Hammond SK-1 Keyboard Organ, 61-Key

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At only 15 pounds, the SK-1 keyboard organ delivers what you want from a Hammond: mechanical drawbars, authentic Leslie simulation, Chorus Vibrato, and more.

What do you get when a classic Hammond organ sheds several hundred pounds and jumps into a pair of skinny jeans? You get the 61-key Hammond SK-1, a super-portable, 15-pound keyboard organ that, despite its tiny footprint, still maintains all the traditional features of a complete Hammond organ, like authentic Leslie simulation and mechanical drawbars. Compact and light enough to carry under one arm, the SK-1 is easy to take on tour or from gig to gig. When you're not on the road, tuck it into a corner of your home studio, wherever you make music.

Hammond Organ to the Core

The SK-1 boasts a wide range of extra voices -- something you won't find on other portable Hammonds. Its Drawbar section is a complete Hammond organ with real mechanical drawbars, chorus vibrato, touch-response percussion, and authentic digital Leslie rotary speaker emulation. Also included are Hammond's take on Vox and Farfisa combo organs with their "Vx" and "Farf" models, plus a range of fine classical pipe organ voices derived from a 935 Church Organ. The SK-1's convincing tones come courtesy of Hammond's VASE III digital tone-wheel sound generators.

Extra Voices: Pianos, EPs, Clavs, Strings and More

There's definitely no shortage of voices on this keyboard organ. When you want to go beyond typical organ fare, tap into the SK-1's acoustic and electric pianos, Clavs, accordions, vintage string synths, wind instruments, and tuned percussion. If you crave even more sounds, download more via read more the instrument's USB port. With all these sounds on board, the Hammond SK-1 aims to be the only board you need to bring to the gig.

No Learning Curve -- Just Play!

Offering an intuitive layout, the 61-key SK-1 puts all the traditional controls such as drawbars, Leslie controls, and chorus vibrato on one side of the instrument, and all the unique extras (reverb, master mixer, extra voices) on the other. There's even a music player (WAV, MP3) onboard for when you want to jam along to your favorite tunes.


- Portable, lightweight keyboard organ with 61 keys
- Sounds generated by 2 VASE III digital tone wheels, transistor organ, and pipe organ
- Extra Voice section also supported by VASE III
- 61 Keys, C1 to C6
- Drawbars: 9 pitches, assignable for upper, pedal, lower
- 61-Note polyphony (for manual, except pipe organ)
- 8-Note polyphony (for pedal, except pipe organ)
- 63-Note polyphony (maximum, on pipe organ)
- Plenty of effects: vibrato and chorus, overdrive, multi-effects (8 programs), reverb (digital, 11 programs)
- Equalizer: organ: bass, mid (sweep), treble, tone; Extra Voice: bass, mid (sweep), treble
- Master EQ: bass, mid gain, mid frequency, treble
- Intuitive controls, including master volume, music volume, extra voice volume, and power on/off
- Onboard music player supporting WAV (44.1 kHz/16-bit, stereo), MP3 (44.1 kHz, 128 kbps, stereo)
- 9 MIDI templates, and 3 zones assignable to any keyboard
- USB Flash drive storage

The SK-1 is a great choice if you've always wanted a traditional Hammond organ, but lacked the funds to buy it or the space to keep it. With a sweet-looking design and the impressive sounds to back it up, the SK-1 delivers the sound of a vintage Hammond -- and more -- but at a fraction of the size and price.
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Sound Generator:

Organ Section:
- 2 - VASE III as Digital Tone-wheels, Transistor Organ and Pipe Organ
- 61 polyphony (for manual, except Pipe Organ)
- 8 polyphony (for pedal, except Pipe Organ)
- 63 polyphony (maximum, on Pipe Organ)

Extra Voice Section: VASE III, 63 polyphony (maximum)


C1 to C6 61-key (SK1)

Harmonic Drawbars:

Drawbars: 9 Pitches, assignable for Upper, Pedal, Lower
- Manuals: 6 choices (B-Type1, B-Type2, Mellow, Vx, Farf, Pipe), variable key-click
- Pedal: 4 choices (Normal, Muted, Synth1, Synth2), 5 choices key-click

