Jet City JCA20HV Vintage Guitar Amplifier Head

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Building on their JCA20H single-channel guitar amp, Jet City's all-tube 20HV features a re-voiced signal path, depth control, and a post-master effects loop.

Based upon Jet City's highly popular JCA20H, the 20HV version is also a simple, single-channel amp, and the all-tube signal path has been completely re-voiced. It's a bit cleaner, a bit darker, and the power section has been "opened up" more. In addition to the Presence control, Jet City has added a depth switch based upon Soldano's famous Depth control. Finally, they have included a post-master effects loop.

- Controls: Preamp Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Master, Presence, Depth Switch
- Tubes: 3x 12AX7 Preamp / 2x EL84 Power
- Rectifier: Solid State
- Cabinetry: Multi-ply, void-free hardwood
- Chassis: 16 gauge, cold-rolled steel
- Output Power: 20 watts into 16 ohm or 2x 8 ohm speaker outputs
- Effects Loop: solid-state loop by Mojo Tone
- Input Power: Multi-tapped power transformer at 100v/120v/220v/240v and standard IEC connector
- DIMS: 9" H x 9"D x 19.5" W
- Weight: 21.3lbs net

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Submitted February 20, 2013 by Chris C

"Killer classic rock tones"

Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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This amp is being under-marketed by Jet City--not much promo on YouTube or elsewhere. It's hard to find demos. Lots of questions on forums. Don't let this put you off because this is a great head! I've read a couple of

Love the lower gain and darker sound. The gain is less saturated than the JCA 2112RC that I own, and less trebly. It's a grainier gain that is pure classic rock. Where the 2112RC sounds more like a 1980s Marshall, the 20HV has more of a 1970s sound. The tone really isn't 'dark,' it's just darker than the 2112RC, which is a good thing. The depth switch really kicks in a lot more bass--great for single coil guitars. Get that SRV tone.Also sounds great with my humbucker-equipped guitars.This is NOT a metal amp; although, you could put a metal pedal in front of it. But the cane weave doesn't give it that metal vibe. That V in JCA 20HV stands for vintage. :)Would have preferred a depth knob, rather than a switch, as it would be nice to dial in the amount of depth. Still, it's a very usable feature.I play both the 20HV and the 2112RC together in stereo, and these amps complement each other really well. I love the tone I get from both. Full disclosure: I put a Cannabis Rex into the 2112RC in part to tame the highs, which could get a bit piercing at times.I swapped out the stock tubes with JJs- matched EL84s and ECC803s in the V1 and V2. A Tungsol is in V3.I'm using the HV head through a standard JCA 12s cab with their custom driver. read more I've got an Eminence Governor on order, so I'll be interested to hear how a more efficient driver sounds with the head.

Shape your tone with the pre-amp, TMB tone controls and the depth switch. Easy to find some killer tones. Jet City should consider a depth knob to allow players to dial in their desired amount of depth.

Ease of Use
Easy to use. Pairs really well with the JCA 2112RC. Sounds great with both single coil and humbucker guitars. I didn't find that the amp works really well with a distortion pedal with the gain dialed up. But, it works really well with an overdrive pedal to push it further into break up. I use a MP Sweet Honey clone. I imagine a Bad Monkey or Tube Screamer would work well too.

High quality chassis. Traces on the PCB are thick. Looks well-made. Cabinet looks like void-free thick plywood. Tolex was well applied. Don't know long the amp will last. Only had it for a week...Small detail: The painted stripes on the chicken head knobs were poorly done: very sloppy. Makes the amp look cheap. Will replace with higher quality ones.

Good value. A tad more expensive than a similar combo but for me it was worth it.

Manufacturer Support
Took a little while to get hold of someone who could help me, but very friendly and helpful once located.

The Wow Factor
From interviews I've read, Jet City built this amp for Joe Perry from Aerosmith. I think they got it right. And I dig the new logo, cane weave and white control panel!

Musical Style:
Rock, blues, bluesy rock, rocky blues
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