting-edge guitar amps, bass amps, cabinets, classic and effects.

200 multi-effect programs (100 user/100 preset) cover an extremely wide range of musical styles. Store your favorite programs in four banks, and switch between them with a single touch.

744 rhythm and bass patterns and variations cover any musical styles you might need. Create twenty chains that connect these patterns in any playback order, and specify a chord progression for the chain.

Phrase Trainer function (maximum 80 seconds) is a great way to learn music by ear or to practice improvisation.

Download PC software from the Web to edit programs, manage data libraries, create chains, and replace the demo songs - all read more on your computer.

Jam along with an external audio source, inputing it via the AUX jack or USB connector. PX5D allows you to transpose the key, and/or cancel the bass.

Foot controller can be used to switch programs. (The PS-1 foot switch sold separately. *Two foot switches are required.)

Built-in Auto Tuner can be muted for silent tuning.

Easy-to-use interface, with a highly visible display.

Operates on batteries, an AC adaptor (sold separately), or USB bus power.

"Ableton Live Lite 6 Korg Edition" recording software is bundled with PX5D

The PX5D joins Korg's respected Pandora series, famous for packing high-quality sounds and ease of use into a pocket size unit; easy to enjoy anywhere and anytime. The PX5D provides a total of 180 realistic and wide-ranging effects created using Korg's world-acclaimed, proprietary "REMS" modeling technology. Included are simulations that recreate classic vintage and modern, high-gain amps, as well as effects ranging from the familiar to the unique. Numerous effects designed specifically for bass are also included, making the PX5D a great choice not only for the guitarist but for the bassist as well. In a first for the Pandora series, a USB-MIDI/USB audio interface is also provided, allowing you to use the PX5D with your computer to transfer audio data or record into your DAW software. The inclusion of "Ableton Live Lite6 Korg Edition" recording software enables you to start recording as soon as you open the box. There's also dedicated editor/librarian software that lets you edit and manage programs from your computer. All the classic features you have come expect from the Pandora are also present, to help the guitarist or bassist practice, perform and record.

An amazing 180 modeling effects powered by "REMS" technology
Korg's proprietary "REMS" modeling technology, acclaimed by musicians around the world, is used to power the Pandora's broad variety of realistic effects. These effects include models of various guitar amps and bass amps, as well as both standard effects and fresh effects found only on the Pandora.
Numerous guitar/bass amp modeling effects and synth effects

The PX5D provides faithfully modeled simulations of the vintage and high-end amps sought after by guitarists and bassists. Eighteen types for guitar and ten types for bass perfectly capture the warm and rich resonance of a tube amp. Realistically reproduced models of many different cabinets and speakers are also provided, offering differences in speaker size and cabinet structure for superb presence and depth. You can even combine cabinets and speakers freely with any amp models, letting you experience combinations not possible on the original units themselves. There are also synth effects that let you create unique and fresh sounds, with three choices each for guitar and bass.
A great selection of effects with quality that rivals dedicated processor units

The PX5D gives you a wide selection of effects, ranging from simulations of hard-to-find vintage units to fresh sounds original to the Pandora series. These include, pickup modeling, to give your instrument a single-coil or dual-coil sound; an intelligent pitch shifter, letting you automatically add harmonies to your performance; a talk effect that makes your guitar seem to speak; a slow attack effect to simulate a violin or cello; a feedback effect that allows feedback performance techniques normally achievable only at high volumes; a rotary speaker effect that varies the speed according to your picking or fingering dynamics; a fretless bass effect that simulates that instrument's distinctive sound; and many others.

A total of 200 effect programs: 100 user and 100 preset
You can use up to seven "REMS" modeling effects simultaneously in each program, giving you nearly limitless sonic variation. The one hundred preset programs allow you to choose from different playing techniques and styles; sounds of every era; and sounds that simulate the characteristic tones of famous artists. You can also edit your own sounds and store them in one hundred user program locations. Together with the preset programs, this gives you immediate access to a total of two hundred programs. Favorite programs can be assigned to four program memory buttons for one-touch access, letting you smoothly change programs in an instant.

USB audio interface functionality makes the PX5D a powerful recording tool
A built-in USB audio interface is provided to transfer audio data between the PX5D and your computer via USB. This ensures that the amazing "REMS" modeling sound is recorded into your DAW software with no loss of quality. In addition, "Ableton Live Lite 6 Korg Edition" recording software for both the Windows and Macintosh platform is bundled with the PX5D, letting you start recording as soon as you open the package.

PC software for editing programs, managing libraries, and creating chains
Dedicated editor/librarian software is provided, allowing you to edit and manage programs on your computer. Simply connect the PX5D to your computer via USB - no complicated settings are necessary. Since effect parameters and other settings will be visible at a glance, editing the PX5D's enormous complement of effects becomes quick and easy. You can save or rearrange programs, create libraries of programs for specific purposes, and exchange programs with other users, further extending the potential of the PX5D.

