Dean Dime-O-Flame ML Electric Guitar

Shred the same white-hot riffs Dimebag Darrell was known for with this signature Dean Dime-O-Flame, complete with a Dimebucker and Dimebag traction knobs.
What's special about this item?
Feature: What it does:
Mahogany body and neck Rich, warm tone with focused midrange
Rosewood fretboard Open, warm tone and smooth playing feel
Floyd Rose locking tremolo Stays in tune through dive bombs or light vibratos
Seymour Duncan Dimebucker bridge pickup Hot, aggressive humbucker for hard rock and metal
The Dime-O-Flame ML Electric Guitar is a set-neck guitar with a Floyd Rose tremolo, plus Dimebucker and Seymour Duncan pickups. With a mahogany body and neck with a rosewood fingerboard, this guitar features the Dimebag traction knobs.

- Dime-O-Flame Finish
- Floyd Rose Licensed Tremolo
- DMT Design and Seymour Duncan SH13 Dimebucker pickups
- Dean Series II Classic "V" headstock
- Set Neck Construction
- Mahogany Body and Neck
- Rosewood Fingerboard
- Dimebag Traction Knobs
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
Dimensions and Weight in Packaging
Base Item
Shipping Weight: 12 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 50 x 21 x 5 in
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): DEE DB DFL
For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 813-600-3920
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Submitted December 17, 2007 by a customer from
"The best guitar hands down!"
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Overall I have to say. If you are into rock, hard rock, or metal this guitar is for you. Also whether you are a lead guitarist or rhthym guitarist it will fit all your needs. I would probably never trade this back in and I can tell that it is going to last a long time if it is taken care of. I would probably still gig with a backup but that is just me. It can definitley get the job done without one. If you had doubts about this guitar I can tell you that you will not be dissappointed. I have had this guitar for over a year and it is still fantastic. I play every day on this guitar. Purchasing this guitar was one of the best decisions I've made. get it or regret it.

The tones on this guitar are INCREDIBLE! I play through a Line 6 Spider III 120w and the sounds are amazing. the dimebucker in the bridge is specifically designed for hard rock and metal tones, and thats exactly what it delivers. it manages to create a fierce crunching tone without sounding like mush which not alot of pickups can do. Plus it picks up pinch harmonics easily and supplies great lead tone for solos and licks. Also the zebra pickup in the neck is fantastic for less crunchy rhythm parts. the clean sound is of course not the best but it is decent considering it is played through high output rock pickups, but if the low end is turned up and the treble is lower it sounds great. this pickups are extremely quiet as well. more so than some other humbuckers. read more

Sometimes people will think that it only has two humbuckers and a floyd rose so its not original but the humbuckers are high quality dimebag signature seymour duncan humbucking pickups. nothing cheap went into this guitar. the floyd rose trem system is of course fantastic. I bought mine and recieved a free hardshell case which saved me an extra $120. the only thing i could ever hope it had is probably 24 frets. but that isnt major and doesnt impair shredding at all. the fret size is spot-on and when i got mine the action was adjusted perfectly for fast solos and easy shredding. also the set-neck construction maximizes sustain. this guitar also comes standard with grover tuners which, because of the double locking trem, i dont use very often. this guitar stays perfectly in tune even after a series of divebombs but the grovers are a nice touch. they come in handy if ever i need to de-tune the guitar. this also has 2 volume knobs and a tone knob. the two volume knobs are saudered just like dimebag had it and it makes it so much easier to whip the volume up or down as needed. in addition, the Flame finish is absolutely breathtaking. it is even better in person. it attracts alot of attention and is really well done.

Ease of Use
this guitar is so easy to play it is like dimebags spirit is in it. you touch it and you just cant help but to play sweet leads and wicked rhythms. I've done all my best stuff on this guitar. the strings go down exactly when you want them to and its not to hard but there is almost no fret noise. the neck is not quite as thin as jacksons are ibanezs but it is thinner than some fenders and gibsons and it is so smooth it is a dream to play. this is one of the best guitars ive ever played. in fact i love deans even low-end deans surpass guitars of the same or greater price range. They are always so easy to play even when you pick one out of the store or out of the box. they play like butter. this is always the first guitar i reach for when an idea hits or a song i know starts to play because however hard the song may be I know the Dime-o-flame can handle it.

I love the quality Dean puts into all their products. they are always durable yet not too heavy, play perfectly, and have great hardware for the price. The Dime-o-flame is no exception. the wood is strong and there are no loose wires or pots. everything works smoothly right from the box. even the strings that came on it lasted me a while. as far as the hardware goes i know it will not let me down. it hasnt yet and everything is still performing as if it were brand new. my main concern is that this particular style is very oddly shaped and the "legs" hang out alot, making it very difficult to navigate in any mildly crowded area. ive hit the legs once or twice. one really bad one left a huge dent but all you have to do is be careful. but since they are elongated it makes them somewhat fragile but that is not a factory flaw. the finish had a few chips but that is because i bought this from the store and others have played it.

For this price and what it features the Dime-o-flame has proven to be the best for the money. even some $1200 guitars can't match this guitars quality and playability. it can easily cover anything from classic rock to heavy metal and beyond. Nothing like this guitar could ever match it. If you ever thought for a second that you shouldn't get this guitar, turn around and GET IT!!

Manufacturer Support
I havent dealt with the company and probably never will because this guitar is perfect and i couldnt be happier. I don't even think Dean needs a customer service center.

The Wow Factor
Soley because of the features, shape, and finish is guitar SCREAMS sexy! Once you lay eyes on it all other guitars seem inferior and your main focus is on this guitar. For the odd shape it is incredibly well balanced and comfortable. Once you experience this for yourself you will realize this guitar is obviously a wise choice.

Musical Background:
Active Musician

Musical Style:
Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Metal
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