Goodwood Audio TX Interfacer Junction Box

This junction box handles all your pedalboard i/o needs with buffered inputs and outputs, mono, dual mono, or stereo operation, and a discreet footprint!

The TX Interfacer is the ultimate in electric guitar pedalboard interfaces. It buffers your guitar signal coming into and leaving your pedalboard in mono, dual mono or stereo!

You can run your tuner as always on and mute your signal easily with the onboard foot switch!

Using tube amps live? Use Interfacers ground lift and phase pushbuttons to make sure you don't get any unwanted ground loops and your amps are always in phase.
Furthermore if a tube amp dies mid set, hold down Interfacers footswitch to sum your stereo signal. Now your stereo pedals are sending a mono signal to your working amp (regardless of which amp went down!).

The Interfacer is all about professionalism. It's about setting your board up like the pros to be ready for any situation. Two amps. One amp. Ground loops. Phase issues. Long cable runs. Buffer sensitive pedals. The Interfacer handles all of these scenarios with ease. It even has a master mute for when the proverbial hits the fan. Think of it as a Swiss Army knife for your pedal board, except it's made in Australia, it's black, and it's a guitar pedal.

If you have a vintage fuzz or wah, or any pedal that doesn't like being after a buffer you can use the passive input first. It's important to return to the buffered input if you want to take advantage of the always-on tuner send
The passive through can also be used to quickly and conveniently, patch an expression pedal or tap tempo switch into a pedal on your board. Simply connect the pedal's exp read more jack or tap jack to the P send on the left side of The Interfacer, and then any time you want to have expression or tap control connect the appropriate device to the P in on the right side of The Interfacer. It is compatible with TS and TRS connections.

Stereo Summing
The TX Interfacer has two types of summing: Stereo Sum and Split Sum. To access these two modes, use the internal DIP switch to select which mode is best for you.
- Stereo Sum: This is the default mode The TX Interfacer ships with. In this mode use stereo effects as normal. When summed, the left and right inputs are merged and the exact same signal is sent to the left and right outputs.
- Split sum: Still use stereo effects as normal. When summed, the right input is ignored and the left input is split to both left and right outputs.

Ground Lift and Phase Correction
The TX Interfacer comes with ground lift and phase correction for players that want to run more than one amp.
- Ground Lift: A ground loop is never a welcome sound - a loud buzz when two amps are being used at certain venues - but it doesn't have to waste your time. Simply push the black pushbutton on Interfacer and the ground loop will be eliminated!
- Phase Correction: When using multiple amps it is possible that the amps being used are out of phase with each other. One speaker is moving in while the other is moving out. Correct this easily by pushing the black and red pushbuttons in - inverting the phase on one amp by 180 degrees.

Master Mute
Hit the foot switch on The TX Interfacer to mute your signal before it reaches your amps. No matter what craziness is happening on your board, the master mute has the final say on what does or doesn't get sent to your amp.
Use the internal DIP switches to change the mute from muting your outputs (default) to muting your buffered input which allows you to mute with trails.

There are two inputs on The TX Interfacer; a moveable buffered input and a passive input.
- Passive Input: Best to use if you have effects on your board such as a vintage wah or fuzz that don't quite sound the same with a buffer before them. Plug your guitar into the passive input, then on to your buffer sensitive pedals. After your last fuzz or wah pedal you can then plug into the buffered input of The Interfacer to make use of the buffer and dedicated tuner output. The passive input can also be used for off-board expression pedals and tap tempo. Permanently connect either a TS or TRS cable from the passive send to a pedal that can receive expression or tap control and then patch an expression or tap pedal into the passive input.
- Moveable Buffered Input: The buffered input can be moved anywhere in your mono signal chain. Simply plug into the passive input, put all the pedals you want before your buffer here. After the last pre-buffer pedal, plug into the buffered input to make use of the buffer and always on tuner output.
- Buffered guitar input with always on tuner out
- Passive guitar input for buffer sensitive pedals
- Left input
- Right input
- Send to pedalboard (connects to buffered input)
- Tuner out (connects to buffered input)
- Passive output (connects to passive input)
- Left output (connects to left input)
- Right output (connects to right input)


- Ultimate in electric guitar pedalboard interfaces
- Left and Right inputs are all buffered
- All inputs have a 1M input impedance
- Board, Tuner, Left and Right outputs have a very low output impedance
- Comes with ground lift and phase correction
- Two types of summing: Stereo Sum and Split Sum
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
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- Buffered: Left and Right inputs are all buffered and have a 1M input impedance.
- Power: 9V center negative. 2.1mm barrel. 100mA current draw
Dimensions and Weight in Packaging
Base Item
Shipping Weight: 0.94 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 6 x 4 x 4 in
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): The TX Interfacer


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