Goodwood Audio Output TX Pedalboard Junction Box

Send your signal off to your amp right! Goodwood Audio's Output TX features stereo or split summing compatible with both one- or two-amp setups.

Output TX is a dual-buffered device designed to go at the very end of your signal chain. With two types of summing and an audio transformer it can handle any situation between your pedal board and 1 or 2 amps.

Dual Mode Summing Pushbutton
Output TX features two types of summing: Stereo Sum and Split Sum. To access these two modes, use the internal DIP switch to select which mode is best for you. To change modes, open up your Output TX and follow the internal instructions on how to set the internal DIP Switch.
- Stereo Sum: This is the default mode Output ships with. In this mode use stereo effects as normal. When summed (white pushbutton is in), the left and right inputs are merged and the exact same signal is sent to the left and right outputs.
- Split Sum: Still use stereo effects as normal. When summed, the right input is ignored and the left input is split to both left and right outputs.
- Mix Mode: With the left DIP UP and the right DIP DOWN you are in mix mode. In this mode you can take signals from two different sources (Maybe a dry signal coming into the left input and a wet signal into the right input) and mix them. This is different to summing, so please use this mode if you want to mix!

Ground Lift and Phase Pushbuttons
Output TX comes with ground lift and phase correction for players that want to run more than one amp.
- Ground Lift: If you get a nasty buzz when using two amps, you most likely have a ground loop. Activate Outputs audio transformer by pushing read more the 'TX' pushbutton to get rid of ground loops!
- Phase Correction: Invert the polarity on the right output by pushing both the black and red pushbuttons in.


- Dual-buffered device with two types of summing
- Choose between Stereo Sum, Split Sum, or Mix Mode
- Ground lift and phase correction
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
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- Inputs: Left and Right 1/4"
- Outputs: Left and Right 1/4"
- Left and Right I/O impedance: 1M in, very low output.
- Power: 9v, center negative, 2.1mm barrel.
- Current draw: 50mA
- Dimensions (incl. all jacks and switches): 112mm wide x 64mm deep x 32mm high
- Weight: Output TX - 200 grams
Dimensions and Weight in Packaging
Base Item
Shipping Weight: 0.56 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 6 x 4 x 2 in
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): Output TX


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