Casio PX-870 Privia Digital Piano

Casio PX-870 Privia Digital Piano

Casio's top Privia digital piano, the PX-870 gives you room-filling grand piano sound, hammer-action keys, and USB connectivity for your computer or tablet.

Casio AP-620 Celviano Digital Piano

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Capture the soul of a grand piano with the Casio AP-620 Celviano digital piano, which features an Ivory Touch velocity-sensitive keyboard for unbelievable realism.

Let's face it: Given the choice, most pianists would choose to play an acoustic grand piano any day of the week. But until that acoustic grand falls into your lap (along with a soundproof studio for those late nights spent rehearsing), a digital piano is the next best thing. Thankfully, with the Casio AP-620 Celviano digital piano, there's no need to compromise sound quality -- or the natural feel of a piano -- just because you've decided to go digital. And for those times when you need more than simply a fantastic piano sound and feel, the AP-620 doesn't disappoint. With an astonishing 250 built-in tones, 180 rhythms, and a 17-track, 5-song sequencer, you'll want to keep playing for days.

Look and Feel

The first thing you'll notice about the AP-620 is its stunning synthetic ivory keys, designed to emulate the look and feel of the real thing. Casio's tri-sensor springless hammer-action scaled keyboard responds like the real instrument would, while the "Ivory Touch" material recreates the rewarding tactile surface of real satin, matte-finish ivory keytops. Just close your eyes, and you're playing the baby grand in your grandma's den. But there's no need to close your eyes when you're playing this Celviano -- it's a furniture-quality piece even Grandma would appreciate. Add the included sturdy, height-adjustable bench, and your living room never looked -- or sounded -- so good.

Uncompromising Piano Sound

If you're in the market for a top-quality digital piano, it's read more no question that a top-quality piano sound is of paramount importance. If you haven't heard what Casio's Linear Morphing AiF Sound Source can do, you're in for a treat. The AP-620's four-layer stereo samples respond to a pianist's nuanced touch, while two powerful downward-facing 30-watt speakers deliver rich, expressive, room-filling sound - or simply plug in headphones to practice in silence. Two headphone jacks make it easy to duet with a partner. You can even split the full 88-note keyboard into two parallel, individually-transposable sections, in Duet Mode. Playing solo? Layer or split the AP-620's keyboard into any combination of the 250 onboard "ensemble" tones. This digital piano can reproduce just about every instrument you can think of, from organs and strings to world percussion.

No Ordinary Piano

For the technology-minded musician, the AP-620 is no lightweight when it comes to connectivity. With USB, standard MIDI, and 1/4" outputs, you can plug into just about any computer, audio interface, or mixer. Slip in an SD card to expand the song memory limitlessly. The onboard registration memory can instantly recall your splits, layers and rhythms, so you spend your time playing music, not mashing buttons. After all, this top-of-the-line digital piano is, first and foremost, a piano. So if you want uncompromising piano realism with an exquisite look and feel, not to mention a multitude of sounds, rhythms, and sequencing features to noodle with, the Casio AP-620 Celviano Digital Piano is the digital piano for you.


- An incredible 250 built-in tones and 180 rhythms
- Linear Morphing Sound Source
- Enhanced "Ivory Touch" keyboard with "Tri-Sensor" hammer action
- Powerful 30-watt built-in speakers
- Two headphone ports
- USB, MIDI, and 1/4" audio outputs
- SD card slot
- 88 keys and 3 pedals
- Power supply and cable included

Note: Some assembly required.
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- Keyboard: 88 Keys, Weighted Scaled Hammer Action with Tri-Sensor Keys, Ivory Touch
- Polyphony: 128
- Multi-timbral: Not Specified by Manufacturer
- Synthesis Method: Linear Morphing System, 4-Level Stereo Samples

- Tones: 250
- Rhythms: 180
- Songs: 60

- Sequencer: No
- Record and Playback: 16 Tracks, 5 Songs
- User Memory: Internal and SD Card

