Ibanez TQMS1 Tom Quayle Electric Guitar (with Case)

Combining versatility and style, Tom Quayle's signature guitar mimics the virtuoso's chops. Craft a multitude of tones from the Seymour Duncan pickups.

What's special about this item?

Feature: What it does:
Alder body Light weight with a wide tonal range
Magic Touch mini humbucker Organic, clean sound with dynamic response
Roasted figured maple neck Bright tone, full sustain and strength
Rosewood fretboard Open, warm tone and smooth playing feel

Ibanez is pleased to offer a signature model of UK's preeminent Jazz/Fusion virtuosos, Tom Quayle. The TQM is based on the Ibanez AZ models.

Born to family of musicians, it was natural for Tom to pick up a guitar and practice to develop his skill. This environment helped broaden his view in music and guitar playing. While beginning as a jazz player, Tom eventually discovered fusion music which led to him to incorporate legato and hybrid picking styles into his own trademark playing style. Since then, Tom's reputation as one of guitar's most versatile and talented players has become common knowledge in the guitar community.

- Oval C S-TECH WOOD Roasted Maple Neck:
The S-TECH special roasted treatment increases the wood's stability, durability, water resistance, and tolerance of temperature changes. The neck is sealed with an oil finish which helps make it feel similar to a well-played guitar neck.

- Rosewood Fretboard:
Rosewood fretboard provides a well-balanced solid tone with a focused mid range.

- Jumbo Stainless Steel Frets with Prestige Fret Edge Treatment:
Stainless steel frets boast excellent corrosion resistance. The wide and tall fret-type offers a quick response, good articulation when playing chords, and clear tone when playing single notes. The Prestige Fret Edge treatment guarantees effortlessly fast playing.

- Maple Top/Alder Body:
The Maple top sonically enriches the response for picking, and the Alder body delivers a well-balanced bright tone, enriched resonance, read more and sustain.

- Seymour Duncan Magic Touch-Mini/Alnico II Pro Custom Pickups:
The Magic Touch-mini pickup in the neck position offers iconic tonal clarity for which this style of guitar is known, yet with extra body and articulation. The output level is also carefully configured to perfectly match the bridge pickup. The Alnico II Pro Custom pickup in the bridge position offers up an ample supply of clarity and twang while also delivering a nice mid-range bark.

- Gotoh Magnum Lock with H.A.P. Machine Heads:
Gotoh Magnum Lock machine heads have an established reputation for tuning stability. Its H.A.P (Height Adjustable Post) system allows for the adjustment of string posts for the appropriate tension of each string.

- Gotoh T1802 Tremolo:
The T1802 tremolo bridge features machined titanium saddles and a machined steel tremolo block for a quick response, thick lows, and rich highs. The 10.5mm string spacing allows for easy picking across strings, and its snap-in construction makes it easy to load a tremolo arm.

- Dyna-MIX5 Switching System with Alter Switch:
The Dyna-MIX5 switching system with Alter Switch adds a sound variation to fit many different kinds of playing style.

- Luminlay Side Dots:
The Luminlay side dot position marks make it easy for players to see fretboard position marks when performing on dark stages.

- Hardshell Case Included:
Ibanez Hardshell case gives extreme protection for your beloved instrument.

- Non-Recessed Bridge Cavity:
While the AZ series features a recessed bridge cavity for fluid and dynamic tremolo action, this model has a non-recessed bridge cavity. The direct contact between bridge plate and the guitar body provides better resonance and helps facilitate the subtle nuances in playing dynamics.

- Five Tremolo Springs:
Five tremolo springs allow string vibration to be more efficiently transferred to the guitar body.

- Steel Pickup Plate:
This steel pickup plate is designed exclusively for AZS series. It's a critical component that helps generate that quintessential "twangy" tone for which this style guitar is known. This plate is present on both the tremolo and hardtail versions of the AZS, something that is not typical for guitars of this type. This plate, in combination with the traditional style single coil bridge pickup, preserves this iconic sound across the entire AZS lineup.
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- Neck: Oval C S-TECH WOOD Roasted Maple
- Fretboard: Rosewood
- Frets: Jumbo Stainless Steel frets with Prestige Fret Edge Treatment
- Body: Maple top / Alder body
- Pickups: Seymour Duncan Magic Touch-Mini / Alnico II Pro Custom Pickups
- Tuners: Gotoh Magnum Lock with H.A.P. Machine Heads
- Tremolo: Gotoh T1802
- Switching System: Dyna-MIX5 Switching System with Alter Switch
- Side Dots: Luminlay
- Case: Hardshell Case Included
- Bridge Cavity: Non-recessed Bridge Cavity
- Tremolo Springs: 5
- Pickup Plate: Steel
- Nut: Oil-Impregnated Bone
- Neck Joint: Super All Access
Dimensions and Weight in Packaging
Celeste Blue
Shipping Weight: 21.75 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 44 x 17 x 6 in
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): TQMS1CTB

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 800-669-8262
Web: https://www.ibanez.com/usa/support/

Celeste Blue

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