IK Multimedia iLoud Bluetooth Portable Monitor System

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This is no ordinary Bluetooth speaker! Stream music from your phone or tablet to the huge-sounding 40-watt iLoud. You can even plug in your guitar directly.

Jam with your favorite mobile recording and FX apps, stream music from your iOS devices via Bluetooth, and mix and monitor on the go -- do everything from the IK Multimedia iLoud, a portable, wireless, battery-powered Bluetooth monitor system.

One System for Streaming, Recording Direct, and Monitoring

Not only does the sleek iLoud system output 40 Watts of larger-than-life sound from your iPad or iPhone, it has a built-in iRig circuit for directly connecting a guitar or a dynamic microphone. When you plug in your instrument to your iLoud speaker, you can jam, perform, practice -- you name it -- with the real-time sound processing of IK Multimedia's AmpliTube or VocaLive mobile apps, or any iOS recording or processing app, really.

Bluetooth Speaker That Sounds Like a Reference Monitor

Powerful sound reproduction comes by way of four Class-D amplifiers, a pair of two-way, 3-inch neodymium woofers, and two 3/4-inch neodymium tweeters in a ported design. The iLoud offers accurate low-frequency extension, so bass tones throb and punch in all the right places. Through IK's portable, bi-amped speaker, you get studio-monitor-quality sound for a variety of applications. Host a poolside party, mix and monitor backstage immediately after a performance, and more.

Totally Portable

The DSP-controlled iLoud is Bluetooth compatible with A2DP protocol, running on an integrated Li-Ion rechargeable battery that lasts up to 10 hours with normal usage (3 hours at max volume). read more The 2-pound speaker is lightweight and compact, about the size of a laptop bag. Run this Bluetooth speaker with your mobile apps to create high-quality compositions and accurate mixes from anywhere.


- 4 Class-D amplifiers, bi-amped system
- 2-way, 2 x 3" neodymium woofers and 2 x 3/4" neodymium tweeters
- High performance bass-reflex port
- 1/4" iRig input for connecting guitars and dynamic microphones to iOS devices
- DSP controlled
- Bluetooth compatible with A2DP protocol
- 1/8" stereo analog line input
- Superior low-frequency extension and sound accuracy
- Auto Standby
- Integrated Li-Ion rechargeable battery (up to 10 hours of battery life at normal usage)
- Total power: 40W (2 x 16W low-frequency, 2 x 4W high frequency)
- Frequency response: 50 Hz to 20 kHz
- IK Multimedia EULA warranty

Mobile music apps and portable jamming unite -- with the IK Multimedia iLoud Bluetooth portable monitor system.
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- Total power: 40W (2x16W low-frequency, 2x4W high frequency).
- Frequency response: 50Hz to 20kHz.
- Battery duration at maximum volume: up to three hours.
- Normal usage: up to ten hours.

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Web: https://www.ikmultimedia.com/contact-support/

IK Multimedia iLoud Bluetooth Monitor

While there are hundreds of portable speakers in the market, none of them were developed with musicians in mind until now. Meet iLoud -- the first portable speaker for musicians. IK Multimedia has created a portable speaker that combines superior power with spectacular audio resolution and amazing low end. And with over 16 years of pro-audio engineering expertise plus our position as the leading developer of mobile music-creation apps and accessories, we know what they're doing. For the first time, musicians can have a portable speaker that sounds like a studio monitor, and allows them to create high-quality compositions and accurate mixes on the go. So grab your iPhone or iPad and just rip out one brilliant tune after another with iLoud.

Here's where it gets interesting. Grab your guitar and plug it into the iLoud, plug in your mobile device, launch your favorite mobile app like AmpliTube or VocaLive and start jamming and recording. iLoud features a built-in iRig circuit for directly connecting a guitar or a dynamic microphone, and allowing you to take advantage of the real time sound processing of your favorite mobile apps.


- Four Class-D Amplifiers, bi-amped system.
- Two way 2x3" neodymium woofers & 2x3/4" neodymium tweeters.
- High performance bass-reflex port.
- 1/4" iRig input for connecting guitars and dynamic microphones to iOS devices.
- Bluetooth compatible with A2DP protocol.
- 1/8" stereo analog line input.
- DSP controlled.
- Superior low-frequency extension and sound accuracy.
- Auto Standby.
- Integrated high-performance Li-Ion rechargeable battery.

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