GForce Oddity VST Synth Modeling Plug-In (Macintosh and Windows)

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Modeled on the classic ARP Odyssey.

GForce Oddity VST Synth Modeling Plugin (Macintosh and Windows)

The Oddity is modeled on the classic ARP Odyssey which was used by artists as diverse as Gary Numan, Herbie Hancock, Kraftwerk and Portishead. In much the same way as the M-Tron turned a whole new generation on to those sounds, we're certain the Oddity will do the same in terms of monophonic/duophonic synths.

The Oddity is the result of a lengthy collaboration between GForce and
Ohm Force with both parties bringing unique skills to the project. As a result they have been able to extensively model the original instrument's components and have achieved a stunning degree of authenticity in terms of functionality, character and tonal textures. They look at it as the first plug-in synth with serious 'balls', particularly when using the duophonic mode with some ring modulation.

Much scientific analysis has been carried out to achieve this inspirational emulation of the classic mono/duophonic ARP Odyssey. Samples of the various Odyssey outputs were taken, with different settings, in order to understand the influence of each parameter on things like, the shape of the envelopes and filter responses etc. Also conducted were detailed analysis of the control paths (keyboard, LFO, etc) until finally there was enough information to model and code both the oscillators and filters. One of the most difficult tasks were things like the control signals which are quite strange. For example, each time a key is pressed, the envelopes read more and LFO are re-triggered. However if more than four keys are held, they aren't. Whether these things were a deliberate part of the original design is debatable, but in much the same way as the Mellotron's maximum note duration of eight seconds, it's this oddness that gives the original instrument bags of character, and it was vital to include these idiosyncrasies in
The Oddity.

The Oddity features two syncable oscillators - fully tunable across a six octave range, with sawtooth,sine, square and variable pulse width waveforms. White and pink noise. Monophonic or duophonic modes. Host syncable LFO. Ring modulator, Resonant lowpass filter, highpass filter. Sample & hold, portamento, two envelope generators and a wealth of modulation routing options.
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Minimum System Requirements

iLok compatible

Mac OS:
VSTi, AudioUnit and MAS

Power Mac G4
64Mb of RAM (128Mb from Mac OS 9)
Mac OS 8.6 or higher
VST Instrument-compatible application such as Logic Audio or Cubase SX

Microsoft Windows OS:

Pentium III or better.
64Mb of RAM.
All current Windows versions
VST Instrument-compatible application such as Steinberg Cubase SX

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 626-633-9050

Submitted October 1, 2003

Gmedia Oddity Synth VSTi Customer Review

Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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Amazing soft synth.
Amazingly accurate recreation of the old ARP Odyssey. Sounds great.
Two syncable, fully tunable oscillators. 4 Waveforms, white/pink noise. Either mono or duo phonic.
Seems like the guys at Gmedia took their time to make this one just right.
IMO just as good or better than many hardware synths - paying nearly nothing for a replica of a great synthesizer.
Manufacturer Support
Havent had to use it.
The Wow Factor
Have it, but as far as looks this thing has a great vintage look - true to the Odyssey.
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