Phrase Trainer and many other valuable functions for practicing and jamming
The PXD5D allows you to record up to eighty seconds of sound from an external audio source such as a CD, MD, or MP3, and then play it back as a loop at a different speed, without affecting the pitch. This is a great way to practice difficult passages or learn complex phrases. You can also record your own accompaniment, along with the built-in rhythm and bass patterns, then play it back while you practice playing a lead - the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. A Key Transpose function lets you change the pitch of the incoming audio source by as much as one octave upward or downward, and a Bass Canceller function cancels the bass sound so that you can enjoy "minus-one" playing.

A total of 744 different rhythm & bass patterns and variations that cover a broad range of styles
Rock, jazz, funk, blues, country, and many other styles are covered by 128 rhythm and bass patterns. In addition, variations are provided for each rhythm and bass pattern, resulting in a total of 744 different patterns to choose from. Specify the bass key and you can practice performing any style of music with amazingly authentic rhythm and bass lines. This is a great way to improve your picking, sense of rhythm, and familiarity with scales. You can also create twenty chains, with each chain connecting up to sixteen different rhythm patterns. And of course you can also use the effect programs at the same time.

Foot switch jack allows hands-free control
A foot switch jack lets you control the PX5D's rich array of functionality without interrupting your performance. Connect the included foot switch jack cable to the PX5D, and you'll be able to connect two foot switches (not included) and use them to change programs or start/stop Phrase Trainer recording or playback.

Interface designed for intuitive operation and excellent visibility
In spite of its compact design, the PX5D features a unique interface that delivers analog-style operation and visibility just like a conventional amp or effect processor. The dials that control the gain or tone of the amp modeling offer instant visual indication of each control's setting while you edit. There's also a tap button that lets you control the delay time, and a value encoder for adjusting parameter values or the master level, all allowing intuitive operation for easy sound creation. Functions are instantly recognizable as icons in the LCD screen. To top it off, the display is backlit for good visibility and smooth operation even on dimly lit stages.

Many support functions, including a tuner
In addition to high-quality sound, the Pandora series is also known for a broad range of extras that support guitarists and bass players. A built-in tuner lets you tune easily, and includes a mute function, so you can tune silently on stage. An optimal audio signal can be sent to any connection destination - headphones, mixer, MTR, or guitar amp - to ensure the highest quality sound in every situation. Power can be supplied by an AC adaptor, by batteries, or via the USB connection.

Please note: Cosmetic and Technical specifications are subject to change without notice
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Effect List:

Dynamics & Pickup Modeling:
Comp, Dynaexc, Vox Wah, Wahup1, Wahup2, Wahdwn1, Wahdwn2, Slowatk, Ac Sim, Reso, Octave, Ring, Ringup, Ringdwn, Crusher, Hum>Sgl, Sgl>Hum, Hf Tone, Phasout, B Comp, Limiter, B Od, B Dist, B Fuzz, Preamp1, Preamp2, Balance, Lowcut, Fretless

Amp Modeling:
Btq Cln, Btq Od, Twd1x12, Twd4x10, Blk2x12, Ac15, Ac15tb,
Ac30, Ac30tb, Ukblues, Uk'70s, Uk'80s, Uk'90s, Uk Mdn, Us Hi-G, Us Mdn, Fuzz, Octfuzz, Valve1, Valve2, Classic, Scooped, La Stud, Goldpnl, Jazz, Studio, Ac100, Ukmajor, Gsynth1, Gsynth2, Gsynth3, Bsynth1, Bsynth2, Bsynth3

Cabinet Modeling:
1x8twd, 2x10blk, 4x10twd, 1x12twd, 1x12vox, 2x12blk, 2x12vox, 4x12vox, 4x12cls, 4x12mdn, 4x12vin, La4x10, Mdn4x10, Mtl4x10, Cls8x10, Uk4x12, Stu1x15, Jaz1x15, Ac2x15, Us2x15, Uk4x15, La1x18, Combi

Modulation & Filter Effect Modeling:
Chorus1, Chorus2, Flange1, Flange2, Flange3, Flange4, Phaser1, Phaser2, Phaser3, 12str, U-Vibe1, U-Vibe2, Trem1, Trem2, Trem3, At Pan1, At Pan2, Rotary1, Rotary2, Rotary3, Pitch1, Pitch2, Pitch3, Pitch4, Maj3up, Maj3dwn, Min3up, Min3dwn, Per4th, Per5th, Maj6th, Feedbk1, Feedbk2, Feedbk3, Feedbk4, Filter, Filtup1, Filtup2, Filtdn1, Filtdn2, Talk1, Talk2, Talk3, Talk4, Random1, Random2, Random3, Random4, Drone1, Drone2, Env Pit, Env Cho, Inffln1, Inffln2, Infpit1, I Nfpit2

Delay Modeling:
Slap1, Slap2, Slap3, Slap4, Slap5, Echo1, Echo2, Echo3, Echo4, Echo5, Clr Dly1, Clr Dly2, Clr Dly3, Clr Dly4, Clr Dly5, Ppdly1, Ppdly2, Ppdly3, Ppdly4, Ppdly5, Multi1, Multi2, Multi3, Multi4, Multi5, Rvs Dly