Touch Response Percussion:

Buttons: Second Harmonic, Third Harmonic, Fast Decay, Volume Soft
Adjustable: Touch, Velocity, Decay (Fast, Slow), Level (Normal, Soft)

Extra Voice:

- 6 Groups (A. Piano, E. Piano, Keyboard, Wind, Other, Library)
- Upgradable via Library
Control: Allocate Upper/Lower, Solo, Group


Vibrato and Chorus:
- Digital Scanner
- Buttons: 1, 2, Chorus, Upper On, Lower On
- Digital, 4 programs
- Control: On, Amount
Multi Effects:
- 8 programs for Organ/Extra Voice individually
- Control: On, Amount
- for Organ: Bass, Mid (sweep), Treble, Tone
- for Extra Voice: Bass, Mid (sweep), Treble
Internal Leslie:
- Advanced Digital, 2 Rotors
- Buttons: Bypass, Stop, Fast
- Digital, 11 programs
- Control: On, Depth
Master Equalizer:
- Control: Bass, Mid Gain, Mid Frequency, Treble


Buttons: Manual Bass, Split (SK1 only), Octave Up, Octave Down, Lower, Transpose
Adjustable: Coupler Highest note, Split Point


Capacity: 100 User Patches, 100 Preset Patches, Manual
Favorites: 10 buttons
Patch Load Options: Drawbar Registration, Drawbar Parameters, Extra Voice, Internal Zone, External Zone, Organ Effects, Exv Effects, Reverb


Volumes: Master Volume, Music Volume, Extra Voice Volume
Switch: Power On/Off

Music Player:

File Format: WAV (44.1kHz, 16bit, Stereo), MP3 (44.1kHz, 128kbps, Stereo)
Control: Song, Play/Pause

Storage: USB Flash Drive

- 20 Characters, 2 Lines
- 8 Control Buttons and Value knob


Templates: 9
External Zones: 3 Zones, assignable any keyboards


MIDI: In, Out
Audio: Line Out L, R, Headphones
Leslie: 8 - pin, 1 and 3 channels available
Other: Foot Switch, Damper Pedal, Exp. Pedal, DC IN (12V)

Accessory: AC Adaptor AD3-1250

Dimensions (W x D x H): 35 x 12 x 3.5")
Weight: 16 lbs

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 630-543-0277

Hammond SK-1 Keyboard Organ, 61-Key

The Hammond SK1 is the first "Ultra-Portable" organ in its history, weighing in at just 15 pounds, and the first Hammond portable to feature a wide range of Extra Voices. The "Drawbar" section is a complete Hammond Organ with all the traditional features: Real Mechanical Drawbars, Chorus Vibrato, Touch-Response Percussion, and the most authentic Digital Leslie they have ever offered. "Vx" and "Farf" combo organ models are also available, as well as an assortment of fine classical Pipe Organ voices derived from the 935 Church Organ. Acoustic and Electric Pianos, Clavs, Accordions, Vintage String Synth, Wind Instruments and Tuned Percussion round out the specification.

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Submitted October 24, 2013 by Toby G in SANTA CRUZ, CA
"15 pound Hammond :-)"
Overall: 4.5 out of 5 stars
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I have a C3 & 122 Leslie in my studio that I've used for years to record but RARELY took it out on a gig. A friend (who has a B3 & XK3) purchased the SK-1 about a year ago and found it delightful sound wise and for traveling including flying, The Hammond features are real. Drawbars, leslie speed ramping, percussion, vibrato/chorus, waterfall keys, all right on. Programming presets is fairly easy. The other sounds a bonus although I haven't spend too much time with them. The acoustic piano sounds real good on stage as does the Rhodes an Wurlitzer. My compact rig including amp & stand I can move into a gig with one trip using a small folding hand truck. I'm very happy using the Boss expression pedal which is LOT more affordable than the Hammond offering. Did I say it only weighs 15 pounds? :-) Check out some of the Youtube demos online if you need convincing.
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Playing professionally since 1968
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Rock, Reggae, Blues, New Age, Jazz, Americana
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