- Reverb: 4 Types
- Chorus: 4 Types

- Controllers: No
- Sample RAM: No
- Expansion Slots: SD Card Slot

- 1 x Power Input
- 1 x USB (MIDI) Port
- 2 x 1/4" Line Outputs
- 2 x Headphone Jacks

Storage: Internal and SD Card

Amplifier: 2 x 30W

- 2 x 6.3 in. (160mm)
- 2 x 1 in. (25mm)

- Display: Backlit LCD
- Dimensions (WxDxH): 55.6 x 19.4 x 35.6 in. (141.2 x 49.2 x 90 cm) (With Stand)
- Weight: 125.9 lbs (57.1 kg) (With Stand)
- System Requirements: Mac or PC with USB Port (Optional)

Power Supply: AC Power Cable (Included)

For support or warranty questions, please contact the manufacturer:
Phone: 800-435-7732

Casio AP-620 Celviano Digital Piano

Experience the elegant design and rich resonance of the AP-620 Casio Celviano piano. The Celviano line of pianos has been refined for those who demand an authentic grand piano experience. The AP-620's traditional design houses stereo grand piano sounds and enhanced "Ivory Touch" keyboard. Utilizing a tri-sensor spring-less 88 note scaled hammer action, every nuance and detail of your performance is captured. A 4 layer stereo grand piano sound delivers a natural, expressive and dynamic piano experience.

The AP-620 features amazing 250 built-in tones along with full accompaniment and 180 rhythms. It has advanced features which include an LCD display, 16 track recorder, built-in SD card storage and registration memory to instantly recall splits, layers and rhythms at an instant. The AP-620 has dual headphone outputs, but also includes a powerful 30W per side speaker system which will deliver sound throughout your home. With 128 notes of polyphony, USB MIDI, Duet Mode, 1/4" audio outputs and more, Celviano's advanced technology and sound will make the AP-620 the perfect addition to any home.


- Linear Morphing AiF sound source
- "Tri-Sensor" hammer action
- "Ivory Touch" keyboard
- LCD, SD Card Slot, Registration Memory
- 250 Tones, 180 Rhythms
- USB, Standard Midi, Line in/out, 2x30W
- 250 AiF tones
- AiF Linear Morphing
- 128-voice polyphony
- "Tri-Sensor" scaled hammer-action keyboard
- 180 rhythms
- Sequencer (recorder)
- Registration memory
- Two piano setting keys
- High-quality DSP effects
- 60 songs
- 8 digital effects
- 88 Keys
- Ivory touch keyboard
- LC display
- Duet function
- PANEL-Lock
- Metronome
- Stereo LINE IN / OUT
- MIDI-In/Out
- 2 headphone connections
- 3 pedals
- Powerful speaker system
- SD card slot
- USB Plug & Play/Song expansion
- Music preset
- Rhythm editor

Power Supply: AC Power Cable (Included)

Note: Some assembly required.

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Submitted February 23, 2011 by a customer from
"Casio has obviously decided to make a run at yamaha and kawai. And they've actually succeded!!"
Overall: 5 out of 5 stars
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This product will last a lifetime. This is truely a well built piece of furniture. My grandkids will enjoy using this long after I'm gone.
Casio obviously stepped up to the compitition with this 30th annevesary edition. Havent heard a digital piano sound better then this beauty.
Just too many features to mention! The triple weighted keys are the most realistic keys, You will NOT know the difference between this and an actual piano. Excellent job Casio!
Ease of Use
Everything is located conviently, all available sounds and rythems are all easily accessable throught the LCD screen with a push of a button.
Simply put, there isn't a better built digital piano out there on the market. I'd put this model against any kawai or yamaha. Trust me on this, Casio has obviously decided they wanted to make a move towards the top. This was a HUGE leap! Buy this and enjoy!
The sound and accessories and craftsmanship is uncomparable for the price. This machine could and should be going in the $2,000 plus range!
The Wow Factor
Just look at the photos, It looks even better in person!!
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Begginer hobbyist
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