DigiTech GNX4 Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal

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15 guitar amp and 10 bass amp models. Hypermodel creation-unlimited tones. Built-in 8-track digital recorder. MP3 playback.
DigiTech has once again raised the bar in defining the performing/recording guitarist's ideal workstation. The new GNX4 is a full-featured multi-modeling floor effects processor, portable digital 8-track recorder, MIDI drum machine, MP3 player, and 4 in 4 out USB audio computer interface combined into a single package. Never before has there been a product that gives the aspiring guitarist the ease and convenience to capture ideas and turn them into masterpieces at such an affordable price.

Guitar multi-modeling recording workstation

15 guitar amp and 10 bass amp models

Distortion stompbox modeling

Hypermodel creation-unlimited tones

Built-in 8-track digital recorder

6 channels of audio streaming via USB (record 4, playback 2)

MP3 Playback

High quality mic preamp with 48V phantom power

Stereo line inputs

Built-in MIDI Drum machine

Compact Flash memory storage

XLR and 1/4 in. stereo outputs with Speaker Compensation

80 User/80 Factory Presets

24-bit A/D/A converters

Recorder remote control via optional GNXFC

Boatloads of bundled software

As a performing guitar processor, the GNX4 is unmatched in its class. At the heart of the GNX4 is DigiTech's multi-modeling amp and cabinet modeling engine, where the sky is the limit on the number of amp and cabinet models that are available. Combine your favorite amp tone with studio quality effects processing, including the legendary Whammy and you have an unparalleled processing read more device. Connect to both your onstage amp and the house mixer using both the XLR and 1/4 in. outputs and find out what a huge sound really is.

When you are ready to record, so is the GNX4. Thanks to USB connectivity and the included Pro Tracks Plus recording software, hands-free recording has been taken to the next level. Just press the record footswitch and stream four channels of 24-bit audio to the computer while playing two channels back, all with zero latency monitoring. A high-quality mic input with true +48V phantom power and stereo line inputs let you professionally capture virtually any audio source with ease. For the finishing touch, process your work through world-class Lexicon® reverbs courtesy of the Pantheon reverb plug-in provided with both Pro Tracks Plus recording software for PC and BIAS Deck SE recording software for Mac. If you are out jamming with the band, the built-in 8-track recorder can capture the magic riffs that come out of nowhere and save the moment onto the Compact Flash memory card for transfer to the computer later.

The GNX4 also features an advanced MIDI drum machine, providing a vast library of high quality drum kits and patterns to help craft your music with. You can even use your own MIDI files to playback the GNX4's drums. When not playing drums, the GNX4's drum machine playback engine can play back your favorite MP3s for something cool to rehearse with or for live performance.

Included Software

Pro Tracks Plus

Lexicon® Pantheon Reverb Plug-in

Cakewalk Pyro Express for CD burning

BIAS® Deck 3.5 SE Mac Recording

X-Edit Editor-Librarian
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24-bit analog-digital Delta Sigma converters

Compact Flash Type I compatible card

MIDI compatible Drum Machine

11 simultaneous Effects

80 User, 80 Artist Presets, 80 more User with optional CF card

Guitar Input: 1/4 in. unbalanced

Mic Input: XLR balanced with phantom power

Line Inputs: Two 1/4 in. TRS

Footswitch Connector: 1/4 in. stereo TRS

Line Outputs:
- Two 1/4 in. Balanced
- Two XLR Balanced

Headphone Output: 1/4 in. Stereo

MIDI: In, Out, Thru

USB: 1.1
If you have additional warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer at 801-566-8800
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Submitted December 9, 2008 by a customer from yahoo.com
"GNX-4= best guitar tool kit I ever bought!!!!!"
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Products change. Will I be upgrading soon? I don't think so. My GNX-4 is so crammed packed with features, won't need too. Matter of fact, I was looking at new gear and nothing has all the features this does. After reading other reviews maybe the super-models packs will be next. If my GNX-4 was stolen "I pitty the fool"!!! What I Like most about it? I'd say the facts it is an all in one device for a musician on the go. I travel, so this is perfect in every way. I can do anything with it where the other pedals require hooked up to a computer, and some not having the output sound options I wanted either. This is what sold me on my GNX-4 purchase! There is nothing at all like it. I'm a musician. I like to play. I hate menus and tweaking. I want great sound, recording options on the player. You only need 1 inst cable and output cable or headphones. Don't need cd's , mp3, or computer to jam along side. GNX-4 has it all!

Sound from the models and effects are nice and clear. Give a boost on the Compres and it takes off. Keep the noiz gate down. Patches have it set kindof hi. Factory presets demo the features. Start with one and cut back effects levels. Best starting point for new sounds when I do it. Same said for other brands too that I tried. After having an RP7 I really am glad I jumped on GNX-4 workstation.

This is where the difinition of ROCK is made! You can read up on the faetures in the read more descriptions but my fav's are: Built in recorder. Built in Drum machine that has kit variables. You can import any midi song you find and use those drums too. 99 Midi songs, 99 mp3 songs for EACH compact flash card you have. I thought it was just 99 period, but it's even more now since I have 3 cards with songs on them. The Flash card (doesn't come with it) has area for built in recoder tracks, midi, mp3 songs, and 80 more patches. I didn't now I get 80 more patch storage for each card. That's 160 at a time and how Kewl is that? It's an Audio interface for PC recording, has the Whammy built in and a looper. Wanna go output to a board no probs, use the XLR. Want to go out to amp or wedges same time, no probs, use the inst outputs. Need a Mic pre with 48v phantom power, it's there. My GNX-4 has everything under it's hood!

Ease of Use
The book is clear. So many features. Take time to RTM. If you get stuck the support forum has some good topics. Mine is used at church, at other gigs just with a sound pa sys. Couple XLR's is all. Used it with another guitar amp and had to work some sounds to get it where I wanted. I wanted a simple Mar tone and effects through my Crate 130. Turning the compress off and the gate down fixed my sound using that amp. I want to get a better amp next round of Gas.

Read about it before I bought it. Solid and stable so far. Good reviews helped ease any worry of build quality. GNX-4 is steel construction and road worthy to me. Just don't bump or jam the USB cable while it's inserted. Couple guys told me that so I'm careful.

Worth every cent!

Manufacturer Support
Ex Forum, great service from them. I never had to call mfg for anything.

The Wow Factor
Silver two tone w blue. Great sound and attn to detail.

Musical Background:
active musician traveling around

Musical Style:
rock blues country metal
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