Reverb Modeling:
Dryair, Wetair, Room1, Room2, Plate1, Plate2, Hall1, Hall2, Spring1, Spring2, Bright

Noise Reduction

Rhythm Pattern List:
Mtronm0, Mtronm2, Mtronm3, Mtronm4, Mtronm5, Mtronm6, Mtronm7,
Mtronm9, 8beat1, 8beat2, 8beat3, 16beat1, 16beat2, 16beat3, 16beat4,
16beat5, 16btsw1, 16btsw2, 16btsw3, 16btsw4, 16btsw5, 2/4 1, 2/4 2, 2/4 3, 2/4 4, 2/4 5, 2/4 6, 2/4 7, 3/4 1, 3/4 2, 3/4 3, 3/4swg1, 3/4swg2, 5/4, 3/8 1, 3/8 2, 5/8, 6/8 1, 6/8 2, 6/8 3, 6/8 4, 7/8 1, 7/8 2, 9/8, Pop1, Pop2, Rock1, Rock2, Rock3, Rock4, Rock5, R'n'r, Metal1, Metal2, Metal3, Metal4, R'n'b1, R'n'b2, R'n'b3, R'n'b4, Blues1, Blues2, 8blues, Bluesfl, Country, Cntrys1, Cntrys2, Jazz1, Jazz2, Jazz3, Jazz4, Fnkrck1, Fnkrck2, Hvyfunk, Jb 1, Jb 2, Njckswg, Motown1, Motown2, Motown3, Motown4, Surf, Reggae1, Reggae2, Reggae3, Bolero, Disco1, Disco2, Disco3, Gogo1, Gogo2, Gogo3, House1, House2, House3, D'n'b 1, D'n'b 2, Ska1, Ska2, Ska3, 2ndline, Fills01, Fills02, Fills03, Fills04, Fills05, Fills06, Fills07, Fills08, Fills09, Fills10, Fills11, Fills12, 3/4fils, Latin1, Latin2, Bossa1, Bossa2, Samba1, Samba2, Rumba, Afro1, Afro2, Clypso1, Clypso2, Songo, Lp Ii, Lp Iii

PX5D Specs

Effects: 180 types (Maximum number of effects available simultaneously: 7)

Number of programs:
- User: 100
- Preset: 100

- Guitar input (1/4 in. jack)
- AUX (mini stereo jack)

Output: line/headphone dual-purpose output (Stereo jack)

Control: FOOTSW jack, USB connector

Tuner section:
- Detection range: 27.5 Hz-2,093 Hz (A0-C7)
- Calibration: A = 438 Hz-445 Hz

Rhythm section:
- Number of pattern: 128
- Tempo: 40-240 bpm

Power supply:
- Two AA alkaline batteries:

Allows 7 hours of continuous use (backlight OFF)
Allows 5 hours of continuous use (backlight ON)

- USB bus-powered (when using the USB connector)

- Separately sold AC adapter (DC4.5V)

Dimensions (WxDxH): 118(W) x 75(D) x 20(H)mm /4.65 x 2.95 x 0.79 in.

Weight (not including batteries): 154g /0.34 lbs.

Included items:
- Two AA alkaline batteries for checking operation
- Cable for FOOTSW jack
- Rubber Feet

- AC adapter
- PS-1 pedal switch

NOTE: Appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice for product improvement.
For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 631-390-6800
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Submitted January 24, 2011 by a customer from hotmail.com
"Good for selective purposes but too pricey"
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If something comes along that is better for the right price I would most probably buy it. I would wear this out for the purpose I bought it - only for travel and late night practice.

I bought this as a portable unit that could fit in my pocket when travelling. It works well for that purpose and has a nice collection of amps and sounds. Like most other units, some sounds are better than others, but what is really cool is the sound editor that comes with it. I use it on my laptop with the unit and I can pretty much tweak each sound how I want it so that where a preset sound is too muddy for my taste, I can dial back some of the gain or reverb or dial in a little delay accordingly. Very versatile unit which has the great benefit of a loop for rehearsing phrases or licks. Works great for late night practice, or in the hotel room.

For the price of the unit, the adapter should be included. This has to be bought separately which is a real bummer as far as I am concerned. It can however be powered up by the USB or 3 batteries.

Ease of Use
The interface of the sound editor works very well. Great for tweaking to get the right sound. If you don't use the editor and just use the unit, be prepared to figure out the different functions which are not too easy in the beginning. The manual is ok but could do with more lucid explanations.

The read more product is well made. Compact but solid. However, I think they need to design the input and output to be on the side or the bottom of the unit because you have to pretty much read the unit upside down when you plug the cable and headphone in, unless you have the unit on the floor which looks silly.

Even if the adapter were to be included (which it is not), the product is overpriced. I would put it at a value of just over half of what it is currently being sold for.

Manufacturer Support
Not the best. Basically, very little after product support.

The Wow Factor
I think the product looks cool and is nice and compact, like having an amp in your pocket.

Musical Background:

Musical Style:
rock, blues
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